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  1. I replaced the odor heavy hoppes with Gunzilla. Also goes well with a salad.
  2. Very nice! Did you compare it against the Tacoma? What did you like better about it? Thanks
  3. Does anyone have hands on experience with the new Ford Ranger pickup? Was going with a Tacoma in a few months, but if this is nice like the f150 only smaller, could be a better choice?
  4. Same, I always keep 3 cases of water rotated in the closet anyway. There is always construction going on and you never know when they may nick a water main. Same for power. I have 3 propane tanks I rotate for my grill. My inverter runs about 20 hours per tank. Plenty of power for the fridge, window ac, tv, and swap plugs for microwave etc. The propane doesn’t go bad, doesn’t gum up the genny, burns clean, runs longer than that micro sized gas tank on the inverter.
  5. Since I moved out 3 years ago, my old neighborhood values have dropped ~$40k (older area in southern somerset county). A lot of the big pharma players have been moving out, the jobs are not there to sustain the prices.
  6. I always thought that LWRC is worth the higher price? Like S&W over Taurus?
  7. Agreed, there are over 100,000,000 Walmart customers. This is at most 0.1% give or take. Then again, Publix caved to a handful of protesters over donating a few thousand to Republican candidates. (of which I made a large return of product back to them and stopped shopping there.) There are several Wallmarts that don’t sell this already, like in NJ. So how many of these signatures are actually from free states?
  8. I want the F16: https://www.foxnews.com/us/f-16-fighter-jet-for-sale-florida
  9. Go Ruger. I have a MK2 Target with thousands upon thousands of rounds through it. Extremely accurate at 25+ yards, barely any recoil, eats any brand of ammo. That grip angle reduces recoil and points back on target fast. Except no substitute!
  10. Was thinking of a Taurus 692, it’s a convertible 357mag/9mm. Has nice specs on paper with non-fluted cylinder and ported on the 6.5” barrel. How is the quality of the newer Taurus revolvers? I heard customer service is abismal, so hoping build quality and beefiness for it eating mostly hot loads are excellent enough to not need going back to the factory for issues. Especially as the cylinder arm removes entirely for the caliber swap.
  11. SW9racer


    Isn’t there a side spring for the firing-pin-trigger-block? There is that metal loop that needs to pop to one side so it depresses the plunger. You can open up and crush that loop depending on the timing. Check the Apex site for adjusting their trigger, it’s the same bar.
  12. How are the newer Taurus revolvers?
  13. It would seem that the original g43 adopters are left in the cold. So progress for me was dropping glock in favor of a P365. Even with the new p365 models, the features are all backwards compatible: slides, grips, even the new factory 15 round mags fit. Was there a substantial fallout from glock over this? I only know of 1.
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