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  1. Love the 5" with the conversion cylinder, of course I could buy another 5 Blackhawks for that price!
  2. Cheetah 87, and Storm with the Galactica shroud with 20 round std mag:
  3. Everything in nj is legal in Florida, just pack it all in your trunk and head down. I used my fid as my target in my first range session. Unless of course you think you will still be buying stuff in nj. I sold off all my neutered stuff, so I don't have much that is nj legal anymore. Don't forget to get your Florida concealed weapon permit, many locations can process it within an hour. My first purchase was a G43, the shop helped me pick out an iwb, set it all up, tucked and loaded and out of the door in less than an hour. (I may have left some drool on the displays and my wish list is quite large now)
  4. I left last year, mostly due to pharma leaving central nj. I felt I was lucky to still get a high price last year. This year prices in that area were down 5%, while prices in my new state are up 30% since I bought in. The 2a is the least of the worries, the new taxes,fees,handouts is what drove me out.
  5. I loved it when I was alone at scfgpa, was able to move the bench at will to any distance, as well as set up multiple targets. Never felt spooked or unsafe
  6. And we didn't have to spend a fortune on buying multiple removable magazines for each of our handguns.
  7. Is it for precisional target shooting? If so, Ruger BlackHawk!
  8. When iwb at 4 oclock, do you run the holster vertical or canted?
  9. I am also looking into pocket pistols. Before I dive in, I just bought a Desantis Nemesis to put my G43 in. In cargo shorts, fits and works great in the bottom cargo pocket. For the front pocket it also fits and works, the grip is just below the pocket opening. In a pair of dockers, completely covered, the shape stands out more in the slimmer pants, looks like a notebook in the pocket. Am also considering the Ruger LCP2, but do not know if I want to go with the smaller 380 caliber.
  10. If you move now you will establish residency in PA for the in-state college tuitions, unless he is set on Rutgers
  11. Easy to fix! Buy a home in a nicer state, decorate her room exactly as it is now. One night sedate and transport her to the new house. As she notices the little things slightly off, tell her it's always been like this, then give a concerned look and ask her about her memory. This works on star trek all the time!
  12. Replaced my g26 with a g43 about a year ago. Was thinking of the shield (I have a MP9pro) but liked the smaller size of the g43. I am looking now into the Ruger Lcp-2 for pocket carry, but it's the smaller 380.
  13. Any one have/tried the Ruger LCP-2? Am thinking of a pocket carry sized pistol. Any thoughts on a good round to run with it?
  14. Are you selling your car and buying another when you get here? Just put them in your trunk along with the family heirlooms and make the drive. It's not very long, boring maybe, but not long