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  1. What incredible athletes, maybe if baseball never comes back then sports like this could take over! 10X are you planning on doing any of the events in Pennsylvania?
  2. When you participated in the even did you have to use a special rifle?
  3. Great posting! I would love to try this one day even if it's a watered down version of the real Olympic event.
  4. I bought my first truck ever about two years ago, 2019 Toyota Tacoma Off-Road. All the features of a Raptor at less then half the price and it wont be at the dealership 50 times in the next ten years! I bought it because I have three close friends that has older ones from 2002 that went over 350,00 miles and my friend Josh is still driving his with over 400,000 miles. I got mine with ever option and got a awesome deal at Morristown Toyota. I thinK no one wanted the 6'-2" bed (5'-0" is standard). I made them a ridiculous offer and they accepted. I have about 19,000 miles on it so far and I had to do one recall (fuel pump and seal for the third brake light) but it was running fine before the fuel pump was replaced. I love it so far, best money I every spent.
  5. Good morning Krdshrk, Is this still a tentative date for this Sunday?
  6. Now I just need a hunting license! Thanks for the quick replies. Are there any plans for a January meet up?
  7. I haven't been to this range in a long time and I was always told that the only rifles that are allowed were .22LR and some muzzle loaders. Did the rules change? I was just on the NJDEP website and saw this..... NORTHERN REGION Hunterdon County Clinton WMA Route 173W Clinton Shotgun, Archery, Centerfire Rifle (100 yards, Muzzleloader, Rimfire and Centerfire to .30 caliber) NOTE: The Clinton Centerfire Rifle Range has special rules which must be followed. See below. Centerfire Rifle includes all firearms listed above for muzzleloading and centerfire rifles for up to and including .30 caliber. This includes ammunition in the .30 caliber family such as .308 and 30-06. I assume that the rules have changed? I did notice that your target has to be 30" from the deck.
  8. Biden prints the money? Bro did you go to Trump University? If the President was allowed to print money the current hooker wig wearing Pres would have made things even worse. We are still feeling the results of Obama 8 years. Your posting was humorous.
  9. If anyone knows then please let us know.
  10. Good evening everyone. Will there be a Tuesday night meet up for October?
  11. Good morning everyone, I hope every is safe and sound. A buddy of mine who has family in the Dominican Republic wants to try and send him an older semiauto handgun (LAMA). He asked me if I knew if it was possible to mail it to a FFL in New Jersey to perform a transfer. Anyone know if this can be accomplished? -Dino
  12. I think this guy is drinking his 30 year old Tang that he found in his basement bomb shelter.
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