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  1. At least it was not an AR15 with the shoulder thing that goes up!
  2. This is what happens when guys think with their little heads!
  3. The instructions for the block say " Action (pump, lever,semi-automatic, bolt, etc.) Should he put "other"? Again, this is just the COE.
  4. I just looked at the COE I got from my FFL two days ago when I last picked up a lower. There is a box for "Action" where he put "semi strp lwr" but nothing on this form shows "type of weapon". That's just the COE though. I don't know what he tells NICS or what he writes in his book!
  5. Me too.......But with the risk, not at a $1,500 price point!
  6. I believe you are correct sir! Could pose a problem in building one yourself!
  7. We won't! We are no longer allowed to protest in front of his house.......He saw to that! Man was he ever pissed off that day! He wouldn't even offer condolences to Carol Bowne's family who were there with us right after she was murdered!
  8. Sweeney will block all of these bills. They will never make it to the Senate floor for a vote!
  9. Anna, I suggest you set your novel in a free state......May I suggest Texas! Nobody will buy a book, even a novel, when you start to explain to the readers how NJ gun laws work! It's simply too unbelievable for most free Americans! That and her parents would not have raised her in NJ if they really loved her! It really sucks that much here!
  10. KBB says $2,500 average private sale if it is in good condition. Around $500 trade in. Vehicles over 300K are not eligible for a KBB offer. GLWS
  11. Each permit has a unique "control number" stamped into it in red. Copies would negate that security feature.
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