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  1. Remember they need 60 votes in the Senate for this to pass.
  2. I have had these for 3 years with no issues but I will admit that they have seen mostly static range duty as I didn't want to spend a lot of money: AT3™ Magnified AR-15 Red Dot with Laser Sight Kit | LEOS and RRDM (at3tactical.com)
  3. I think this is a great thread. I hope more new gun owners chime in.
  4. I believe the building that Arjay was in burned down like 10 years ago. It was the main drag through the center of town.
  5. I'm in Middletown so I am not that far from you.
  6. Good to know. I have had great success with Legend Firearms. I'm a member at Union Hill so it's convenient.
  7. I've never used them but Lanigan Associates in Shrewsbury NJ. A friend used them a couple of times.
  8. I have a 4inch S&W 686 and I love it.
  9. I will start by saying I have never hunted before. The primary reason I was working towards getting the license was to be able to use the state shooting ranges. I'm open to trying hunting as it does seem like a good skill to have if needed. My question is that I completed the online course and scheduled the in person live fire session back in September. Three days prior to my scheduled day I tore all three rotator cuff tendons in my right shoulder. Needless to say I couldn't attend the session. I did have surgery to repair them but my surgeon says no shooting for me till February. Will I need to start from scratch next year and take the online course again? It's not hard but it is time consuming. Thanks in advance.
  10. I can't wait myself. I always enjoyed them.
  11. It takes 60 votes in the Senate to pass. McConnell knew he couldn't get them so I believe he felt it wasn't worth the fight.
  12. I love the Stag I bought three years ago. They don't make my model anymore but I have nothing but praise for them. I have at least 4,000 rounds through mine.
  13. Roberts has went the path of David Souter.
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