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  1. Heading out to PA on Wednesday. Plan to hunt Thursday and Friday. PA is nice in that I can use a .30-.30. It's late in the season there, so if my usual luck holds I won't actually be hunting, I'll be taking the guns for a walk. But that's OK, it gets me outside, and gives me an excuse to drink good bourbon in the woods with my buddies (after hunting, of course!)
  2. 600 bucks with the arm brace? Really???? I'll pass. Oh - and it's ugly.
  3. Being in the back of an auditorium during a pep rally doesn't count. Dinner and drinks does. Have you done that? And if you have, I'd love to hear about it (really). I have seen him, and heard him speak, but never "met" him.
  4. And curiously, no one has said they'd like to meet the Trumpster. Why is that?
  5. OK, I will one up you. I installed the arcade in Pele's house in the Hamptons when I worked for Atari. He really liked Pole Position.
  6. I hadn't thought of this but I have seen a lot of hawks at Alexauken Creek. That + no acorns = no squirrels. But they are all over my back yard, and I've got hawks and fox. Go figure.
  7. Squirrel is great if you know what you are doing. If this is your fist time I recommend par boiling first, then rolling in flour, egg and bread crumbs and frying. The last time we made this in hunting camp I had no bread crumbs so I crushed some pretzels and used them - delicious! In NJ I hunt them at Alexauken Creek WMA using a pellet rifle. They are a little thin this year as we have not had a lot of acorns (which the old-timers tell me means we will have a dry, cold winter).
  8. Have you tried Numrich Arms? I have had good luck looking for hard-to-find parts and mags there. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/
  9. Aftermarket stocks can make them less ugly (but not by much). My friend has one that I have shot and he has had no problems. For <$300 it's a solid deal.
  10. I tried everything: the patch, gum, hypnosis, etc. None of it worked. What finally did it for me was that my wife (who quit via hypnosis) refused to kiss me because "I smelled like an ashtray". I had to do it cold turkey, just tough it out for a few weeks. It gets easier, especially if you lay off the booze the first few weeks.
  11. Any rifle with CNC/Laser engraving/carving on the stock should be banned on the basis of it being just plain ugly. To take a beautiful rifle like the M1 and pimp it up with all of that is a crime. CNC checkering/laser stippling -> OK. Pictures of battleships/bombers/ and a huge WWII -> NOT.
  12. For anyone who has the least interest in black powder, or who appreciates exceptional craftsmanship, Dixon's Gunmakers' Fair is happening this weekend: http://www.dixonmuzzleloading.com/ An amazing display of hand-made black powder rifles and pistols, mostly flinters, and an impressive schedule of seminars for those who want to build their own or just learn more. Kid-friendly, and food trucks are available for lunch. It's not that far (exit 40 off 78 I believe), and it really is a one-of-a-kind event. It runs Friday - through Sunday, and there are vendors from all over the country showing their wares. There is also a competition for hand-built guns, horns, etc. Truly incredible what amateurs can do given enough time and direction. It's free, but you will need to pay for parking. I go every year and it is a "must do" event for me. Hope to see you there!
  13. Royal Farms. Yep - from a gas station: https://www.royalfarms.com/best-chicken Rated best by Food & Wine magazine; I shit you not.
  14. Walther PPK because, well - James Bond Luger because they are just cool Purdey shotgun because they are a work of art. And I still don't have any of them.
  15. Ray Ray and fishnut FTW. And the SP101 is small and light. Better the gun you have with you than the .44 you leave back in camp.
  16. Aren't these for use in "starter" pistols? I don't think they will cycle in a standard semi-auto (and you don't want to use them in a revolver!)
  17. Take an Appleseed course. 1. You'll be a better shooter 2. You'll learn some history 3. You'll get to use your 10/22 for something other than plinking 4. You can buy an M1 from CMP Best $60 you'll spend.
  18. Black Flies? OK, just 3 words: Cheap Italian Cigars And how do you get rid of the little buggers? Walk up to someone who's being particularly annoying, strike up a conversation, light one of those cigars, then slowly retreat. Your flies will stay on the other guy. Did this on a trip to Katahdan and it worked every time. Although I haven't been invited back...
  19. As for how to "raise" the serial number, serial numbers are stamped, and the crystalline structure of the metal is changed far deeper than the serial number you can see. Utilizing X-ray Florescence or Electron Backscatter Diffraction can reveal these changes. And yes, I sell that stuff .
  20. I love mine. 3" barrel in .357. The only change I made was to add Hogue grips; fits much better in my hand. Load with .357 as a back-up when hunting in PA, and with .38 for HD. Just a warning - if you add the Hogue grips, you will most likely not be able to use a speed loader.
  21. We have Life Alert for my in-laws, and they actually needed to use it last night. It’s not cheap - ~ $100/month, and you get a free month if you pre-pay upfront for the year. We split the cost amongst the kids so it’s not too bad. She has a small transmitter/button that she wears around the house, an emergency button in the shower, and a small pager-like device that utilizes the cell phone network when she’s away from the house (it’s cheaper if you don’t get that). It’s less expensive than assisted living (if your parents will even go), and it’s worth it for peace of mind.
  22. I've got another permit I need to use and have been looking at the Beretta PX4 Storm. I have an M9 that I love, but looking for something a little smaller and lighter. I am considering this for home defense, and my wife needs to be able to use it too. The M9 grips are too big for her, but I think with the adjustable grips on the PX4 we'll be fine. I have also read that the rotating barrel system reduces recoil - any truth to that? Anybody have one? Want to tell me what you think of it? Other suggestions?
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