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  1. Mags yes, rifle no. Don'tcha just love NJ? /Facepalm
  2. Do you have a source re: gun grabber? Not saying you're wrong, but I can't find anything on this
  3. Thanks for posting! Picked up a case
  4. Thanks, Pizza Bob! So nice of you to write it up like this for us
  5. Let's hope so. Remember, NJ and the Third Circuit don't care what happens in DC. This would only matter if a) some NJ case makes it to SCOTUS, and b) the Supremes decide they want to resolve the circuit split, and c) the Supremes agree with us. Let's cross our fingers.
  6. This. Without a boatload of denials to prove our point, our argument is pure hearsay. No judge is going to care that NJ has a reputation of de facto no-issue: we need to have the irrefutable data to prove it. ETA: Props to mipa for predicting "even DC will get carry before NJ." (You know this I-told-you-so is coming, right? )
  7. This would be a complete non-issue in almost any other state in the country. I'm completely sick of NJ ignoring the United States Constitution. No victim, no crime. F this state.
  8. You're welcome! Glad somebody found it useful lol
  9. I know Palmetto State Armory has taken a little flack on this forum as of late, but this is a pretty good deal. GSG 1911-22 for $200, after rebate. http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/catalog/product/view/id/897/
  10. For this purpose, Microsoft Surface Pro is the best option around. The Pro line runs a full Windows 8 operating system so it will literally do EVERYTHING your desktop can do. I needed to replace a 4 y.o. laptop around Christmas time and went with the Surface Pro 2. I bring it in to work for work things (full MS Office suite, statistics software, etc.), bring it home for web surfing/Netflix/talking on gun forums, and even use it to take notes in class with OneNote 2013 (the stylus recognition is AWESOME). The attachable keyboard will make you forget it's not a laptop, so you can get real work done. The only bad thing I have to say about it is the Surface Pro 2 screen dimensions: it's kind of a short and long rectangle. But they fixed that with the Surface Pro 3, which just came out (and I plan on getting it as soon as $ becomes available). I highly recommend the Surface Pro 3
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