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  1. Yep. These people are incorrigible. More lawsuits will be needed. It's a good time to make 2A donations....
  2. I offer not only a well-deserved Thank You to Justice Thomas for penning this freedom-loving and long overdue opinion, but to the other justices who agreed with it, AND (though he certainly irks the hell out of me at times, lol) I think some due credit needs to go to former President Trump as well. His many conservative appointments to SCOTUS and other Federal courts, as it turns out, are really providing a bulwark against the encroaching attacks on Constitutional rights that we've been seeing as of late.
  3. Yes, that was a great read (particularly the detailed analysis of the 2A's verbiage w/examples from the era - frankly, I've never seen a better explanation. I guess leave it to a writer to really dissect the language, lol). But, I think that article was also yet another plug for Substack and similar independent subscription services for writers - allowing them to self-publish directly to a following of paid subscribers. Because frankly, had she been writing for a major American newspaper (with rare exception), I believe this piece would NEVER had made it past the Editor. It would have been cut entirely, or watered down so significantly as to be unrecognizable. And that's because there are many core freedoms under attack these days - the 2A certainly, but also the 1A for instance.
  4. Reading another post in a different NJGF forum reminded me that there have ALREADY been several drownings in NJ this season. How tragic... it seems it's already shaping up to be a bad one. So, I'm resurrecting this thread - please read the article in the original post. Everyone should be familiar with what the signs of drowning actually look like & be vigilant, particularly when young children are involved. Whether the swimmer is in the ocean, a lake, or a pool, drowning is a huge risk factor during this warm weather as more people get into the water. Who knows?... perhaps being more familiar with how drowning actually appears might just save a life!
  5. As a general rule, I never "cross-post", but I know we have people who specifically follow the "hunting" thread in particular & so you might not see the other one I just posted. This is just a 'heads up" to make sure you're aware of a proposed bill that would impact hunting... I'm going to lock this thread - it's just here to direct you to the other one. (And if you want to comment, you can comment on that other one). Thx!
  6. Article on Assembly bill 3732 - https://www.outdoorlife.com/hunting/new-jersey-bill-private-land-hunting/ Here's a quote from a related article (below) - and I put the link to an online petition in red to bring your attention to it. ...More specifically, the legislation would require landowners to “provide written notice to and obtain written confirmation from the owners and occupants of adjacent properties [prior to] any hunting activities.” That written notice must include the date, time, and length of the proposed hunt, and it must be delivered to neighboring properties at least 24 hours in advance of any hunting activities. The state’s hunting community opposes the legislation, which it sees as both an attack on hunting opportunities and an affront to private property rights. Organizations like the United Bowhunters of New Jersey and the National Deer Association have opposed similar versions of this bill in the past, and the NDA currently has an online petition against A3732. “Ridiculous,” NDA President and CEO Nick Pinizzotto tells Outdoor Life. “That’s the first word that comes to mind when I read Assembly Bill 3732. Not only would such a move be unjustified based on the long positive safety record by hunters—it is also an affront to private property rights.”
  7. You rang, sir? LOL... Interesting podcast. Here's the main takeaways: Despite rumors of corruption for years, LaPierre's still standing - after almost 30 years in the role. The NRA has spent $100M fighting lawsuits (money that didn't go, of course, to help the 2020 election or other worth causes). The podcast interviewed Desiree Paine (sp?) (now separated wife of Paul Paine) - both belonged to the Members' Council of California (a grassroots state-level 2A org which recruits members for NRA). According to her: her husband, Paul Paine, has been paid off (80K cash annually, retirements, a personal assistant + other benefits) for his loyalty to LaPierre - essentially for helping to "fix" internal NRA elections to ensure LaPierre loyalists get on the board & protect his role there. Because so few NRA members vote by mail, it only takes a couple thousand votes to "sway the results" - so by influencing the 100,000+ members of the California organization (instructing them who to vote for) - they can stack the board with the right people. Sometimes though, those efforts still fail - and the "wrong" person (someone not loyal to LaPierre) gets on the board. In those cases, then Paul Paine travels with a dozen or so volunteers on an all-expenses-paid trip to the annual NRA convention - for "electioneering" purposes - to hand out flyers, hitting as many of the participants as possible - all to ensure they vote for LaPierre loyalists. The volunteers are sworn to secrecy about how it's all funded, etc. They don't reveal to anyone that it's all been comped by NRA funds (which of course translates to member dues). Next, they interviewed Michael Schwartz - relatively new to 2A activism, who joined the Members Council and was soon elected President of the San Diego branch. According to him: He was soon frustrated that Paul Paine seemed thoroughly resistant to all of his ideas to build grassroots support. Paul Paine than invited him to attend/volunteer at the upcoming convention - sort of as a reward for his hard work (or so he thought). He found out his job was actually to get Joel Friedman (a LaPierre loyalist) elected to the board that particular year. Though he enjoyed the event, he started to wonder "who's paying for this...?" and "is this ethical?" - as it turns out, Friedman was elected. Basically, Schwartz says Paul Paine is paid - out of NRA dues - specifically to protect Wayne's role as President - to ensure that people loyal to him are voted onto the board. Of course, the hotels, the concert tickets, the expensive dinners, etc. - are also being paid by NRA funds. So, both of these folks are basically saying that members dues are being harness for the wrong reasons. The dues are being used to keep people like LaPierre in power... rather than to promote/protect the 2A.
  8. Not to mention... a man who, along with his family, is well-protected by armed security 24x7.
  9. This administration is really in a bind (forgive me while I stifle a little snicker...). They know if the fuel prices continue to skyrocket, they are dead in the water politically. On the other hand, the Democrats have been beating the "Green" drum for so long, that if they go ahead and request that some refineries be restarted, they also will incur the wrath of their New Green Deal left flank of the party and all their minions, and, once again, they will be dead in the water. I don't see a political solution for them right now.
  10. Guy opens fire on an outdoor party - a woman at the event who was carrying dropped him right there. Yikes. You're unlikely to see this story on CNN or MSNBC, etc.... but DGU's really DO need to be part of the national conversation! https://www.nationalreview.com/news/west-virginia-woman-fatally-shoots-gunman-who-opened-fire-on-party-guests/
  11. It depends on the town. I'm in a small and very pedestrian-friendly town (houses are set close together, sidewalks on both sides of the street, etc.) - we attract all kinds of foot traffic - from real estate agents, to Jehovah's witnesses, to trick-or-treaters. I don't mind the last group, but the rest I/we shoo away! As Krshrk mentioned, check if your town has a non-solicitation policy (most do somewhere in their ordinances). That threat can and does help. I've even called the police on a couple of occasions if I got a particularly bad vibe off someone... in my town we're pretty aware of that stuff, because at points in the past, we would notice that door-to-door solicitations were coinciding with things mysteriously going missing from people's cars, garages, etc. Sadly, it pays to be a little bit suspicious sometimes.
  12. Reminder: this particular thread is in a public-facing forum, folks! I had to remove one post already. I know this is an emotionally-charged issue, but let's all try to be mindful of our rhetoric. Thank you!
  13. I don't know that the death penalty would even work. It seems there's a weird psychology to these mass killers in that they follow a similar pattern to people who commit suicide. In other words, they often PLAN to die as part of the attack... they're killing themselves, but also trying to take a bunch of others with them (in some twisted attempt at going out in a blaze of glory, I guess?). What can you do with sickness like that? I don't think a death penalty would phase most of these people in the slightest. Harden schools, train staff repeatedly to follow the security policies, and have MUCH better, faster intervention when these guys are poppng up on the radar screen at school, at home, etc. - and of course, for those that go on to kill, deprive them of their fame (infamy really) with greatly altered/subdued reporting therefore cutting down on copycats - I think those are the most sensible approaches. That said, some tiny percentage of psychopathic murderous individuals will ALWAYS be a part of society (always have been and always will be). You can't will it or wish it away entirely. And if you remove one tool from them, they'll move to another. To this day, the worst U.S. mass school killing remains the Bath School Massacre - look it up - been almost a hundred years old now and no guns were used. Determined madmen will find a way. Likewise, Australia has had plenty of mass murders since their gun ban - they just used arson and burned people to death. That's still HORRIFYING! (I don't even kill ladybugs, so this is something I can't even wrap my brain around). But, there's always going to be a few sick outliers like this. Some people propose raising the age at which young people can buy guns. I don't know about that. You have to ask yourself, are kids today so much less mature than in the 1950's? So much less responsible? And if so, why? And should we be allowed to draft them in that case? Or, let them get abortions? Or, let them take hormone blockers, etc? It opens up a whole can of worms that no one seems to want to deal with seriously.
  14. You are exactly correct! Home heating oil shortages is what I've been worried about for a few weeks now. As a result, I'm checking out firewood prices currently & will be ordering some in the early part of the summer. I have a woodburning stove that I don't use all that often, but I have a bad feeling that I might need to run it with some regularity this coming winter & I would prefer to buy the wood NOW rather than waiting until fall/early winter (when it will in all likelihood be even more scarce/costly). I imagine anyone with a woodburning stove or fireplace will also be buying more firewood this year. I agree, it's not at all "green" to burn wood... but hey, who can blame a homeowner for keeping that option on the table under the circumstances? The current "energy policy" (or lack thereof) is so ill-planned, it's mind-boggling. So, people really need to be ready for the worst. Shortages certainly, but possibly even more hacking attacks on utility companies. At this point, when it comes to the basics (like having heat in winter), I want back-ups to my back-ups... and after that... even more back-ups.
  15. My uncle (former bullseye shooter) has one of those, too! But, are they considered "old school"? Errr... not that I'm implying, of course, that you're old... or not one of the trendy cool kids... I literally just don't know, not having been to one of those matches. [wipes sweat from brow nervously... ]
  16. Yeah, I've seen this issue raised in a few places now... yet I haven't seen any of the articles specifcally mention home fuel oil (which fuels my own house). Home fuel oil is essentially the same thing as diesel (I believe one of them - the diesel, I think? - just has a dye added to it to ensure certain taxes are collected). And I know that, because I've added diesel to my house's tank more than once before I signed up for an automatic delivery service. My point is... are these 2 fuel supply chains kept completely separate...? It's hard to imagine that shortages of diesel won't necessarily result in shortages of home fuel oil, also... does anyone here have some knowledge about that stuff? I suppose it's not quite as pressing right now, heading into warmer weather... but it's still a worrisome development for sure. If shortages affect both diesel AND home fuel oil supplies and then continue into colder seasons, then people's ability to heat their homes would also be impacted. So, yeah... potentially a HUGE problem... on multiple fronts!
  17. Don't cry for me, Argentina... errr, Glen! I suspect the aforementioned tarp and the cardboard you suggest serve a similar purpose - it's really about blocking the light for a good period of time, hopefully killing what lies below. Of course, I won't know until next year if it worked. I already bought a large dark tarp and will get out there this week to tarp both existing raised beds thoroughly. Meanwhile, I'm going full-bore on the deck gardening. I have already pulled my largest containers out of storage and started prepping them. Several packs of seeds are winging their way to me through the postal service - mini cukes, mini zucchini, mini tomatos, even mini melons! I was pleased to see there's been a TON of development in recent years for smaller-scale, container-sized plants. And I've already planted nasturtium seeds in my hanging baskets. I have always done well with container gardening... it's in my wheelhouse... so, my confidence is relatively high. Who knows...? I might even just stick to deck veggies going forward if it works out nicely. I have a very large and sunny deck - I even have lattice-work privacy panels all along one side that are the perfect built-in trellises for any heavier produce. As I've eyeballed the situation, I've realized I actually have a LOT of potential to squeeze production from that space (while still weaving in some flowers to keep it all pretty). You might say my gardening ambition is defiant and unbroken in the face of The Great Mugwort Scourge of 2022. I'll report back during the growing season! I hope others will do the same.
  18. Just curious... any reason you're jumping right over .22lr? Barring a zombie invasion, it seems to fit your needs, no? The ammo would be a huge cost savings, and the money you save as you're plinking away could be put towards your next gun. (Because, as I'm sure you know, there's always a next gun).
  19. Very nice! Just curious... have you also tried Etsy?
  20. Well, what the heck... I'll try this! I'll lose a full season of potential growing, but it's worth a try. Then, if it pops back up again next year, I'll just dissemble the beds entirely, toss the soil, and move permanently into deck gardening only. Thanks for the advice!
  21. Ugh...I'm so depressed! And here I was brimming with optimism just a few days ago... I was eagerly awaiting my asparagus crowns to come in the mail in anticipation that my young landscaper kid (who lives in my 'hood & does a great job on all tasks) was going to clear my raised beds of any weeds, etc. & that I could immediately get started planting. What I came to realize just today is how bad of a "mugwort" infestation I actually have in those raised beds. (Out of sight, out of mind... I admit I hadn't really examined them in months. My bad!). Mugwort is apparently a very intractable problem. He actually showed me that the roots of these things are going down at least a foot solid in both raised beds - I could see for myself that it's awful!! He actually recommended (if I want to garden this season) completely relocating the raised beds and starting over with fresh soil. I'm just beyond disgusted! I feel like for 3 years now I keep sinking mo' and mo' money into vegetable gardening... first I bought the lumber, the cute little metal corner brackets, the soil... the year after that, I bought the cattle panel to make arches to connect both raised beds, etc. and of course, each year I'm buying live plants, watering them, and yet, after all that... it seems I've only eeked out a few nice vegetables! Some of it was inexperience, but it seems I just keep running into bad luck too! First year it was a rabbit with ginormous, scary teeth who LOVED the buffet I planted for him. Next year, it was a groundhog - another grateful vegetarian with ginormous teeth. This year, I haven't even really gotten started yet... and I'm already tasting the Agony of Defeat due to... a WEED... of all freaking things! Arrrrghhhh! I just don't understand why I'm such a green thumb in other ways (thriving houseplants, and each season, a truly stunning display of containers on my deck & porch)... and yet vegetable gardening in the yard has been pretty much an epic disaster for me! Why is this so hard? Apparently, I'd have made one lousy pioneer woman! If the apocalyse ever happens... I will surely starve! @Scorpio64 (or others) - Other mugwort solutions? Is there something I could do now to keep the plots in the same location, even if it means losing one season of planting? I haven't quite given in to despair though... I'm trying my best to pivot! I have a very large deck - and about 2/3rds of it is bathed in a full day of sunlight. Since I do so well with containers, Plan B is to go big time into edible gardening on my deck. For instance, I have 2 large containers that I rig up each year with pea trellis connecting to the pergola above. I usually plant interesting annual vines - a mix of Japanese morning glories, cypress vine, etc. It provides a wall of color and also screens the scorching late afternoon sun from the table and chairs.This year, I may just devote both of those containers to vining vegetables - and weave in more veggies into other containers as well. Though none of that will save my sweet, tender little asparagus crowns.... Call me Bitter Gardener!
  22. Good eye! I missed that, lol.
  23. I've locked it for the moment - will hide it once the one person following it moves over to the new thread.. @1LtCAP - you were following this first thread - you might want to follow the new one.
  24. Maybe you have a mix of things in there? I know I get both creeping charlie AND wild violet occasionally sprouting up in my lawn. In fact, some of those bigger leaves almost look like violets...? The creeping charlie blossoms are really quite tiny... they're maybe only one-third of an inch while the violet blossoms are about 3/4 inch. But you're right, of course... we'll all defer to Scorpio on this one...
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