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  1. Just do the new qual, it is way easier then what we did there last year (not that that was very hard either) and Shooters is very accommodating...If you want to keep your permit "legal" you have to play along.
  2. Did my re-qual yesterday, perfect score, lol, not much a an accomplishment, easiest thing I ever shot, big fat target, all the time you want. They went by the book and according to the AG's rules...Really a total waste of time to have to do it again, the shoot I did there last year was much more challenging, timed fast and furious. But is good and thanks to Dan and ANJRPC we have a qual that we can pass well into our 80's lol. Yep, shooters was great, nice people, turn-key process, no attitude. And they did a great by given the re-qual free as they did mention it was on "them" that we got hit for no holster draws last year. So it was waste of 50 Rounds, an hour and a half including travel, and some gas money, NJ should have just let the holster part go till next renewal.
  3. Do they start the qual shooting at 15 yards or at 3 yards? Also, since there is no time limit, is it OK to place my empty mag (after 5 rounds are shot) either in my pocket (or empty mag holder slot) rather then let it drop on the hard floor?
  4. Is the "only" 5 rounds because we ae going to do a reload on each stage?
  5. Hi, how many magazines are required for the re-qual? And is time given to reload the magazines (i.e., stuffing rounds in the magazines) between stages (the various distances)?
  6. Is the RE-qual done indoors or outdoors and is it one person at a time or a line-up of people?
  7. I would think most folks who didn't keep a copy of their Shooters Qual can get it from their PD. My PD had us give them a copy of it.
  8. Same question I have, I did mine at Shooters also, also Dave C. was is the Qual Officer. I did not get an e-mail (yet), so it would be great if GRIMA would let us know either way on the above question? Appreciation in advance, -Joe
  9. The new (intereum) qual for us Non-Leos is obviously unconstitutional and total BS. I am not applying to be a State Trooper or FBI agent, nor do I have the same use of force rules or legal protections they do...All this new qual is going to do is prevent law abiding citizens from getting their carry permits - shame on the NJ State troopers they just cut and pasted what was out there in the Professional Law Enforcement community without giving any critical thought to the it....FWIW, I already sent an e-mail to ANJRPC and Dan Schmutter asking that they fight it. Everyone should do the same, they need to hear from us on ths one...
  10. The new (intereum) qual for us Non-Leos is obviously unconstitutional and total BS. I am not applying to be a State Trooper or FBI agent, nor do I have the same use of force rules or legal protections they do...FWIW, I already sent an e-mail to ANJRPC and Dan S. asking that they fight it. Everyone should do the same, they need to hear from us on ths one...
  11. Does anyone have an opinion what the County Judge and their staff actually do during their time with our applications? Do they do some further type of investigation which the Police Department hasn't done, or is it just administrative making sure that all the "boxes" are checked and perhaps recording our information into their records and cutting a permit?
  12. I understand your frustration...But always start from the assumption that their motivation has absolutely nothing to do with logic. Then you will know their "purpose".
  13. No, sometimes we win some things even if it just a little. For example last time they wanted to pass a law requiring you to keep your guns and ammo separated in your House! And not load your gun until a killer was breaking in...It was not passed. It takes you just a few minuets, that is a tiny ask of us to send a few e-mails... Litigation will follow, but we can't afford to be complacent, ANJRPC ask very little of us really.
  14. We made the "Big Time" lol...The NRA-ILA is also asking us to contact people, they have an automated tool which writes an e-mail for us and sends it, might as well do it it is fast and the more we bombard them the better...Don't forget ANJRPC's ask too. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20221014/new-jersey-assembly-committee-set-to-dismantle-carry-on-monday?fbclid=IwAR2Sg7RMgmh3jWFvMeFcmUn7MXgZ4FqnWMohontZhOYbTTNi2puMZCLK4mI
  15. Please Keep Contacting Legislators! October 14, 2022. On Monday, October 17 at 10:00 a.m., the New Jerey Assembly Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider A4769 – legislation designed to do an end-run around the U.S. Supreme Court’s ground-breaking Bruen decision and destroy right to carry in the Garden State, among many other things. Listen to the hearing by clicking here at 10 a.m. on Monday, October 17. Find Assembly Judiciary Committee and click to listen. Among many other things, this legislation would impermissibly: -Ban carry in common public places by labeling them as “sensitive places.” Includes parks, beaches, restaurants, theaters, stadiums, arenas, and many other common public places.; -Ban carry inside one’s own car; -Bans carry at public gatherings; -Ban carry on all private property automatically, unless the property owner specifically posts notices specifically allowing it; -Significantly increase fees for purchaser credentials and carry permits, discriminating against low-income citizens; -Mandate liability insurance (which may not even be available) as a pre-condition to exercising carry rights; -Mandate a new training requirement beyond the already-difficult one that has existed for many decades; -Allow towns and cities to invent their own unique and inconsistent rules banning carry; -Limit carry to holster-only, with retention strap (no purses, fanny packs, briefcases, standard holsters without strap, or other recognized modes of on-body or off-body carry); -Use prior speech (like online posts) as a basis to deny purchase and carry credentials; -Allow denial of credentials based on purely subjective factors like someone’s “character” or “temperament.” PLEASE IMMEDIATELY CLICK HERE TO CONTACT EVERY NJ LEGISLATOR. Tell them to PLEASE VOTE NO ON A4769 /S3214 ATTACKING RIGHT TO CARRY IN VIOLATION OF THE U.S. SUPREME COURT’S BRUEN DECISION. THE SUPREME COURT HAS SPOKEN, AND RIGHT TO CARRY MAY NO LONGER BE DISRUPTED OR INFRINGED BY STATE LEGISLATURES OR LOCAL GOVERNMENTS. ALSO, MICRO-MANAGING METHODS OF CARRY, AND DENYING PERMITS BASED ON PRIOR SPEECH AND “CHARACTER,” ARE ILL-CONCEIVED AND UNLAWFUL.
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