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Joe Rambo

Newbie with a NICS question

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@JohnnyB, that makes no sense in reality. (Yes, I know, very little makes sense in the laws of the Glorious Peoples Republik of New Jerseystan)

A simple, and completely legal workaround to this situation would be for @Joe Rambo to transfer to his wife (allowed NICS-free) then wife transfers to her blood brother (also NICS-free)

No muss, no fuss (except for burning the extra permit(s)

This fucking state sucks balls.

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1 hour ago, JohnnyB said:

Agreed, but paying for 2 transfers is a lot more expense than a NICs.

My assumption (yes, I know!) was that Joe and his BIL are both NJ residents. No FFL necessary to do immediate family transfers, therefore NO TRANSFER FEES.

But the expensive part (<$100) is that Joe's wife needs to have a PPP to burn and she can only get that by applying for her FID. Obviously, the BIL needs a PPP too.

If BIL is out of state, entire transfer needs to go through an FFL in his home state and the immediate family rules do not apply.

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