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  1. Savior

    Condition Gray

    Yes Mark they are a Counterterrorism training group that also has open enrollment for non LE/ Mil. We are currently developing some weapons for them and one of our Partners works for them as well. Please keep an eye on there schedule you wont be disappointed.
  2. Savior

    1st Annual NJGF Shoot @ RTSP - October 21st

    @High Exposureis a Range God
  3. Savior

    1st Annual NJGF Shoot @ RTSP - October 21st

    In..... Looking forward to Meeting you all...
  4. Savior

    NJ Manufactured AR's

    Pics coming soon
  5. Savior

    NJ Manufactured AR's

    Someone had asked if we manufacture or Assemble so to clarify most major manufacturers Just assemble from parts that are manufactured at other places . We are a licensed manufacturer and sot. We buy from the same forges that Colt, Daniel Defense, Etc by their parts from as well we have in 2 years of R&D before we put out our first rifle. There is a difference between professional shooters building rifles then a conveyor belt of shop workers. We know what the end result needs to be and we assemble and tune our guns to perform at their absolute best. The proof is in the pudding so come shoot with me anytime. Thanks again.
  6. Savior

    NJ Manufactured AR's

    Hey guys this is Joe with Modern Materiel. If anyone would like to hit the range and try out some of our rifles all they have to do is shoot me an e-mail Joe@modernmateriel. Besides making law enforcement and civilian weapons we do everything we can to support the Second Amendment as well as you our brothers and sisters in Firearms Community. Our training department is on the Range every day educating Law enforcement and civilians on how to Safely and effectively use firearms. We also do Firearms modifications including cerakoting. Please reach out to me anytime you'd like and let me know how we can be of service. Thank you very much for the support. Joe Savio Modern Materiel joe@modernmateriel.com
  7. All Please visit cobraonetactical.com for info about the range and Costaludus.com for Chris's schedule and enrollment info
  8. Cobra One has Milsim field and Shoot houses,but it is a Large outdoor range with 100 foot wide Range from 250 yards. Soon to be added a dedicated Pistol pit and 500 yards long range. We've been training there for years. You can also become a member there...
  9. Sorry KRDSHRK I updated the post to reflect the location...
  10. Upcoming Costa Ludus courses at Cobra One Tactical in Great Meadows. 5/4 to 5/6 Carbine Elements Theory 1 5/8 to 5/10 Handgun Elements Theory 1 8/31 to 9/2 Handgun Elements Theory 2 9/4 to 9/6 Vehicle Elements Theory Contact me directly for more info jmsavio@gstbase.com NOTE: The May courses are almost filled.
  11. Savior

    2 Different Glock Grip Modifications by Modern Materiel

    Thanks Boys...That one take a while... its grippy...WHAT RECOIL?
  12. Savior

    Flying out of Newark

    Same... Do it all the time...Easy...
  13. Savior

    Holosun HS503CU $189

    MAP price on the HS503CU is $275.99

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