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  1. Thanks appreciate the advice!! I have a Garand no looking for one of these lol
  2. Anyone else have a SOCOM for sale in Northern NJ?? Dooly sold his before I could get a hand in it lol leave a post or DM me! Im in Bergen County
  3. Yea exactly I shoot competitively as well and there may or may not be other stuff floating around haha
  4. Says it right I in the link above. Also a department instructor and firearms investigations. So yea either way I’d be good with both. If I had the money to get both I would but yea that’s not happening right now lol
  5. As active duty NJSP states you can possess and use up to 17 round magazines on personal firearms and over that for department issued
  6. I think with the discount and no DPO I can get the gun with six mags for $1700 with the discount with the DPO six mags and a free red dot plate is $1900 and change.
  7. Yea that’s what I’ve heard. The discount is great I signed up the other day and you get three extra mags and the dot plate of your choice if you get the DPO. Thank u for your input I really appreciate it. Guess it’ll come down the funds I have when I go to make the purchase lol all the reviews I’ve read say both are tack drivers
  8. Aweosme thanks for much. I just saw they released those I have a regular P365 with a Romeo zero. Going to have to get the Wilson Grip module for mine! I held the EDC X9 and it felt great! Shot the staccato P and that also felt great but would want the C2 for the size of EDC. Been leaning towards the Wilson Combat!
  9. Thanks for the advice! It’s not going to be an everyday carry just for range days and what not. I don’t want to lose it like you said. I carry a P365 or Glock 43 everyday. I’ve held the Wilson and man it fees nice haha and I’ve shot the Staccato P and loved it but just looking for anyones input who has them or shot them.
  10. Lolol been saving up for awhile and had a deal with the wife my next purchase could be after a promotion. Been putting away a little at a time with overtime checks
  11. Looking to make my next purchase after a promotion at work. Looking for some insight from others who have one of these or both. I can carry as an LEO and that’s why I’m going with the C2 over the P. Plus’s and minus of each and your experience, both are fantastic weapons. Thanks I’m advance! John
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