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  1. Thanks it's mkii so I don't have to worry about this disconnect. And the bolt is smooth so I will give it a shot without oil
  2. I put a drop on each side of the bolt not near the face just to keep it slick use Wilson combat oil. So just run it dry. Think I want to do a full disassembly and replace some parts but don't have the money for upgrades right now
  3. Doesn't the center of popcorn have water molecules in it I thought it popped from the ste trapped inside exploding the kernel
  4. It will help some but after a while it is still going to take a toll esp if you are holding the gun on your bicep
  5. For some reason (don't know why) I didn't think this was legal
  6. I ordered on Friday the 26th called yesterday cause I had not gotten a shipping notice yet they told me they were begin on shipping by 5 days or so an that I would probably get shipped yesterday sure enough last night got the notice and it should be here on the 13th
  7. Are they running a special 3 gun Knockdown. I have shot a few before and as far as I know you can run pistol OR shotgun did not think you could switch back and forth but I could be wrong
  8. I would love to shoot I'll make a decision in the AM
  9. Looks like we might get rained out I know of it's nasty in the morning I will most likely not be their. Sucks I busy most of the rest of the month so this was my one match to shoot. The 11th is wounded warriors and I leave on the 12-27th so rest of the matches are NG
  10. Shit I need to get some more P2P I have been wanting a 9mm 1911
  11. I don't think it's broken as it does not do it every time. I have not had the time to break it down but I have a feeling it's worn or it just really dirty
  12. I don't ride and I dont know if you did it but if you know something like this is coming up why don't you post it here so people that might be inclined go.
  13. Thats fine ill throw it in the car and if your there thats fine
  14. Hey Ted are you going to either match this weekend I could throw that shotgun ammo in the car for you
  15. Just curious have you ever been to CJ. It is not really like any other range in nj as far as I'm aware of. About the only thing we lack is the space to stretch you legs put on the long range more than 300. Yes the initial fee is high but the yearly membership is only 50-75 dollars a year more than most indoor ranges in the area a well as cheaper than some indoor ranges up north. Hell if you shoot a lot range 14 can be as pricey or more than CJ on a yearly basis after the initial.
  16. Last time I had o-toro was a ice or six years ago at morrimotos in philly and it was 20 a peice or nigiri then. Have to say it is dam good though
  17. Lmao it we clock all just wear a polo like we are going to the golf club
  18. Three or four dollars for members no more than 10 for non but I think it's 8. Per gun max of two guns
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