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Opinions on H&R Pardner Pump Action Shotguns

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I thought H&R went out of business but the H&R Pump shotguns seem to be available from most of the major retailers.  They are supposed to be Chinese made clones of the Remington 870's.  I know Remington owns the HR name now.

I've found reviews online and they seem positive but I'm skeptical that a pump shotgun could be any good for a little over $150.  On the one hand, it's only $150.  On the other hand, I'd hate to throw $150 away.

I'm sure that most of the answers will be "just spend the money on a _______".  And, I know it won't be comparable to a Citori.  But I would like to know if anyone actually owns one and are you glad or sad that you do.

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I've had one for a few years.  I got it on a trade.  I've put a few hundred rounds through it and am satisfied.  Runs fine, no problems.  I have no reservations about using it for a SD gun.  May not have the durability of an 870 (known to go several hundred thousand rounds) but I doubt I'll wear it out.

I don't think you'd be wasting $150. Good price.

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Flame suit on

1 hour ago, GRIZ said:

May not have the durability of an 870.

I would rather use a Pardner Pump shotgun for home defense than an 870 made in the past 10 or 12 years.

Flame suit off

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