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  1. How do these compare to the Beretta PX4 full size?
  2. Ok, so where does the other end of these wires come out to?
  3. Do you think it's for an old underground oil tank? How old is the house. Large pipe is the filler, small for the feeder the other for the bleeder.
  4. Underground keg
  5. I have the 357mag with the extra 9mm cylinder, in stainless. Love it! It's the newer Blackhawk but I also would not convert an original 3-screw.
  6. Fill the bathtubs for drinking, use the pool for flushing. You can use a few drops of liquid chlorine (bleach) for sanitizing as needed.
  7. I prefer the governor
  8. It's the one rifle that won't make you cry after a dozen mag dumps in a row! Loads of fun, and you can outfit it with inexpensive knock-offs of all the tacti-cool looking stuff
  9. That is what I am saying, leave Joizey and you will not miss the Z
  10. Any reason you do not want to go all wireless? Today's 5ghz is extremely fast.
  11. This is a trick question, of course you need to buy all 3 and at the same time. If you have to drop 1, do not get a neutered AR. After I moved first thing I bought was real toys for my neutered one. New mags, folding stock, and a new mid length free float upper with cool looking suppressor. Get the MP15-22 as it's fun and you can remove the pin when you move
  12. You are missing the point of moving. It's supposed to make your life better by moving to a location with like-minded people. In this case anything east of the Delaware is a bad idea. It doesn't matter how fast the permit process is, most things will be banned in a few months
  13. Are you allowed to hold more than one active sparkler at a time?
  14. For fixed income, are those the bond funds? And for the equity funds, should I select several of the industries? I am thinking I can manage the balance myself with the various mutual funds, rather than pay double for a manager and the fund fees.
  15. Thoughts on a good passive balance for 15 years out?