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  1. This video was discussed on the YouTube channel active self protection John Correia(sp?). I believe he interviewed the guy as well on one of his channels. Doesn't make it genuine of course.
  2. Actually if was he accused of check kiting and convicted it is a crime in most places. Sounds a little extreme in this case based on OP's explanation.
  3. I recently bought a used RIA 1911 from a FFL(Texas) through Gunbroker. The guy was highly rated and I must say the transaction went well. I still haven't been able to take it home from my FFL here due OGAM but I have handled it and it was just as stated in the description. I got what I thought was a decent deal and I would be willing to try it again for the right opportunity.
  4. Long guns are one thing but I don't think this works for handguns given the law.
  5. Hate to say it but if gun ownership is something you're passionate about and she is still unwilling meet you half way with some of the ideas around safes and others that were tossed around here, you will end up losing far more over time than just your guns. I totally understand the safety concern with kids and support assuring they can't access the firearms but she is just repudiating something you believe in and stand for.
  6. I am a current member but I will not give additional donations until.they clean up the mess.
  7. While I'm personally a Sig guy, I echo your statements about ammo costs. I have the 357 sig conversion for my P320 9mm and the ammo cost are probably double. Definitely something to think about if you are going to shoot a lot.
  8. Mother's estate should be sued. She was the one who allowed her son access to the firearms knowing he had Aspergers syndrome.
  9. I agree, it shouldn't matter whether I'm employed or not.
  10. I tell my references in advance and they are gun owners themselves so not an issue from my way of thinking.
  11. Sorry to hear you're having problems. I got my Stag 15 VRST S3 back in March and have about 4000 rounds through it without issue.
  12. Many people in NYC don't have a car. It mentions in the article that when NYC tried allowing it, people carried their gun on them and just told the police they were heading to a range. That's why I believe some are saying this could impact concealed carry.
  13. PacWest is a liberal bastion. It's like an infection that can't be contained.
  14. I dropped off an application for 2 permits in Middletown on Friday. Basically the same information as my initial back a year ago. No new fingerprints required. Didn't need a birth certificate (DL and FID was fine).
  15. If it is ruled unconstitutional would one be able to bring action to recover the cost of destroyed or altered magazines?
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