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  1. So it's a 22 that you use and abuse and leave it dirty and loaded in a holster or backpack.
  2. https://www.ruger.com/products/wrangler/models.html At first I thought, why? A 6 shot, single action revolver with fixed sights. But after seeing the different finshes and then the MSRP I figured, damn why not?!?
  3. Holosun or Primary Arms a no-go?
  4. The writing is on the wall and they no it. I would imagine once this gets going it would be hard to stop.
  5. I stand by my statement. 6.5 Creedmore is a winner.
  6. It will cause you more problems. They will lose your application, or the NJSP are slacking and causing delays. He or she will find issues and slow your process down.
  7. No I don't, I just don't jump on the latest and greatest product. You have Cadillac dreams and Bentley pockets so you can swing on all the new hotness stuff. I, on the other hand, have Cadillac dreams and Pontiac pockets so I stick with what has worked.
  8. Apples and oranges Shane, you should know better. In 5 years, when the 7.25 Williams is all the rage because at 1000 yards it gives you a hand job and you're gonna say "the 6.5 is obsolete". Meanwhile, the 308 will still be ringing steel and defending whomever.
  9. Wasn't the 300 BLK and the 6.8 SPC gonna be our new go-to calibers? And what happened to them? I understand the ballistics behind the argument, and you are right that it will do more than a 308. But I still think passing on a 308 because at 1000 yards this will be better is silly.
  10. Sell it and buy a VP9, your welcome.
  11. Let's be realistic here, it's all the same. Gun companies want you to buy the new hotness. 556? Played out 308? Too old 45acp? Too big 10mm! Wow! 6.5 Creedmore! Amazing 300BLK! A game changer! No, they are not. Buy a 308 @Zeke, it is proven and reliable and plentiful.
  12. Enough with this 10mm aka best mm aka 40 killa. It's a joke.
  13. 308, you'll thank me later.
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