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  1. You are still getting that nice salty fresh ocean air at that point. It could be the lack of pollution that is making him sick
  2. Level the existing home, fill in the basement, and plop a modular on top.
  3. It’s sounding like you are spending a lot of money to turn it into something it’s not.
  4. All we had was the bug spray fogger truck
  5. No one needs a bit with more than one torquing point, ban everything except slotted pan heads.
  6. Don’t harsh on my puppy’s mellow! (puppy uppers / doggie downers)
  7. You are delusional. The only thing nj does right is taxes, oppression, potholes, and Taylor Ham. Nothing like the taste of pizza made in free America!
  8. Since you have cat5 all over the place, go modem in the basement, next a non-wifi router in the basement in which you have all your cat5 connected to, middle of house go with a wifi router (in bridge mode) which will handle just the wireless devices. If your home is too large for a single wifi, then go mesh like google. In any case, the basement router would be non-wifi (or WiFi disabled) with lots of ports for your cat5.
  9. There are no permits issued to carry concealed in nj for the citizens, even back then. Your character would be arrested and charged with a felony. The only difference between now and 1990 is I don’t think the mandatory 5 year sentence was in effect yet. But even back then you can only transport a handgun from your home and to a range, locked and unloaded in the trunk. No backpacks and no glove compartment. The next problem with your story is the dad cannot give the daughter a handgun in nj. She would have to apply for a purchase permit and could then take possession. If she didn’t then that is another felony to be charged with. That law I believe started in the 60’s in nj.
  10. She is now an enemy of the state and will be arrested and jailed. If she was in one of the other 40+ states that actually recognizes the US Constitution, she would get a speeding ticket and sent on her way.
  11. Hoa is love/hate. It prevents the guy next door from: rusting vehicles on blocks in the driveway, mowing the lawn only when it hits 12 inches, stringing cables between windows, painting every 30 years, overflowing garbage, furniture on the front lawn, commercial vehicles blocking the street, trailers with various smelly cargo, ....
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