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  1. Biden prints the money? Bro did you go to Trump University? If the President was allowed to print money the current hooker wig wearing Pres would have made things even worse. We are still feeling the results of Obama 8 years. Your posting was humorous.
  2. If anyone knows then please let us know.
  3. Good evening everyone. Will there be a Tuesday night meet up for October?
  4. Good morning everyone, I hope every is safe and sound. A buddy of mine who has family in the Dominican Republic wants to try and send him an older semiauto handgun (LAMA). He asked me if I knew if it was possible to mail it to a FFL in New Jersey to perform a transfer. Anyone know if this can be accomplished? -Dino
  5. I think this guy is drinking his 30 year old Tang that he found in his basement bomb shelter.
  6. I wonder if he ask's the person who glues that thing on his head to make him beautiful too? I am concern about the glue that he uses to keep that thing windproof! It might be the reason he's they way he is?
  7. She is FAR ENOUGH.....I hope.
  8. I saw the link that DirtyDigz posted and looked at all their events, it seems very cool but I was looking for something more like this this https://www.recoilweb.com/what-are-run-and-gun-competitions-140905.html Where you run with an AR type rifle and a handgun and there are some pretty cool obstacles too. I might be doing one in South Carolina and I am waiting to hear back from them....road trip anyone?
  9. Thanks raz-o, there should be a class somewhere to tech this you get really get in the weeds with the numbers. Do you know if there is also a ISO 90001 standard for this topic?
  10. That sounds like what they do in the winter Olympics when they ski/shoot.
  11. 5.56 mm = 0.218897637795" The 5.56 mm bullet better fall through a .223 barrel since its about 4/1000th smaller! I am not a machinist so I am not sure if that's a significant delta. I think the 0.110" is a linear (horizontal) dimension not a diameter/caliber dimension. 0.223" - 0.218897637795" = 0.00410236"
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