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  1. I want a 4 prong. I’m just not willing to cough up the dough a lot of cloners want for them. Cool looking build though!
  2. Yes, you are missing something. Do a little more research.
  3. Looks like a sure fire. That’s what I did.
  4. You know my opinion...., build it anyway I think this is a good idea. I wish I was camera savvy. A fellow shot mine and I shot his which was one of the main offerings. He liked mine better.
  5. Round count is now 1295. I’m using a different bolt. Feels good it’s still chugging along. All rounds were m855. The new bolt is a palmetto lol wish me luck. I wouldn’t mess with that. Keep it simple for the drones
  6. So your question is can you swap a pistol brace for a pistol brace? I’m not a lawyer but I’m going to say yes. Why not? It’s a brace for a brace on the atf list of braces. Mmmm yummy
  7. This is true. Not all barrels are cut to the exact 1/16 of an inch. I ordered an 11.5 got an 11.2 to the end of the threads!
  8. I like it. No crazy gassing no real crazy daylight fireballs until i use the warden. I hope to use it with my night vision when I go on vacation next month. I have only shot it with the A5. So I can’t say. Only changes ahead for giggles will be a m16 bolt. I want to see how it will change the impulse.
  9. So far so good. I’m 359 rounds into this build. No malfunctioning. Smooth as butter. I shot m855, m193, and black hills 75 grain. It really liked the black hills Carbine length system, A5 buffer system, milspec bolt, pinned 10.5 1x7 government profile barrel, low profile gas block and a warcomp right hand timed. Thumbs ups. I’ll do another 900 this week.
  10. Sounds like someone got cut out the will or wants to take over the home.
  11. Ill keep you posted. So far so good. I look forward to running the dog crap out of it.
  12. I think your confusing the pistol length gas system. The carbine length is fine. It will run a long time with the caveat that it will beat the crap out of your components. A MK18 used to have a port hole of about .080. Mine is .76. It will be fine.
  13. You could always go 10.5 add a sure fire and end up with a 13.5
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