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  1. I’d like to attend and get some first hand knowledge if my schedule allows. Can you give a ballpark location? (zip code or xx minutes from exit xx?)
  2. I recommend taking an NRA basic pistol course. I had never fired (handled) a pistol before my class. My instructor started us out with .22 semi-auto. Then stepped us up to .38 revolver, 9mm semi-, and .45 semi. It helped boost my confidence. Talk to your wife about it and hopefully she’ll join you. Good luck.
  3. I'm in. He's in the building. Just put Prez seal on podium.
  4. Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters in Bordentown always has a good selection of used handguns. Exit 57 off of 295.
  5. Thanks for the info. I'll check out that site.
  6. This belonged to my grandfather. He was a farmer and used it to dispose of groundhogs and occasionally put down a beef steer. Not sure that its ever been cleaned. I was excited to see how it shot but unfortunately half way down the barrel it has a bulge and a crack. So unless I can find a replacement, its gonna be a wall hanger.
  7. So, I inherited it and trying to clarify what it exactly is. Barrel marked ".22 short, long or long rifle". Also " -MOD 06-" The serial number (receiver and behind trigger) is 22,XXX suggesting first year of production 1906. However, all info I've found says 1st year production was .22 short only. Also, there are patent dates including May 30, 1911 on barrel. So is this simply a replacement barrel or could it be a model 6 barrel on a different model receiver? What say you?
  8. Maybe that seminar is at capacity? Let me know. Westampton is 15 min from me. I'm CDL/hazmat.
  9. I don't see an option for training seminar in Westampton, NJ. Only in NH & NY.
  10. So, when did you realize this was a special find? Before you went, while you were at the auction, or when you got it home?
  11. Man, I love to hear stories like this. Congrats, Capt!
  12. Great find! I also appreciate the background info. How about a pic with the other set of grips?
  13. I've handled the Shimano Spirex model at Cabela's. Only new model I know of that has the quick-fire feature. Very smooth and I think I like the dual handles. I'd get one if I really needed a new reel, but right now it's just a want. Anyone else know of another reel that has a one-finger bail flip?
  14. I've used a Shimano RX120 for at least 30 years. I've never done any maintenance and never had single issue. Can't understand why a quick fire type bail release isn't standard on every reel. I'll never have a reel without one.
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