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  1. You should though. Very few things come out good in a microwave. Lots of helpful information and advice. There is even a handy flow chart that would ha answered your questions.
  2. if its a bird cage it could go either way. some barrels are not exactly 10.5. some are slightly more. Some are slightly less. to be safe. use an a5 or a surefire break and pin it. Your results may vary good luck.
  3. thats to short, even if you pin it. a mil-spec tube wont make it. In all seriousness there is a chart in all of these threads please read it. its one on page 3 of this thread...
  4. the 10.5 Pinned Measures 27 3/4 inches the 11.5 measures 26 5/8 your results may vary depending on manufacturer.
  5. Both A5 tubes. Top 10.5 pinned bottom 11.5 unpinned.
  6. If you get a 10.5 and pin it with a surefire it becomes a 12.
  7. I went with a friend to a place I do no business with who is a vender here and has two locations and saw this. He followed my advice and didn’t complete the transaction. As always, your results may vary and build them anyway.
  8. Yeah there are ffls refusing to put them as “other“ and giving out paper work to sign saying you won’t make one out of the receiver their selling you. They are intentionally misleading the person trying to purchase about law or recommendations.
  9. The thing to look out for are creative FFLs trying to be slick with the transfer of lowers. A list should be made of these shameful individuals.
  10. Geez months later and this shot is still going.
  11. I want a 4 prong. I’m just not willing to cough up the dough a lot of cloners want for them. Cool looking build though!
  12. Yes, you are missing something. Do a little more research.
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