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taurus G2S any good

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Just saw this.

IIRC, G2C is the most commonly sold pistol in the United States.  Taurus sells A LOT of them.  Good guns for the price.

Yes, not the best but there is a market for them and they stand behind the warranty... or do they still do the lifetime warranty?

Taurus is a dirty word in the more affluent parts of the country but if you go to the midwest and south, they are commonly found guns.


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Never owned a G2.  Bought my first Taurus in 1988 and own a few.  AFAIC their fit and finish is 90-95% of a S&W.  Sometimes better. @Pizza Bob  Yes...it is. The trigger on my 85 is better than any J frame S&W out of the box and still is.

The only polymer frame Taurus I have is a 709 Slim.  Their version of a Shield.  The trigger is DA and kind of clunky but if you know how to shoot it will work.  100% reliable.  I have no reservations about carrying it for serious social purposes.

The few times I've used their lifetime warranty (once their fault,  the others minor wear and tear)  the turnaround time was about 2 weeks.

I'd have no reservations about buying a Taurus if they had something I needed...or wanted.


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