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  1. Good to know- thanks for confirming!
  2. Great looking gun- congrats!
  3. Welcome back CJRPC Members! We are pleased to be able to resume some of our Matches, Leagues, and Junior Program events. As we work towards full operations, we would like to thank our members for their patience during these trying times. Guests are now permitted at Matches and Leagues. I interpret this as guests are only permitted at matches and Leagues, but you are correct it isn't completely clear.
  4. Great artist and patriot, may he RIP.
  5. Looking to sell my 2004 Toyota Camry LE. Car has 228K miles but runs strong. Has an exhaust leak near the manifold and a crack in the front windshield, also a dent under the driver side door and will need tires soon. Other than that it is solid. Looking for $700 OBO, feel free to make an offer. Located in Millstone a few miles off of exit 8 n the NJTPK.
  6. jm1827

    WTB Used Car

    I have a 2004 Camry, needs some work but runs great, $700 takes it.
  7. Just wanted to follow up- thank you 1LtCAP- it was a bad coil pack. I changed the spark plugs first, same problem, change the coil packs and that was it. I definitely owe you a beer! Thanks again.
  8. I was the first house past the Welcome to Highland Lakes sign, for most of my time growing up we were the only house in that area, then one was built next to us but still fairly secluded. I know Lakeside Dr W very well, fished the big lake all the time growing up.
  9. I grew up about 2 miles from the range as well, used to ride my bike there. Some great memories as a kid shooting with my dad.
  10. jm1827

    .22 LR Wheel Gun?

    That's what I was thinking, I like a heavier revolver, so I am leaning towards the 617. But the Ruger single 6 looks like another option, or maybe the Wrangler and save some coin for a .44 mag.....
  11. jm1827

    .22 LR Wheel Gun?

    I was leaning toward double action, but I really like the fact that the single six is .22LR and .22Mag!
  12. I am getting ready to apply for a couple P2Ps, I definitely want a 22LR wheel gun. I am leaning toward an S&W 617, I already have a 686 in .357Mag. I was also thinking about perhaps an &W 63, but felt it may be too light, also thinking about a Ruger GP100. Any thoughts on those revolvers in .22LR? Will probably get a second wheel gun as well with my second permit, debating between a 9mm or 44 mag, I know completely different, I just like shooting wheel guns and wan to try something new.
  13. It looks like there is a coil on top of each plug, and it also looks like it has "control wiring" to each coil, not a traditional high voltage wire that goes to the spark plugs. I will change the coil packs as well.
  14. Thank you 1LtCAP , I will take a look at the plugs later today and probably just change them first. The car has 87K miles on it.
  15. If I interpret this correctly, if a site has multiple ranges than 10 people should be allowed at each range?
  16. I shoot at CJRPC and the 10 person limit is just plain stupid. There could be 10 people in the pits, 10 on each of the rifle and pistol ranges and 10 shooting clays and still easily maintain social distancing. The 10 person limit is just another FU from our governor.
  17. I need to ask a potentially stupid question. Since when can the executive branch of government pass laws? Isn't the ability to draft and approve laws reserved to the legislative branch of government?
  18. Anyone have any idea on the going rate for a nanny? My daughter was offered a job over the summer to watch a 2 year old, around 40 hours a week. She usually gate $15-$16 an hour for normal babysitting jobs. She was going to ask for $14 an hour, my daughter is 19 and home from college. Is $14 an hour reasonable?
  19. Where are Bob and Doug McKenzie when you need them!
  20. This is spot on, you can see the alignment/ collusion in their rhetoric and policies. I also belong to CJRPC and as others have said, even on a busy day it is very easy to social distance while outside. The range could even put in place what we have learned to call "social distancing engineering measures" such as limiting the number of people on the range, closing off every other bench on the range, limiting the pits to 3 or less people, do the same with the shotgun areas as well. I am responsible for a back to work plan for 60K people and if we can do this for closed office buildings, in a safe and efficient manner, outdoor ranges are extremely easy!
  21. I made a backstop in our basement using duct seal and some plywood. Stops all of our pellet and BB guns, even at 11 or 12 pumps. My son and I shot last night and had a blast!
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