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  1. I'm hoping (it would be a miracle) that SCOTUS gets pissed off enough at states thumbing their nose at their rulings that they rule that constitutional carry is a necessity since states are not dealing in good faith.
  2. Anyone hear of any permit being issued in Monmouth County? My paperwork, fingerprints and reference letters have been returned but I don't believe they have been forwarded to the court. My local PD said they were overwhelmed with applicants and hadn't forwarded any since I spoke to them a weeks ago.
  3. I personally don't have an interest in bump stocks but any gun regulation is an infringement. Personally I believe we should be able to own a full auto rifle/machine gun if we want one (not that many could afford it).
  4. I have 2 Holosun 507 and one Sig Romeo. I can rack the slide using the dot if I had to and it doesn't lose zero. One of the Holosun's is on my Sig M18 and the Sig Romeo (not pro) is on a 320 FS. The other Holosun is on my Walther PDP.
  5. I have heard of one town a week or so ago wasn't even accepting the applications. Not sure if that is still the case.
  6. I submitted mine to Middletown on 7/12, references received letters 7/14 and I was fingerprinted on 7/16. I know my references mailed back their forms within 5 days after that. I have heard nothing further.
  7. From what I've heard each county has a specific judge assigned to carry permits. This hearsay of course.
  8. I have a friend who is a deputy chief of a local department. He was literally on the call with the AG's office a few days after the decision. They do have some basic guidelines. It's my understanding (not through him) that the big challenge right now is that some county Superior Court judges are choosing to not act on the requets oncce they get them which is the last step. That is the rumor going around for Monmouth. I have heard that there have been some permits granted in Passaic. Again, this is all here say.
  9. I took the NJ CCW class at ROC Training a couple of days ago and submitted my paperwork yesterday. Rocco told us that the NJSP removed the shooting qual altogether and left it up to instructor discretion. He feels this was done to actually make things more difficult as the person who signs off on you is accepting some legal liability if the CCW holder screws up. By removing the qual officially, it makes it so someone can't say well I passed the "state" test. He makes everyone take a modified HQC qual to pass.
  10. Has to be a troll with a question like this.
  11. The private places law will be overuled in court because it is a 1st and 2nd amendment violation. It violates the 1st because it would be compelled speech which is also not allowed. As far as the orgs fighting these things pick your acronym and send money. FPC, GOA, ANJPRC, CNJFO, NJ2AS
  12. So I have direct experience with this. I sent my P320 to Sig and they had to replace the FCU which meant it got a new serial number. Because of that they had to send it to my FFL whereby I needed a permit to re-claim it. Luckily I typically try to always have a permit or two active it wasn't a huge deal for me but if your going to send a 320 in for service I would simultaneously apply for a permit if you don't have one.
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