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We are happy to announce that our Steel Scoring iPad app is now available for download from the App Store.  It can be used for Steel Challenge events or for less strict Steel events where you have your own divisions, stages, runs and more.  It can also score Knockdown Steel events!


It is very flexible and easy to use.  Best of all it’s free, thanks to our sponsors!  It is also the first app to work directly with the Double-Alpha Shotmaxx Timer (iPad 2 or newer required), so times can be transmitted directly into the app.




We will be developing a website for registration and squadding over the next several months, so stay tuned for that!


We’d like to hear your feedback?  Thanks.





P.S.  We just learned that the “latest” Dropbox API we are using is not working properly for first generation iPads (iOS 5) and is not communicating with their servers for Backup, Restore & Sync.  We have reverted to an earlier version of the API and resubmitted today.  You can still use it to check it out on your first gen iPads, but the Dropbox functionality will not work properly.  :(

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Looks like a good start. We use Steel Challenge IPad App. The one thing I see that needs improvement is the report option. The steel challenge reports are excellent and we Email them directly from the match when we are finished. Good luck I am looking forward to seeing the app develop

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You had one job McInnis!   :shout:


To send apple the Reports screen shot from the one and only time i beat that S.O.B Alec...


Blurred names or not...  We'd all know...  we'd all know.  :facepalm:



Seriously bro!  Great Job!

We all appreciate the hard work you've put into this.  Congrats!

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    • By Maksim
      Looks like a pretty good deal for a decent steel target with stand.  Can always replace the target once you shoot it up.  3/8 inch.  Regular price $80, on sale for $49.99 and free Prime shipping.  Shipped and sold by Amazon so if it is crappy quality I am fairly sure they will stand behind it.

    • By Adam@obsteelchallenge.com
      Hey Shooters! We have opened registration for the 2018 NJ State Steel Challenge Championship on June 2nd and 3rd.
      We have changed some things up a bit and I think you guys will be pretty happy about the changes. You can shoot two guns in the same squad, just not back to back. You will have the ability to shoot 6 guns if you shoot 2 guns in each of the 3 sessions (Saturday June 2nd AM, Saturday June 2nd PM, Sunday June 3rd Session).
      If you are not very familiar with last year’s match, please feel free to check out our webpage and see the videos as well as links to the Facebook photo albums (Old Bridge Steel Shooters).
      The most important thing to note is our chef’s from last year have canceled their global cooking tour and will be joining us…
      That is correct, the Boy Scouts are back!
      We are looking forward to seeing all of you at our match!!
    • By Maksim
      Just wanted to say thank you and welcome (again) to Glenn of Pew Pew Plates.
      Many of you should already know Glenn, as in GlennP.... but he decided for some silly reason to provide the gun community with awesome Steel and Steel accessories, and thus changed his name to @Pew Pew Plates.
      His website where you can check out the products is www.pewpewplates.com and can be found on FB, Instagram and others.
    • By Adam@obsteelchallenge.com
      The Old Bridge Rifle And Pistol Club is excited about hosting the 1st New Jersey State Steel Challenge Championship to be held on June 3rd, 2017.  The state championship is just one of the exciting changes happening with the Old Bridge Steel Challenge league.
      The Steel Challenge league was taken over by a new Match Director in early 2016 and has seen an amazing increase in shooter participation.   One of the key reasons for the growth is shooter times for all 6 stages are reported to the SCSA every month.
      We welcome people to take a look at our new website and learn about our matches (www.obsteelchallenge.com).  If that does not get you excited about the league, check out our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/oldbridgesteel/?ref=bookmarks) .
      The details of the 2017 state championships will continue to evolve as we get closer to the match (June 3, 2017) and the website will be the best source for detail.  The key thing to know is it is a Tier II approved, 8 Stage match that promises to be very exciting.
        Quote   Edit
    • By Adam@obsteelchallenge.com
      The 1st Sunday of every month you can participate in the Steel Challenge league at The Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club. We shoot 6 official Steel Challenge Stages and if you are into getting classified, we upload the scores to the Steel Challenge Shooting Association Website. If you're just looking to have a great time shooting steel and not into getting classified, we would like you see you as well. Check out our website at www.obsteelchallenge.com. There are some great videos that will show you how much fun you can have shooting steel. See you at the range!
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    • Apparently you should bring a rock to a gun fight:  Gunman kills 1, injuries 3 before he’s stoned to death in Fort Worth, news report says (yahoo.com)
    • Thanks for sharing these. Looks like time for a road trip!
    • Day three was very good to the Team USA Skeet Shooters, as they won the gold in both the Men's and Women's events! Returning Olympic Medalist Vincent Hancock was in 4th place after the previous day's qualification round, 2 birds behind the leader, while Amber English was in 3rd place, but 3 birds back.   Both pulled it out in the final, each setting new Olympic records, Vincent winning an unprecedented third Olympic Gold Medal in the event. Men's Skeet Gold  V. Hancock, USA, 59 (Olympic Record!) Silver  J. Hansen, Denmark, 55 Bronze  A. Al-Rahshidi, Kuwait, 46 Men's Skeet Finals - video Women's Skeet Gold A. English, USA, 56 (Olympic Record!) Silver D. Bacosi, Italy, 55 Bronze  M. Wei, China, 46 Women's Skeet Finals - video In Skeet, after a 125 target qualification round, six shooters advance to the final.  In a manner similar to that seen in the air gun events, partway through the final the lowest shooters are eliminated from the squad, one by one, until at the end only the top two shooters remain in head-to-head competition.   It is another fairly recent change to how the match is run, probably made in the interest of making it more interesting for the TV audience (and more stressful to the shooters). Since so much is different in international competition than what we are used to in US shooting events, I've attached the link below with good information on how every event works. How are the Olympic shooting events scored?
    • I got a service grade from them about a year ago and it was great. It does have a replacement stock with the CMP cartouche. I would absoluetly get another on but I'm on the list for the 1911's.
    • Great shop!  @Pizza Bob turned me on to them a few years ago.
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