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  1. I don't think there is a vaccine...No Chinese soup for me.....2 YEAR!
  2. Must have been from Bayonne........
  3. It should really say "For my next trick I'll fool you into thinking I know anything about the military and the proper way to use it". But he did get a medal at his fake military school for being neat.
  4. I know it's a little late but do you still need the tool?
    Great place and easy to get to. I attended the NJGF Tuesday night event and the people at the counter and the R.O. were great to me and my buddy who came with me. I am looking forward to buying my next firearm from them in the near future.
  5. Thanks 124gr9mm, at least you gave me a starting point. All my life I have used the AR's I own with iron sights and never had a problem with that and I wanted an excuse to buy a decent scope for my .308 and one can get lost with all the options out there. Thanks for your input.
  6. You can use my scope if you want to if we happen to be (trying to) hitting the same targets.
  7. Is this trip still "in the works"? If it is then I am very interested. I just have one question, I own a .308 bolt action but I wanted to upgrade the scope to a mil-dot system. Is there a site when I can enter my rifle and then get suggestions on what will work best for my Savage Axis?
  8. That is 100% bull S&^%. I was allowed to remove items from my personal car and once from my brothers car without any problems. These guys just seems like scum bags.
  9. Just clicked the link and the price is listed at $539
  10. Salty, is this sale still on? Just went to the site and saw the 10 round P226 mags for $44. Do you know if that's the sale price?
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