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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying The Mandalorian, I am not even interested anymore in Ep 9.
  2. Well, not that you know of, those parasites can lay dormant for decades. Did you ever watch that show monsters inside me?
  3. Some septic systems have pumps to operate, remember to power them as well
  4. I have the Costco version of this one, with 3 propane tanks. And a small window ac unit (no need for backup heat in FL). I can run the ac, fridge, internet and gaming pc for several days on this. Unplug the ac for the microwave when needed.
  5. You need to sell all 5 items to people in different states. Take the list and bury it in a capsule. This way your great great grandchildren can enjoy the hunt of re-acquiring the set again. Your legacy will live on! That, or one of your heirs will just garage sale the pile to buy a new cappuccino machine.
  6. Then why when these people leave, they vote in the same types to create the same mess they just left?
  7. No time to go out, swamped with all the stuff on Disney+
  8. Nice! How is the fit on your frame?
  9. Yup, loved my 226, and so did my son, now I have the 92 a1with the rounded trigger guard, rail, dovetail front site. I bought the Beretta rubber grips, much thinner and nicer than the stock plastic, the d spring, and the Wilson metal guide rod. It’s really nice!
  10. Sig P226 The Beretta, as you say, is really nice. There are also quite a bit of aftermarket and customizations available, conversion kits, as well as plenty of inexpensive mag options.
  11. Is the jack in a wall plate? It could be a single wire came out, or they have not been pushed in the correct color order.
  12. If you go milled, you can add in other things like lightning cuts, and change the color.
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