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  1. Good step for CA, Lefty will ask for a full panel now, which I understand is 11 judges randomly selected from the 9th circuit. Luck of the draw, can go either way, but unlikely any lefty judge will side with "us", and always a possibility that a rhino judge will side with "them". Pray, maybe we will get lucky in the random "drawing" and have the odds on our side. Forget the SC, they just refused to take 11 or so gun cases including our NJ carry case. The appellate courts will decide the legal future of 2A unless POTUS gets to appoint another Justice in TERM#2...That is the reality...Thanks to Trump we have a fighting chance in the Appellate's but still just a chance.
  2. Thanks for posting this link, I haven't seen a consolidated sight like this for NJ so it is a very positive thing. Please don't take the negativity above as a reason to be discourage. Just standard BS with NJ it seems, even when ANJRPC started the law suits for the 10R limit and carry rights, folks bitched and complained about donating, how crappy our lawyers are, what a waste of time it is, and how some are so smart because they moved... Maybe that is the difference btwn us an VA. More bitching than action up here. Although I don't expect we will match what they did down there, all efforts Pro-2A are good, so keep up the good work!
  3. VA-Patriots are the real deal...Organized, coordinated, approximately 90% Sanctuary 2A for the entire state, forming militia, local-cops, sheriffs on their side, a lot different then NJ. VA has a significant gun culture. Basically they are telling the Evil-Governor, you want them "come and take them", and I believe they mean it. Consider joining the VCDL if you have a few bucks (only 25$). VA is the modern-day acid test to see if citizen's can resist communist-state tyranny in our country (VA will not be the last state to be flipped left due to demographic changes in this country). Although I don't think here in NJ we will ever duplicate what they are doing there (I am still waiting for the NJ republican party and my state senator and assembly-person's to get back to me on my Sanctuary 2A request for my township - lol), a win for the VA-Patriots will be a win for all of us, if they pull it off.
  4. Nomination for new NRA spokesperson :-): They really are standing-up down there.
  5. Yippee, and still one more slot to fill. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/courts/trump-flips-federal-appeals-court-with-bridgegate-attorney
  6. Non-event, especially for us in NJ, and will get trashed in the Senate...Our future is only between the whims of the Murph vs the Supreme court.
  7. Yep...They were quite pathetic, the Lefty's did them selves no favor. The Republican's for once did an outstanding job calling out the charade in general, and getting M.C. to admit to his true intentions: Book deals and Paid-Guest appearances.
  8. That just about sums it up. Unfortunately, we aren't using our full 5,000,000 NRA member's to affect. Nobody wants to do anything until the crap washes up on their shore. Well, I tell my friends outside NJ, it (the crap) is coming soon to a town near you. BTW, I haven't been able to find this statistic, but does anyone know how many NRA member's we have in NJ?.
  9. It is a noble cause, and where the NRA falls flat on their face, bringing their 5,000,000 members to bear to fight on the front lines where the lefty states are in full force. What good to win at the national level if the Lefty picks us off one state at a time. Unfortunately, like most things in human nature, especially for people who are more into self-sufficiency and independence rather than collectivism, most people will do nothing until they are personally effected...You know, the "then they came for me" poem. On another forum we talked about examples of how we might unite Nationally, or at least show the lefty an example of our unity. We never came to any traction. For a hypothetical-discussion in that thread, I pushed a test proposal to fight the California Internet ammo ban, and to show the lefty our national-unity, by having every NRA member (outside) CA send 10R to an NRA member in CA (of course this would take NRA coordination)...It was like I was suggesting we chop off our trigger fingers and send them to CA - LOL!. People worried about the 3$ it would cost them to send 10R, being extradited to CA for breaking some law, etc. At the very least the NRA should coordinate fund-drives for local fights. Perhaps they feel it would take away $$ away from their donations, I do'no...But either way, if we fight like separate state-tribes and not bringing our national #'s to bear, we will loose in the end...Unless of course P-Trump's new Supreme Court saves us. We will see.
  10. Unfortunately, there isn't any coordinated national PRO-2A effort and hence each state is left to fend more or less for themselves. So no prioritization of law suits across states is even vaguely possible. It is too bad, with 5,000,000 NRA members which we have, and some good national leadership (which we don't have), we can work to affect much better then doing it as separate "tribes", with not just laws-suits but all kinds of "civil" disobedience. Overall, with some small# of exceptions, the feeling in the national-2A community is if you are "stupid" enough to live in NYC, NJ, CA, etc. that is your problem. So NYC, like us in NJ, we are on our own...Overall, I do think it is a positive sign S.C. is taking this case, I hope we hear soon they are taking the NJ-Carry suite also.
  11. No worries Brother, good luck getting your 44.
  12. Wow, 2014, old times...I sold that 44 mag a few years ago and got a 3" 586L-Comp 357M, 7 R, ported. It shoots the hottest 357M loads pretty nicely even though it is only 3" with the port. All is well in Revolver land for me, lot of fun to shoot it.
  13. And beyond just the additional cost and inconvenience, of course this is just another step in demonizing gun owners. Eventually, track your ammo purchases, red-flag you as a gun-nut and danger to the community if you purchase too much. They might even go with a monthly limit right out of the box.
  14. Yep, they will have to charge something for the "administriva" and temporary storage. That is if they agree to do it at all. Otherwise will be stuck with whatever is for sale at the local guns shop or whatever major outlets still sell ammo even if it doesn't work in one's gun too well. And at prices much higher than the internet. I haven't purchased ammo in a store for so long, I wouldn't even know in which direction to drive. :-)
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