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  1. All items sold - Mods please delete
  2. Sorry, not traveling for this sale. Buyer must be able to meet in Hazlet.
  3. 1000rds 9mm Luger Herter's SPF to kc10dave.
  4. Bump, 2 cases of Herter's 9mm still available.
  5. All .40 S&W is now sold. Still have 2k rounds of Herter's 9mm available.
  6. 1000 rds Herters 9mm luger and 1500 rds Herters .40 S&W SPF to kc10dave. Still have 2k rds Herters 9mm luger available.
  7. Bump, updated prices/quantities.
  8. Bump. Prices/quantities updated.
  9. Bump. Updated price of .40 S&W, still have a few cases of Herter's 9mm.
  10. Bump w/ updated prices/quantities.
  11. Felt it in Hazlet, woke me out of a dead sleep. At first I thought maybe a plane had crashed somewhere nearby because of the sound it made. With everything else going on this year, yeah sure, why not earthquakes too?
  12. Bump - updated prices/quantities
  13. Bump - updated prices/quantities
  14. Nice, good looking out. You can also get 2% back on ammo if you go through active junky first. If you don't have an active junky account, you can use my invite below and we'll both get a $10 credit when you make your first purchase through them. http://activejunky.com/invite/148317
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