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  1. Do the spare mag(s) need to be conceled too or can they be out in the open on your belt? I know that the answer to this is probably no but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  2. By removing the brace.....aren't you making the rifle shorter in the process? They might outlaw the sling next!
  3. This is so confusing. So lets say you have one of the AR's with the "OTHER" stamped on it. Is this one exempt for these new rules? I think mine has a 16" barrel but it does have an adjustable brace/screw on flash suppressor and forward grip . Will we need to install a real stock now like an old school 70's AR?
  4. So all the new "AR" style rifles being sold today.......are they selling then without stock/brace?
  5. I am down! But I only hunt in the supermarket. I am not as fast as I used to be when I hunted wabbits.
  6. DEFF, what do you mean by "proof of ownership"? Did you not include the Affidavit of ownership document to your application?
  7. So in two years it's going to cost you another $300+ and all the running around and jumping through hoops? It's almost not worth the effort. And $150 just to shoot at a paper target for one hour!
  8. Since you qualified two (2) hand guns did you have to take the firearms qualification test twice?
  9. I agree. I was on the Gun For Hire website too, they have very good information there too.
  10. Is the municipal code the 4 digit number that refers to the town that you live in? It seems to be in a weird location in the upper right hand corner of the application. Does anyone know if you can photocopy the references sheet? Or does it have to be filled out three individual times?
  11. This seems like bull s&^%. The police have those image files stored somewhere!!
  12. Does anyone know if you have already been fingerprinted by "IDENTIGO" in the past and you still live at the same address......Do you have to do it again? I would think not since my finger/palm prints are still the same.
  13. What incredible athletes, maybe if baseball never comes back then sports like this could take over! 10X are you planning on doing any of the events in Pennsylvania?
  14. When you participated in the even did you have to use a special rifle?
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