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  1. Well, you just missed Pride Month... so I guess rainbow-hued is out.
  2. That's an interesting point. I've always thought it was "6 of one, half-dozen of the other" - meaning sometimes isolation is a good thing, but at other times - I guess no one nearby to hear your screams isn't such a good thing! I'm also a big fan of dogs as ONE part of a security plan. Even a tiny, alert dog (though posing no physical threat to an intruder) is capable of giving an "early warning" that can be helpful to a homeowner.
  3. Although 39 shots/no hits sounds almost unbelievable to me... I remind myself that not everyone who owns guns is actually into guns. I'm sure there's people who buy a gun for "self-defense" not realizing that the gun is only one small part of the self-defense formula. You have to know how to use it! And I'm sure a lot of people don't get instruction, don't practice, don't belong to a range, etc. - and the gun sits there years at a time, unused, while what little knowledge/skill they do have fades into nothing. So, in that scenario... add in a full-blown state of panic... and a moving target...sure, I could see someone wasting 39 shots... moreover, I'll bet those 39 shots were blasted away in mere seconds.
  4. No, I actually think he "gets" that most of the gun laws passed in NJ are nonsensical. And if you couple that with the light sentencing given to criminals like this guy, it becomes VERY apparent: the people who propose and pass gun laws have zero interest in reducing crime, but great interest in giving the "appearance" of doing something to leverage political influence. The whole thing is a sham.
  5. I can only hope and pray that you are also frequenting other forums and websites where non-gun owners (and even gun-haters) gather... and that you point out things like this to THEM. Here?... you're preaching to the choir.
  6. Some DO work together; I know that CNJFO has worked very cooperatively with several other groups. I think you may have misunderstood his encouragement to get more people to join as a "slight" to other 2A groups. I feel certain he didn't mean it that way! Personally? Looking at the big picture, I think the dues for all of these groups is cheap enough that EVERYONE who is pro-2A should belong to a few!! I happen to belong to the NRA, ANJRPC, CNJFO, and TWAW. Pick the ones YOU like - and join them.
  7. Goodness! That idea - above - sounds brilliant. I can't see any flaws, but then again I'm not a lawyer. Does anyone else here see a problem with that scenario?
  8. I agree. But, that's why it'd be best to get a half-dozen LGBTQ folks applying for permits... as they seem to hold the most favored status in the Progressive victimhood hierarchy. Not trying to be cynical or snarky... just sharing an observation!
  9. That's an interesting point! I hadn't considered the invasion of privacy aspect. Terribly frustrating situation though... obviously, EVERYONE wants to prevent these terrible events if at all possible. How do you stop these rare situations without trampling on the rights of the innocent? It's awfully difficult... no easy answers it seems.
  10. That program I was generally aware of already. But, unless I'm wrong (and I might be... correct me if I am!), isn't NJ's program more of an integrated team approach with sometimes only one actual school psychologist per district? (Not that I'm minimizing the value of a good, eagle-eyed counselor or even an observant teacher, for instance). But that same "team" is also dealing with ALL kinds of other issues - kids who need individual education plans, etc. - so they're spread pretty thin. And the psychologist isn't in the building everyday, so there's some built-in delays before assessments can even happen, etc. If I remember correctly, the Swiss program sounded much more intense... ON TOP of their normal referral program services, they ensured there would be ONE actual psychologist in EVERY school (not just per district) whose job was primarily to look for signs of "trouble ahead" and deal with those issues through on-site daily observation & intervention. It's more costly, too, no doubt -- but that's the kind of cost I personally wouldn't mind paying as a taxpayer. Because I think our mental health system is terribly broken anyway, so if they can at least make it more robust in schools, that's as good a start as any. Consider this: look how badly that Parkland shooter was clearly spinning out of control in the months leading up to his horrible act. If someone had been on-site to effectively intervene with him, observe him daily, for instance, and maybe turn things around... wouldn't even a chance of avoiding such a horrific crime have been well worth the cost of an extra shrink or 2 in the district? I would say: "YES". And people can trash this FBI study... but you have to keep in mind, this kind of crime is still statistically rare, so it's hard to compile a detailed study (thank god). But, even anecdotally, we know that too often "people knew" - they knew the kid was troubled, they knew he was lashing out at people, they knew he was making threats, people were complaining about him, etc. - and intervention was either lax or non-existent. No good!
  11. It's worth reading the full study IMO. Interesting to see how many of these people telegraph their intentions in one way or another before the event. Though that provides potential opportunities to thwart them... in combination with all these new "red flag" laws, there's also the risk of over-reacting and over-punishing. That's a difficult needle to thread. In terms of schools, I also can't help but wonder if the Swiss were onto something... I read an article once that said after a particular bad shooting there, they started to embed psychologists right into the schools... where they would be on the lookout for kids showing signs of stress, and then pull them in for extra help and support. That makes a lot of sense to me. Yes, what these shooters do is HORRIFIC and I'm not trying to be an apologist for them by any means... that said, I don't think labeling them "monsters" and washing our hands of it is necessarily all that productive either. It seems like most of these folks have been under the duress of multiple stressors in the previous year leading up to the event. Especially in the case of adolescents, it does make you wonder... if someone had seen the signs of trouble, and stepped in with supportive, robust treatment... is it possible some of these young teens would have stabilized and gone on to live perfectly normal, well-adjusted lives?
  12. Summer is upon us... and already (oh, so heartbreakingly!) I just read about a young NJ boy who drowned in a lake. This is just far too common. And frequently, people in the vicinity of a drowning don't even realize a swimmer is in any distress. So, I'm refreshing this annual safety reminder from a couple years back on how to recognize the signs of drowning. Other people added lots of great info to this thread, but if you just don't want to scroll back through the whole thread, I urge you to at least re-read the original article, which I'm re-posting here: https://slate.com/technology/2013/06/rescuing-drowning-children-how-to-know-when-someone-is-in-trouble-in-the-water.html Learn the signs of drowning and keep your eyes wide open this summer... at the shore, lakes and pools.
  13. Well, sorry... but I think he sounds like a jackass in general. I mean, you go through a break-up... sure it hurts, but you just MOVE ON... like a damn adult. That kind of angry, fixated behavior where you go to great lengths to try to "damage" your ex professionally... what in the HELL is that? Normal people don't behave like that. That's FAR more alarming than any of the gun stuff IMO. Here's where I'm confused though... are these articles saying just the account was fake.... or were the pictures fake also? Because if she was willingly putting on an SS uniform, well... my sympathy for her would plummet, too, quite frankly. But, either way, he still sounds like an obsessive jerk, and I, for one, don't feel compelled to defend EVERY gun owner - certainly not the ones who run their lives like a train wreck.
  14. I don't think that's QUITE fair, Sniper! AVB may on occasion feel "perplexed" when people from other backgrounds do things differently than he would... but I do NOT think he hates this country by any means. I believe he means it when he says this: You really have to take his post in its entirety.
  15. I think the real question is: Why did this sight trigger you so badly? If I saw an African-American man in a high-crime, really poor neighborhood driving by in a big flashy Cadillac - wouldn't I be one terrible, god-awful bigot for thinking: He must be a pimp... or a drug dealer... or just really irresponsible with his money(?) Yeah, I personally think it would be incredibly crummy to buy into cheap stereotypes and presume that I know anything about the guy. Because he could also be a doctor who operates a local, low-cost clinic and he makes house calls to elderly shut-in's... and maybe he just really likes the smooth suspension of a Caddy when he's on his way to his patients! For the same reason... I'm wondering, just because you see some young guys in pick-up trucks displaying giant American flags, why would you ever jump to the conclusion that they're "unaccomplished, mentally challenged hicks"?? Really?! For all you know, AVB, those guys have lost older siblings in the Middle East... or maybe they'll be enlisting themselves! That could be a heartfelt, genuine show of patriotism... just done in a more flamboyant way then you're used to. We're all better off when we don't presume what's in someone's heart or head!
  16. Let's not squabble on the WTB, WTS or even "Want Recommendations" threads, pls! It's like your momma used to say: If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all! I cannot believe I have to come on here and write that. C'mon! Be your best selves... be gentlemen!
  17. Oh, dear! I deserved it... I've been shooting for over 3 years now... how did that point elude me this whole time? Sheesh. For the record, I'm going to bestow the Rare Quadruple Face Palm - - upon MYSELF!
  18. Good places for pizza IMO: Reservoir Tavern, Boonton, NJ Chimney Rock Inn, Bridgewater, NJ Federici's Family Restaurant, Freehold, NJ Nicolosi's Pizza, Phillipsburg, NJ (Sentimental, childhood fav) Manville Pizza (the Sicilian pie), Manville, NJ
  19. I did a little (rare) "clean-up" on this thread - it just seemed to get a bit derailed, quite inadvertently, I'm sure. Good luck with the sales effort, @Bellasdaddy!
  20. Damn, I just saw this! Seriously? No suppressors in NJ? I thought you could with the NFA permit, no? Geez, NJ sucks.
  21. Some food for thought: A: Go to YouTube or your web browser and search something like "minimum self-defense caliber" - you will find TONS of info, much of it by ballistics experts, and NONE of which recommend .22lr! After an hour or two, you'll be utterly convinced to get something a bit more robust. (I know this, because it's what I did - and the abundance of evidence is very large indeed). B: I appreciate your concern for your hearing, it's smart... hearing loss is a serious thing! That said, a bullet in your chest is even MORE serious. You gotta figure if you're pulling your gun out for self-defense, you've got a VERY big problem on your hands... and your concern for your hearing will suddenly plummet in importance! Keep in mind, if you have the bucks, you could always pay the extra dollars to get a suppressor (it's a special permit - I think a couple hundred bucks?) It won't silence the gun, but it will perhaps reduce SOME of the hearing damage...? It's advantage is that you don't have to "remember" it under stress (as you would with other hearing protection). But, I'm sure others on here more knowledgeable than myself will have even better ideas! And... welcome to the forums! Oh... and if anyone on here is boorish enough to ask you to state your favorite breakfast meat, the only proper answer is: "Why...it's Taylor Ham, of course!" [Your welcome! ]
  22. Wow. 1.4 million Federal acres opening up to hunters and anglers! That's a lot. And it's being coupled with the elimination of 7500 regulations that create a quagmire for the same groups. Interesting... so while the Fed is opening up Federal land for hunters, NJ is shrinking access for hunters on state lands. Another reason to hate NJ? LOL. Anyway, here's the link: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/git-r-done-trump-opens-1-4-million-federal-acres-to-hunters-anglers
  23. I'm following your thread with great interest, @Greenday. I'm in a similar spot, except I really lucked out in that my uncle is giving me an extra reloading press he had laying around, so that not only saved me some bucks but it also saved me from a painful purchasing decision process, lol. Someone gave it to him years ago, so he's "paying it forward" to ME! Woo-hoo! It's an old, vintage Herter's Model Super 81- seems to be in good shape - no rust, nothing broken - and it has (2) rams instead of one, which is kind of unique. He also gave me the Lyman book - last year's edition, but new in the shrink wrap. So now I have to focus on reading, learning, buying the other gear I'll need... and getting started. [BTW, I do NOT want to hijack Greenday's thread(!)… but if anyone reading this happens to have an older Herter's operations manual that covers the Model Super 81, would you kindly PM me directly, pls? I'd love to get a scan or hardcopy if possible.] I've been watching YouTube videos about reloading as a starting place, but I'll definitely purchase that ABC's book that @GRIZ recommended. So, I'm on a very similar journey to the one you're on. And I've enjoyed watching your progress, too... I think you're doing just GREAT with your marksmanship!
  24. Dude... those shoulder things scare the BEJEEZUS out of me!! All joking aside though... what his brother did must have been incredibly difficult... despite it being an obviously correct moral choice. I give that guy a LOT of credit. Who knows what death and agony was avoided because of his decision to report?
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