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  1. SW9racer

    Glock 43x

    As you have a g43, get the Sig P365 instead. It’s 10+1, even though it’s shorter there is more length in the grip over the 43. Where I get 2 fingers on the 43, I get 2.75 fingers with the stock flat 10 round mag, which is easily controllable. For the length of the 43x, I have factory 15+1 with the Sig at the same length.
  2. I am just a bad story teller. The motor was not mounted nor installed. The inflatable had no place to mount one. It was in its box in the boat, my plan was to hand-hold it if needed. The box was not even visible. The point was he was looking for revenue. How does this pertain? If someone starts poking around, you are at their mercy if they tow your boat and you can sort it out later at your expense. Register your boat in PA.
  3. I remember gettin stopped on the Delaware by that ultra high tech njsp yaht once. They didn’t board, but I was in one of those inflatable k-mart rafts. Was fishing in about 3 feet of water, just off shore of the camp ground at the water gap. Had my licenses, had my vest and whistle, he got visually upset there were no tickets to give out. I had a toy trolling motor ran on a 6v lantern battery on the floor, in case I got stuck in the tide. Made me walk it back to shore, said it has to be registered to use it. Then he cranked up his twin engines and yahted off to get the next tourist.
  4. This, or just buy a cheap window unit or two.
  5. Do you have a 1911? After a few mags of 45, that p365 will feel like a 22lr
  6. They do shoot low as they have combat sight picture sights rather than target sight picture. Need to cover the target. Or are you pushing down as you fire?
  7. How are the new Jeep Pickups? Are they worth it over a Tacoma or F150?
  8. When you see Jim’s showcase, you will gladly sell your kidney as you build your wish list
  9. I am still eyeing the 692 revolver, it’s 7 shot 6.5" ported, both 357mag and 9mm cylinders. Can Taurus get two cylinders to cycle properly?
  10. Just keep a rake in your car. Landscaping is exempt
  11. The other missing part is that you had to not claim them as a dependent on your return. If you did, you both get nothing.
  12. Seems if you have a child in college, you and your child get nothing? No extra $500 credit for you, and no $1200 for the child even if they filed their own return with the claim box checked.
  13. They don’t go down easily:
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