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  1. My wife wants an exercise bike for Christmas, she mentioned two, a Peloton and Nordic Track. Does anyone have any experience with either? Or are there others you would recommend? Also where can you buy them, I don't want to support Dicks! Thanks, any info you would be welcomed since I don't know anything about them.
  2. Thanks, I actually pulled the turkey 5 minutes early this time and tool its temp, and to my surprise it was done. I will pick up one of those digitals, much quicker than my old analog!
  3. So, I fried our Thanksgiving turkey this year, as I have for the past several years. 23# bird, completely thawed and rested at room temperature for about 15 minutes prior to frying. Placed it into 300 degree peanut oil that I raised to 350 degree after the bird went in. Cooked for a total of 80 minutes (3.5 minutes per pound), which I have done many times in the past, but this year the bird was definitely over done. I did not brine, it was defrosted in the refrigerator. Any suggestions? Should I pull the bird out and do a temp check of the breast or thigh at some time before the full allotment? This is the first time that it came out over done using the 3.5 minute per pound fry time. Thanks!
  4. S&W 686, was the first handgun I bought as soon as I turned 21, many years ago. Still my favorite handgun to shoot...and the wife and kids love it with .38 special loads!
  5. If you crumple up old newspaper enough it becomes almost as soft as cheap TP!
  6. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on fishing Seneca lake? We are renting a house on the lake that, has a decent size dock, and I wanted to at least try some fishing. I was planning on bringing my standard bass & trout tackle, some spinners, spinner baits, spoons, jigs, etc. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks!
  7. Pineapples and Brisket are incompatible.
  8. A friend of mine from high school worked for Cantor and was killed that day.
  9. I was at work, with the towers in clear view. I remember my wife calling and telling me that a plane hit one of the towers, at that point we all thought it was a tragic accident. When she called to tell us that the second tower was hit we realized it was something else. My wife was pregnant with our second daughter, and she was due any day, we were told that there may not be any hospital space to deliver her so her doctor was looking for other options. I remember sending everyone else home and staying at work to help prepare and secure the site. We had armed guards patrolling the perimeter, worked with local law enforcement because we were a chemical site, which, at the time, was considered a potential target.. It was a surreal day, where it seemed like everything stopped. All we had was a radio tuned into 95.5. We were able to see everything from the roof of one of our buildings, I remember one of our engineers took a thermographic scan of one of the towers before it fell and it was close to 2000 degrees. A day I will never forget.
  10. I am right around the corner from you, in Millstone. Felt our house shake rattle and roll as well.
  11. Thought it was a long thunder boomer, never thought it was an earthquake!
  12. Yep, on at least one occasion I ordered ammo from them at an already high price, only to have my order cancelled and the ammo appear for sale at an even higher price. Will no longer give the any of my business.
  13. Power came back on a little before 10AM, was on for a few minutes then went off again. My wife saw on FB a fire from a downed wire after they energized. Over 24 hours now without power, got the generator turning!
  14. Just got a call, our power is back on!
  15. Lost power around noon yesterday, still no word on when it will be back. On the JCP&L map it shows 99.09% of our town without power.
  16. This is really disturbing and disheartening, to say the least.
  17. OK, stupid question here. Before I start searching the internet, any suggestions on cleaning equipment for .17 caliber? Got done shooting mine today, went to clean it and just then realized that my .22 caliber stuff is way too big- duh!
  18. I play as well and have a Yamaha upright electric and love it. They come with weighted keys now, which play and feel just like a regular upright, you can plug in headphones when you don't want to make a lot of noise and they never go out of tune.
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