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  1. Maybe that seminar is at capacity? Let me know. Westampton is 15 min from me. I'm CDL/hazmat.
  2. I don't see an option for training seminar in Westampton, NJ. Only in NH & NY.
  3. So, when did you realize this was a special find? Before you went, while you were at the auction, or when you got it home?
  4. Man, I love to hear stories like this. Congrats, Capt!
  5. Bringit99

    Oaks Gun Show....SCORE

    Great find! I also appreciate the background info. How about a pic with the other set of grips?
  6. Bringit99

    New spinning reel?

    I've handled the Shimano Spirex model at Cabela's. Only new model I know of that has the quick-fire feature. Very smooth and I think I like the dual handles. I'd get one if I really needed a new reel, but right now it's just a want. Anyone else know of another reel that has a one-finger bail flip?
  7. Bringit99

    New spinning reel?

    I've used a Shimano RX120 for at least 30 years. I've never done any maintenance and never had single issue. Can't understand why a quick fire type bail release isn't standard on every reel. I'll never have a reel without one.
  8. Bringit99

    9mm 350 rd. Bucket $60 shipped

    Ordered. Thanks falcone!
  9. Say a tenant were to ignore the ban then use their firearm in a home defense situation, would the intruder have grounds to sue the complex b/c guns were banned? Besides breaking lease, any lawsuit for building owner against Tennant? The fact that these questions came to me is depressing.
  10. Bringit99

    WTS - Rifle Case FREE

    Interested but it's too far of a hike for me. Would a sixer of your favorite sudsy adult beverage be enough to get you to meet me half way (Six Flags)? Otherwise I'll have to pass.
  11. Bringit99

    Underground oil tank removal

    My son is considering buying a foreclosure with an UST. Following this thread.
  12. Bringit99

    Formal Instruction?

    Re: original post Basic pistol course, so far. Took it before I made my 1st handgun purchase. It offered firearm safety training as well as hands on experience with 5 different calibers. Just what this newbie needed.
  13. Bringit99

    Formal Instruction?

    Check out Redline Firearms Training. They are on FB.
  14. Bringit99

    + 1

    Highly recommended Jack. Excellent customer service. He went above and beyond to make the sale easy. The trip was definitely worth it. Thanks again, Jack.

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