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  1. loving the MRO battery life. Love my eotechs because of the death donuts.
  2. Blacksmythe


    Are they even shipping to NJ? They wouldn't sell me an upper, rifle or a lower. That was a few years ago. Has that changed?
  3. Blacksmythe

    Tavor 7

    Wants!!!...but will waits for a few months after release.
  4. GCode, Safariland, MattMann and insanekydex for me. Saw a serpa shit its self in a class...no thanks.
  5. Good luck. Hope it works out for both of you.
  6. Let's get the shoot house set up! Break out the simunitions and set up a food table and boo boo station.
  7. Blacksmythe

    All Glock?

    I like them too. But then I shot an M&P.
  8. My regular pad is like that.
  9. All of the BCM keymod stuff I have has so far been fine. I'm not switching up no time soon.
  10. OK update. As I was getting ready to take off my wife's exps 2-2 she see's me. Asks what the deal is and I explained all the crap and that her sight was off a bit without it being used. She said "let me see it".........IT WAS FINE. We went to a local range confirmed that it indeed held zero. What kind of voodoo shit is that? Anyway I sent off one 3-0, I'll keep my 2-0 since its been fine. Just got my package and now I'm rolling with a shiny new MRO. I'll keep the forum posted.
  11. Meh, I'm sure the individual with the holes in them will not care. If get shot with a pink gun, I still got shot lol!
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