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  1. That is 100% bull S&^%. I was allowed to remove items from my personal car and once from my brothers car without any problems. These guys just seems like scum bags.
  2. Just clicked the link and the price is listed at $539
  3. Salty, is this sale still on? Just went to the site and saw the 10 round P226 mags for $44. Do you know if that's the sale price?
  4. The Super Bowl is the next Sunday.
  5. I just want to know how "Tickle" is still alive?
  6. Thanks High Exposure, that is something definitely worth considering.
  7. Did any of you guys locktite the screws on your AIMPOINT PRO's? Is it necessary?
  8. They must have more of those AIM POINTS in stock! And here I thought I got the last one.
  9. Anyone planning on going to R-14 this Sunday August 6th?
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