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My First Water Aerobics Class Photo

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What I meant was:  "Does he have any living sons?  Seriously?  Jeff and Beau Bridges are Lloyd's sons."


Hahahaha! Ya' got me! Never gave it a thought. I was too focused on Bill Murray.

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    • I’m interested with a possible +1. I know weekdays are quiet but don’t know about the weekends either.
    • Here's the OP original post: So, it sounds like it's his go-to tool. Those are great, and something everyone needs to consider. Here are some other points of consideration, how will you defend yourself from different areas of your home? If you're sitting in the family room, and a perp kicks in your front door, getting to the locked safe in your bedroom for your H.D. AR15 is going to be a real problem. Everyone needs to do a walk through, and war game every area of your home, and how you'll react if a intruder comes through various doors. In many cases, it might require having quick access tools in multiple places. Is placing multiple AR15s in different rooms the solution in your houses? It's not in mine. Many people think they can buy a AR15 or shotgun, and stick it in a locked safe in their bedroom closet, and they're protected. That's a really poor plan. That plan is as bad as the people who install a Ring video doorbell, and think they have great a video surveillance system protecting their home, or buy one fire extinguisher and put it in the garage, and think they're safe from fire. Home defense is a multi level, multiple ring system, that requires various tools and plans. Here's the motto I live by: One is none Two is one And Three is where you want to be
    • Vmax rounds are awesome!  And yeah, miss with ANYTHING and drywall isn't stopping it.  
    • https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/ar-home-defense-clay-drywall-raw-meat-myth-busted/ spoiler: if you miss the bad guy, all calibers and loads go through multiple (5?) walls.  If you hit the bud guy,  HD loads of rifle penetrated the walls behind the least. 
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