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  1. GlennS87

    Stag arms nightmare

    Sorry to hear you're having problems. I got my Stag 15 VRST S3 back in March and have about 4000 rounds through it without issue.
  2. Many people in NYC don't have a car. It mentions in the article that when NYC tried allowing it, people carried their gun on them and just told the police they were heading to a range. That's why I believe some are saying this could impact concealed carry.
  3. PacWest is a liberal bastion. It's like an infection that can't be contained.
  4. GlennS87

    Pistol Pemit Changes

    I dropped off an application for 2 permits in Middletown on Friday. Basically the same information as my initial back a year ago. No new fingerprints required. Didn't need a birth certificate (DL and FID was fine).
  5. If it is ruled unconstitutional would one be able to bring action to recover the cost of destroyed or altered magazines?
  6. I don't think it would matter. The NJ courts were going to reject it regardless. This, like all 2A issues in NJ will need to settled in the Federal court system imho.
  7. I would definitely knock myself out if I tried using them.
  8. I have seen them there. I will make sure to give them to the people I bring. Thank you for all you do in support of 2A. I was at Monmouth Councils event held at M&M.
  9. One of my two convert's got the P320 compact and the other a version of the Springfield XD both in 9mm.
  10. One guy loved shooting my AR and said he wanted to get one but that was his first time ever. It will take time and another range trip or two. Another guy has had some job difficulties which he has resolved and I think we'll get him in 2019. He told me he wants to get a Sig P320 like mine so at least he has gotten to the point where he knows what he wants. The other one enjoyed the experience but probably wouldn't take the next step in getting his own. I make sure I explain to everyone I take shooting how important the 2A is so that even if they don't join the hobby they will understand it isn't the evil activity that many naive people think it is. I participated in a Boy Scout Sporting Clay's event this year for the first time and really enjoyed it. I am going encourage other scout dad's to give it a try and that might help get them involved once they see there are many different fun activities tied to the hobby.
  11. I am a new shooter this year and my son shoots with me as well. I have also taken 5 non-shooters to the range and two of them have also acquired their own firearms this year. They also plan to join the range where I am a member. I will continue taking non-shooters with me and convert more. It's really like hand to hand combat getting one person at a time to protect our rights.
  12. GlennS87

    Guy breaks in the wrong house

    Denzel used a nail gun in the first Equalizer and it was great scene.
  13. GlennS87

    Guy breaks in the wrong house

    It's fine as she has made some decisions that I haven't necessarily agreed with and did it anyway. My point is some people think because it's a gun that it should be treated differently. In fact, as she has seen the safety steps I take and the large amount of range practice she has come to support it.
  14. GlennS87

    Guy breaks in the wrong house

    I keep a .357sig in a safe bedside and I don't really care what she has to say about it. If I listened to her I wouldn't be able to own any of my guns.
  15. GlennS87

    new sig p320

    I also have about 2000 rounds through mine and have only had 2 ftf's. I did clean lube as a bunch of YouTube's suggested you would have issues if you didn't.

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