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  1. Thanks to everyone who is sharing their real life world experience in this process. Very much appreciated.
  2. Wow, almost 10 years since this thread. I haven't shot a USPSA event...man, I can't remember the last USPSA event I shot, it's been that long ago.
  3. For those in District 13, know that Amy Handlin voted YES to all 6 of the bills on March 26, 2018. She had voted no on the similar magazine bill in 2014, so something caused her to no longer support us on this. Remember this in November.
  4. Just finished my AR build and am trying to select ammo. Will be shooting off the shelf stuff to start and if this sticks, which it likely will, I'll handload on my 650. But for the time being we are talking about off the shelf ammo. The internet in its infinite wisdom tells me that 62 grain projectiles are preferred in a 1:7 twist barrel. Since I'm going to be shooting a combination of paper and steel, I don't want the green tipped XM or M855 stuff, because that's no bueno with steel, right? So, for the sake of simplicity, I want to go with XM or M193, right? I've have some federal XM193 BAll and American Eagle XM193, both 55 grain, in my safe left over from some 3 gun matches I shot with a borrowed gun. Can't seem to find 5.56 ammo with 62 grain projectile that isn't XM855. So brain trust, for the beginner shooting who is going to be plinking some steel and paper and the occasional 3 gun event, the XM193 55 grain stuff is fine, yes? hashtag ocd
  5. Squad 4 with Howard, Jason, Jimmy, and Tom...among others who's names I've forgotten. Great squad.
  6. Was able to make todays match at CJ and had a great time, again. Forgotten how much I enjoyed these events. We were done and in the car by 1pm, which is outstanding for a 7 stage match. Great squad.
  7. Registered but now not sure if I can make it. Golden child was just invited to a baseball tournament. Happy Birthday Golf Battery. It's our oldests bday too. 20. My god, where did the time go?
  8. Dammit, Howard, I wish I knew you were there. I've got photo's on my phone of the bald eagle that's been in the back yard, He was just shy the day you came by.
  9. Amen to that. Big ups to Steve, Paul and Rich, and the other's who are helping to keep this match going. Today was a lot of fun. Can't believe it's been as long as it's been since I've shot USPSA. Glad I came out.
  10. I'm not a member of Old Bridge, but have shot events there, and based on my experience offer a positive recommendation. Its a whole different experience shooting in the private pits. The sanctioned club type events are really well run and lot of fun.
  11. Finally got out for a practice session over the weekend. Really hope to make this match.
  12. Current, and favorite....2013 Mercedes S550. Amazing car. Worst, 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Uncomfortable, underpowered. Ugh.
  13. I just went thought this exact scenario with the exact same firearm. In our case, the gun was delivered to a local FFL who took possession and logged it into his "assault rifle" book, which I'm told also requires notification to the either the local PD or state PD. The PD contacted the owner of the gun for an explanation as to why he had it in his possession. He didn't realize it had been named on the ban list in the 90's. The FFL sold the gun on an auction and shipped it out of state...to one of the Carolina's if I'm not mistaken. Net sale proceeds were around $700 but no legal issues and a big relief to be done with it.
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