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  1. FYI, my dad used to make his tomato cages the same way as this guy! - Concrete reinforcing wire wrapped into a cylinder shape. They worked great, were inexpensive, and were in use for many years. Damn! You're harvesting already? You got quite the head start.
  2. Nope! Too modest. Fantastic shots!
  3. You da man! Always happy to see the Taylor Ham ranks growing. Thanks for introducing yourself and welcome to the Forums! Keep your eye on the events section. We do clay shoots in Clinton NJ as well as events at various indoor ranges. It's a nice way to put faces to screen names. I think we should try to do more of that this year, once everything is fully open.
  4. I'm pleased to learn they have a formal name... previously, I just thought of them as Ray Ray's Minions.
  5. Seriously? Are those your photos? If so...gorgeous!
  6. I think your purpose in life is to give moderators everywhere high blood pressure! Everyone needs a calling, I guess.
  7. I realize you have strong feelings about this topic, but let's try for some modicum of civility! The guy you were replying to mentioned he and his wife have lost 3 people close to them from this infection... that means 3 losses in a span of several weeks... not the time for cheap shots by any rational measure of etiquette. A number of posters on this thread would be well-served by stepping away from the keyboard for awhile. People: go do something relaxing... or productive...it's a 3-day weekend for goodness sakes! Gardening, shooting, bird-watching... whatever! Go enjoy & and let's please dial down the angry rhetoric. After all, you don't want to give your moderators high blood pressure, do you? DO YOU?!
  8. @Zeke @W2MC - I believe "public domain" refers primarily to works (writing, art, photos, etc.) that don't require a copyright. A privately-owned parking lot that is open to the public (shoppers, etc.) is actually called "quasi-public property". In most states, police are still allowed to ticket for CERTAIN serious traffic infractions (DUI, etc.) even on quasi-public property and they can't for less serious infractions unless the owner requests it. The other wrinkle is business insurance... insurance companies often require business owners to cooperate with local law enforcement in the parking lot area in order to qualify for the policy. Sooo, a private business owner might well be limited (either by law or insurance coverage) in his/her ability to prevent any kind of police action in a business's parking lot. I'm not a lawyer, but that's my understanding... and quasi-public property is the search term you can use to prove me right or wrong (but only if you're seriously pandemic-level bored).
  9. So, I can stop Lysol'ing my mail? Oh, good!
  10. What's wrong with you pervs? Now the guy's going to worry about his sweet daughter, knowing guys like you are out there... Geez Louise. Get your minds out of the gutter....
  11. If I were her I would go to www.care.com - it's a site were nannies, eldercare workers, petcare workers advertise their services and people looking for those skills can find them. It does force you to fill out a free profile - but I'm guessing she would get the "intel" she needs. She could fill out the profile as though she was looking for a nanny within her customer's zip code, fit the profile to her own credentials, and then review all the profiles of her "competitors" and see exactly what they're charging. I'm guessing 10 minutes of time would probably provide a wealth of geographically accurate, real-time pricing info.
  12. Thank you!... but already being discussed in this other thread, so I'll lock this one down.
  13. Corn is both plentiful and cheap at farm stands out here in Hunterdon, so even if I had more garden space, I probably wouldn't grow it. But, oh my, there is nothing better than fresh-picked sweet corn! Good luck with it, @Scorpio64. You'll have to let us know how it turned out.
  14. Totally agree. There's a reason that the directions recommend the spacing that they do. Another problem though is people just not reading the directions (on the plant tag or seed packet). There's literally a HUGE difference between a small tomato variety specially bred for containers, a bush-type tomato that could still grow taller than a person, and an indeterminate type that under the right conditions will grow and grow and grow all season long. I learned that lesson the hard way the first year I planted, lol. I had one indeterminate tomato vine... I named him Goliath... that simply took over my entire bed and even part of the lawn (though I had admitted defeat by mid-season and just gave up). I'm a little better now, but still far from a great vegetable gardener. Baby steps!
  15. @gleninjersey ---This year, I'm going to link my (2) 4'x8' raised beds with arched cattle panel trellises. I too was looking at trellis options, when I came across this particular idea on YouTube. There are many videos; this one attached is a good how-to. What a super-affordable way to go vertical with all of your vining-type plants, squeezing the most production out of your garden space! And honestly, I just think they look quite attractive, too. I'll be using them for indeterminate tomatoes and cucumbers, but I'm also kicking around the possibility of some mini-melons....
  16. Thank you, but this topic was already opened in a different forum. Someone beat you to the draw! Locking this thread down.
  17. I can understand this is a contentious topic, but I've had to remove a couple of posts. Kindly keep personal squabbles off-line and not in a public-facing forum. Thanks, folks! Carry on.
  18. Well, this is a PA example... but, my (very left-leaning, Bernie fan) of a friend just told me recently (quite proudly, in fact) that she was "so glad their district had such a strong union, yada-yada-yada", because right now, as an elementary reading specialist, she's required to be available for Zoom calls with parents, staff meetings, responding to emails, etc. between the hours of 10 & 12. That is ALL she's required to do under the new district pandemic rules... and that's all she's doing. 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week - still getting full-time pay - and getting a ton of personal projects done around her house with all the "free time" she has. I do believe the regular classroom teachers (not the specialists) have a "somewhat" fuller schedule, but even then, much of the "teaching" is being handled by simply emailing, collecting and grading assignments, because not all of the kids are consistently on the computer to do full virtual classrooms. So, there are no full school days for any staff, at least in that one Poconos region district. I advised her it might be wise to not sound so cheerful about that when speaking with other PA residents. She's a bright woman, I swear... yet, she seemed puzzled by my comment. I actually had to spell out how a taxpayer who lost a job or had their business closed might resent the hell out of her getting paid nearly 90K a year for a 9.5-month year, particularly when she's now only required to work 1/4 of her normal schedule - since, ya know, they, the taxpayers, are the ones actually paying her salary (and right now, they're also picking up the slack by essentially homeschooling their own kids). She seemed genuinely "startled" at the concept, like I suddenly sprouted a unicorn horn right in front of her. It's just amazing how that "union attitude" takes hold in otherwise hardworking, decent public employees - they forget that it's not the union paying them, or even the government - it's their fellow citizens. So, yeah, most of the education expense is locked down in negotiated union contracts anyway. So, taxpayers are still on the hook for the same amount of cha-ching, whether they're getting the full value of their investment or not. That's just the reality. I expect New Jersey's taxes will actually skyrocket over the next couple of years - hard as that is to imagine.
  19. Good on you, @Bklynracer! Finally, a man that really knows what he's talkin' about.
  20. I already sent a PM to Maks - sorry, I should have cc:'d you. It's an admin function, so I can't do it. Hang tight - let me try something else. A little patience, please.
  21. See what I mean? Geez louise… this was a perfectly nice prepping thread... and then... whoop, there it is: the dreaded bathroom humor! Farting cowboys? Really? I mean, what the heck is wrong with you people?! Shame, shame! Get this thread back on topic, please!
  22. I just did a massive shop out here in Hunterdon County. I wasn't really planning on it today, but as I was banking this afternoon, I noticed the parking lot of my grocery store was relatively empty. So, I made a quick list and got to it. First time shopping with a mask - eek! I found it quite claustrophobic, frankly.. which gave me a new appreciation for those who are masked all day in their jobs. Anyway, definitely some changes from 4 weeks ago (last time I was shopping). First of all, I was able to buy cleaning/disinfecting products - there wasn't a TON, but there were Lysol and Clorox spray products and also bleach was back (lightly) in stock. So, that was good. Just like 4 weeks ago, there was a major shortage problem with most paper goods. I really don't understand this. These things are made in the US for goodness sakes. Is this ONLY a result of hoarding? There was a small pile of just one brand of paper towels (better than last time when there was none). There were no napkins that I saw. And how's this for strange... there was not one solitary roll of toilet paper in that entire store... and yet, right next to where the toilet tissue should have been, there was a veritable mountain of facial tissue. I guess people don't realize it's the same damn product but in a different form? Oh, and the meat section - at least at this store - had pretty much turned into the "chicken only section". There was an occasional odd package of other meat products, but pretty much the pork and beef sections were obliterated. I guess we'll be seeing more of this to come. Surreal. Next time, I won't wait 4 weeks... and I'll try to hit a store in the morning hours.
  23. Can't read all of the above. Formatting issues.
  24. Yes, that's my interpretation as well. They acknowledge that Northam's team hasn't presented yet, but they are clearly concerned that Virginia engaged in overreach here, by establishing one set of standards for this church, and a looser set of standards for other entities. This is in line with what Barr was promising - that his department would scrutinize any abuse of Constitutional rights, particularly during these COVID-19 restrictions.
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