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  1. Was the easement in place when you bought your property, or were you the one who granted it? look into law schools, lots of them take cases for free, it will be law students under supervision but they are super eager for their first win!
  2. I almost bought this, but seems it’s now made by umerex. I have the Sig kit, made by Sig and eats the bulk stuff. Also have a ciener kit for 1911 runs awesome. I thought the Beretta would be made by Beretta.
  3. My wife also tried all on the list (several I have) and didn’t like them. The sw 380 ez was close, but I wanted to have a bit better round. She loves her Ruger LCR in 9mm with the larger ruger rubber grip. While it uses moon clips, it’s also made to run fine just dropping into the cylinder. I was thinking of the lcr in 38/357, she would only use 38. But I didn’t want another caliber, I can share the 9’s with all my other stuff, and moon clips are quick to reload.
  4. How far and which direction do you go to evacuate, to Kansas? That is a problem in Florida, they don’t know which coast it’s going to hit until the last turn is made. Last year they said will go up the east coast, so people fled north-west to panhandle, well it changed course and hit the west coast and panhandle. Also, weirdly enough that south-east Georgia is like one big flood zone, where my little northern corner of FL is not. I hope they are safe!
  5. I run mine on only propane, a grill tank gets me 20 hours. According to the manual, 1.6 gallons of gas the tank holds will run 8 hours, doing the math 4 gallons of gas would be the same runtime of a propane tank.
  6. SW9racer

    22 pistol

    Beretta Cheetah model 87bb otherwise go with a used Ruger MK2
  7. Was looking at those Firmans at Costco, I went with the Champion 3400 duel fuel, and run it off my grill propane tanks. Runs very quiet, powers my essentials with clean power.
  8. Is that Pyrex? Seems you can make this in a microwave
  9. Instead of getting a large gas sucking genny to power the full ac, I picked up a small window unit to run off my champion inverter. Clean power to keep my fridge, computer, and window ac running. I can get 20 hours off a grill propane tank, with several stacked up I am good.
  10. This. I used to be a ford guy, until my wife’s escort had the engine fall out, hanging by the cv’s. Had the warranty, ford would not cover the bill, said the motor mounts were covered but not the bolts, it was the bolt that broke. 12+ new vehicles later, and none of them a ford.
  11. How long can Mobile One synthetic sit in an unused genny before it should be changed out? If levels are checked and it’s sparkling clean, can it sit for years and be ready for action?
  12. This is why I moved to Florida, I don’t have to deal with sump pumps
  13. Yet the market keeps riding up. I check several times each day, ready to hit the red button.
  14. You can ask on some sword forums such as: https://sbg-sword-forum.forums.net/board/67/sword-repair
  15. SW9racer

    Glock 43x

    As you have a g43, get the Sig P365 instead. It’s 10+1, even though it’s shorter there is more length in the grip over the 43. Where I get 2 fingers on the 43, I get 2.75 fingers with the stock flat 10 round mag, which is easily controllable. For the length of the 43x, I have factory 15+1 with the Sig at the same length.
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