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  1. Roberts has went the path of David Souter.
  2. I'm a Targetsports prime member. Never had a problem with them.
  3. Election is even more important now. If Trump wins I would guess he would get at least one more SCOTUS appointment in his term.
  4. I have a Tristar Viper G2 sporting in 12 gauge. I have done two sporting clays have about 400 rounds through it without issue.
  5. I just received my first Garand from the CMP this week and shot it yesterday. I have a new favorite gun.it is a RM1 Service. Receiver is Springfield apparently manufactured in 3/44. It is in great shape. It did come with new wood which is okay by me as I plan to shoot this a opposed to looking at it as collectible. What a joy to shoot.
  6. I was there as well. I have re-try the shooting qualification again.
  7. Welcome, Middletown as well here.
  8. 3rd circuit is has been transformed but this does seem like a bit of a reach. I hope it works of course
  9. Welcome from Middletown. I also have a P320 in my collection.
  10. This video was discussed on the YouTube channel active self protection John Correia(sp?). I believe he interviewed the guy as well on one of his channels. Doesn't make it genuine of course.
  11. Actually if was he accused of check kiting and convicted it is a crime in most places. Sounds a little extreme in this case based on OP's explanation.
  12. I recently bought a used RIA 1911 from a FFL(Texas) through Gunbroker. The guy was highly rated and I must say the transaction went well. I still haven't been able to take it home from my FFL here due OGAM but I have handled it and it was just as stated in the description. I got what I thought was a decent deal and I would be willing to try it again for the right opportunity.
  13. Long guns are one thing but I don't think this works for handguns given the law.
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