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  1. Anyone knows the turnaround time post covid?
  2. Try www.planbholsters.com. He also offer discounts to LEO, EMS, AND VETS.
  3. I changed my address years ago and my FID is marked duplicate. It’s fine.
  4. You don’t need mental health if you live in the State within 10 years. (In our town atleast) It took me 9 days from start to finish including weekends.
  5. He has custom prints too. Just check the website or instagram #planbholsters.
  6. Check out www.planbholsters.com. He offers discount to LEO’s, Military, and first responders.
  7. There is an app.. just search "CCW" in the app store.
  8. I have one, the 1st anniversary edition. Its a pain in the butt cleaning it.
  9. Try www.planbholsters.com or you can check him on facebook or instagram #planbholsters Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Check www.planbholsters.com. Veteran owned and they also offer discount for LEOs, Military and EMS
  11. Try PlanBholsters.com its a new company from Florida. (It's actually my brothers) He's running a sale right now. Thanks!
  12. Lucianos in Lodi... Good people.
  13. How much is the fair price for a Trijicon HD Night sight installed on a Glock19 or an M&P 9c from a local Gun shop? (Bergen County) Thanks!
  14. I mailed it on 7/29 got it in the mail on 9/26... A total of 59 days. Not bad at all.
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