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  1. A lot of this thread has turned into another fine example of gun-owners eating their own. Yea, I get that the daily e-mail's which "do sound scary", and the distasteful daily-ad for the 1.25$/mag/month, come across as self-serving. That said, it is someone foolish to display all this negativity against the only organization, and the lawyers they are using, which is fighting for our 2A rights in this state.
  2. From wiki: Broadly speaking, a risk assessment is the combined effort of 1. identifying and analyzing potential (future) events that may negatively impact individuals, assets, and/or the environment (i.e., risk analysis); and 2. making judgments "on the tolerability of the risk on the basis of a risk analysis" while considering influencing factors (i.e., risk evaluation).[1][2] Put in simpler terms, a risk assessment analyzes what can go wrong, how likely it is to happen, what the potential consequences are, and how tolerable the identified risk is.[ ...So, yes, the probability of getting caught is extremely low, but the penalty is extremely high. And if one is caught, the state may want to make an example of you. Money is one thing, but how tolerant are you and your family to jail time. For what 500$ or so worth of magazine, is it worth taking this risk, everyone can choose, but not something I would take on (If they come for our AR's, etc., in the years to come, that would be a different assessment, for a different time)...And lets be honest, hope I am wrong, but I doubt the Supreme's are going to take this case, and the likelihood of ever using these mags again (unless you move out) is very low. Ship them to a relative OOS or something (one that doesn't charge you 1.25$/month/mag-LOL!) eliminate the risk all together but still have a way to get them back in the small chance the law is overturned.
  3. While I agree with you Maksim, the daily ad's in the e-mail are very distasteful. But we need to keep this in perspective, overall it is a small matter, and ANJRPC, which so many of us have donated to for the two lawsuits this year, is doing all of us a great service. With the amazing fact that our fellow citizen's, gun owners or not, allowed Murphy to get in, with the amazing fact how inept the Republican Party has been at the federal level to help those in lefty states, ANJRPC is all we got. They are doing 95% good stuff, I can tolerate the 5% which misses the mark some.
  4. I'm with you Bob, it gall's me that we can be treated like felon's overall, and second class citizen's vs cops/r-cop/etc., but if the supreme's don't start taking 2A cases, they aren't going to do us any good...I doubt they will be taking this case, unfortunately. Many of my mags are now in VA, I doubt I'll ever see them again unless I move to a free state (no plan anytime soon)... What's next? 5R bill, nah, not for a while anyway, that is one that likely will fail in the courts, even with lefty judges, they passed a 7r law in NY or NYC (don't remember if it was just the city or the entire state) a few years ago which was reversed by the courts...Internet ammo ban/registration, very possibly, and to me this is even worse than 10R limit overall. If one shoots their glock once or twice a year, maybe not a big deal, but for so called enthusiasts, with many guns and a lot of shooting, this is a big deal for a lot of reasons. NRA is fighting the Internet ammo ban in CA now, some wins and losses, don't know the latest.
  5. I admit to my sin, but I hope I get off easy because there was no malice intended. :-)
  6. I'll add, it is just the same person who brags about not donating to ANJRPC, and how bad our Lawyer's are, being himself. I'm sure he wouldn't be the type to serve in the military either and has 100 ways to justify it in his mind why he shouldn't :-).
  7. Unlike the shit-ass situation locally, Democrats going wild at the federal level will just help P-Trump get re-elected in 2020. This way he can nominate more federal judges, which in our situation, is our only hope...Go House Democrats! Ban everything, investigate everything, you are doing great!
  8. Yes, as much as I absolutely hate the 10R limit, personally, banning internet ammo sales (for me) would be a lot worse. California passed a similar law, NRA filed suite, I think the NRA had some intermediate wins, and some loses, don't know the status of the suit now...Of course it violates federal interstate commerce laws, but if it gets litigated by mostly lefty judges in district and appellate courts that will matter little, no matter what Chief-Justice Robert's says about "no Obama-judges, no Trump judges" - lol...Our 10R suits is a perfect example of this. ANJRPC presented a fine case, and after listening to the audio of the Appellate hearing yesterday, I'd say, our lawyer did a fine job, so the few who want to bitch about the failure rate of law suits (because of "our" lawyers) are bitching up the wrong tree (there isn't a lawyer on the planet that will change the mind's of ideologues)....Hope? We got a glimmer of it with Judge Bibas dissent and as P-Trump keeps appointing federal judges over the next 2 years, and if re-elected next 6 years, this should make a difference. We can thank Obama for his intrinsic-laziness leaving so many open federal slots to be filled.
  9. Well, at least P-Trump's judge "came through". Some hope for a reversal in the supreme, (if) it ever gets there.
  10. That is true, it is an enigma as to how Murph got in, if that wasn't enough motivation to get off butt, I don't know what is...That said, there are gun people and then there are gun people, enthusiast likely vote 2A first, I'm not sure about the other's. I bet a ton of the other's aren't even aware of the new mag law.
  11. It will take more than some gun people marching on Trenton, it will take coordinated action on the national level by everyone in the 2A food chain, including gun manufacturer's, parts distributor's, and 2A support from other states. When the lefty is upset with something they all stick together, even the banks, the media, etc., etc...When 2A is assaulted we fight in in isolation, whether in NJ or other lefty states. No coordinated national effort (NRA where are you on this), no media coverage (fox where are you on this), gun manufacturer's where are you on this. All the while, the Lefty is happy to pick us off one state at a time...I guess when all the guns are gone in American, well those in law abiding civi's hand's, the gun manufacture's believe they can have thriving businesses selling to the ever-growing police state, military, and gang-banger's. And maybe they are right -LOL.
  12. Good point, that is the up-selling they will do with us later, will have to pay for them to transport it - LOL!
  13. I don't think this can be answered with 100% certainty. great-lawyer in his advisory, which you should read if you haven't, has approached this from the time the law was passed in the most cautious terms. Recall, his advise of not taking >10R mags to the range during the 6m grace period. Well, wth is the grace period for anyway, and how can I comply with the law if I don't take my mag-blockers/mag to the range to test them (before) I epoxy them. Many people have been using their >10 at the range in the grace period for this and other reason's...I haven't heard anyone getting arrested over it. So now the end is near, and we have to get rid of the mags we don't convert. great-lawyer, again with his super cautious approach advises transporting them by carrier. He does concede we may have to put them in our cars to get to the drop-off place though, (I was surprised he didn't insist that we call for the carrier to pick them up at our home - LOL). So bottom line for you, to be the most cautious ship them to your buddy when he gets home. But on the other hand, as long as he is out of state before the 10th, I think he can make an argument that his action's are part of helping you comply with the law (in the rare case he gets pulled over and has his trunk searched). In your shoes, I'd just ship them to him, what is it going to cost with insurance a few bucks. I can live with taking some risk due to inconsistent and unclear laws, I can't ask a friend to do that for me though, I wouldn't feel right...I was going to give mine to my neighbor who is a retired LE, but after reading the latest advisory from great-lawyer (with the darkest outlook, and ambiguous "rules"), I decides not to put him at risk and am now sending them to brother in a free state, a golden-land with absolutely no capacity-limitations :-).
  14. There are several who are complaining a lot about the skills of the lawyer's. But I have yet to see any constructive criticism about the merits of the way the complaint was written and structured. There was one exception to this which I notice was posted some time ago, which I do agree with, should have had more expert witnesses for our side, but I doubt it would have changed a thing. So can you identify any glaring holes in our complaint against the state, on the merits? What would you have put in there, or taken out? Short of identify such stuff by you or the other's complaining, the only other thing we might conclude is that our lawyer(s) come across as babbling idiots because they freeze in front of the judge (is this likely?)...Oh, or it could just be that the F-District Judge is full of crap, and we do have evidence of such in the details of his ruling.