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  1. Ray Ray

    Recommend handgun

    If @jasonx wants to go strictly 10 round 9mm guns then a 43x or 48 would be an excellent option. But, I always suggest a 4 inch 357 revolver for a first time gun owner.
  2. Bump for those building "Firearm" ARs.
  3. There is pizza made in Bayonne, and there is the rest. Pizza Masters Joe's Pizza Pizza Lino's Denapolis Krispy pizza Brother's Pizza and many many more
  4. I think it's more of a penis measurement in regards to 10mm. You have a 9mm? I have 1 more millimeter.
  5. Yeah I get that, baa what dat gotta dew wit me?
  6. Question chief, is 10.5 the shortest you would go or 12.5?
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