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  1. Nice, good looking out. You can also get 2% back on ammo if you go through active junky first. If you don't have an active junky account, you can use my invite below and we'll both get a $10 credit when you make your first purchase through them. http://activejunky.com/invite/148317
  2. Very nice! Still in stock at 4pm. Thanks!
  3. Definitely was a limit when I originally posted, but it disappeared later in the morning. I was able to go back and get a few more before they sold out. Not sure about their status of being bought out by Bass Pro.
  4. Link: http://www.cabelas.com/product/shooting/1281984.uts At Cabela's, no limit! (Thanks for the head's up, leadunderpressure) Over $99 free shipping code "6THANKS". Go through ActiveJunky for 2% back on ammo.
  5. Check sent on 7/22, cashed on 9/1, and permit received today (9/12).
  6. Mine was sent the same day (7/22), but wasn't cashed until 9/1. Definitely looks like they're running a little longer than they had been a few weeks ago. Should be getting it any day now!
  7. Emails sent via NRA site and Newtonian's site. Thanks for getting that together.
  8. Nice! FYI, If you use ActiveJunky.com you can also get 6% back on the $89.99 pre MIR.
  9. DIYGlock.com use coupon code "HACKED" for $25 off, brings it to $131.44 shipped. US Army combat veteran owned small company, and the best price I've seen for one of these.
  10. Botach has the Magpul GL9 Glock 19 15 rd mags for $15 each, or $14 each if 6 or more are purchased. Free shipping also. https://www.botach.com/magpul-glock-magazines/
  11. Crazy question, and not intending to hijack the thread (but I'm going to do it anyway), if I were to put one of those ugly NY stocks on my AR could I then get away without pinning the comp? Or even, God forbid, using a flash hider?
  12. I'm shocked to hear about corruption in a Hudson County town whose mayor is also the assistant superintendent of schools and a state senator.
  13. Heard a loud thump that sounded like it was on the roof, and then another on the side of the house at about 2am. Cleared the house then took a look outside to find the metal chimney cap standing straight up in the grass. Wind took it off, scared the crap out of me.
  14. Went there on Thursday with a buddy of mine who was looking to buy his first gun. The people there were very friendly, and it was a pleasure dealing with them. Not one ounce of the "gun snob" attitude you sometimes get in other shops/ranges. We had talked to the owners and a pair of Bob's, all nice guys. The shop was clean and welcoming, I saw some couches off to the right and what appeared to be a classroom type setting but didn't take a walk down there to see what it was all about. The range itself was nice. The RO greeted us as soon as we walked into the range and asked if we had shot there before. Since we hadn't, he ran through the range rules with us. This was definitely appreciated, it's nice to know the deal when you go to a new place. Overall we had a great experience there, and will most likely choose GSSC over Shore Shot going forward. I've never really had a bad experience there either, but I appreciate the customer service that GSSC has made a priority. Keep up the great work!
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