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  1. SW9racer

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    Same here, but I swapped the leaves for fronz. It sounds like you are watering it too much. The winter dew is enough this time of year. In the summer, the occasional rain is enough, unless you go 5 days with a dry spell, then you want 30 minutes each zone (about an inch of water) is all it needs. Unless the prior people didn’t properly train the roots to go deeper into the sand.
  2. SW9racer

    Saturday 19th Ice/Snow Storm

    That is St Augustine grass. It stays green all year round and doesn’t need to be cut between Dec-Mar. Why do you have a leaf in your picture? I only have palm trees on my lot, with stringy pines in the preserve behind. I never lift a shovel nor a rake.
  3. SW9racer

    home air filtration systems?

    Get a few of the smaller Blueair units, fan on low in a few of the rooms.
  4. SW9racer

    The King Cobra is Back

    Has any company ever resurrected an old classic successfully?
  5. SW9racer

    .22 help

    Since you are looking for a larger frame, you can also look at a larger caliber handgun in 9mm or 45acp and get the manufacturers 22lr conversion kit. Just about all of the major brands have them. Same frame, different slide and mags that you swap out in less than a minute.
  6. SW9racer

    Glock 43X

    Hmm, interesting! I also now wonder if the 48 slide will run on the 43 frame.
  7. It’s also the purchase cost of the house, leading to savings for a home mortgage and interest. I found that central joisey home prices are greatly inflated for what you get compared to many other states.
  8. SW9racer

    Glock 43X

    Just watched the video, that grip is way too long for what I want.
  9. SW9racer

    Glock 43X

    Almost went for a G42, but found the LCP-2, it’s smaller than an iphone. If the 43x takes the same holster as the 43, I will most likely get one.
  10. SW9racer

    Glock 43X

    If the slide is the same and the front frame contour is the same as the base 43, should fit the existing holsters. Hopefully it’s only the grip that grows 4mm
  11. SW9racer

    NJ compliance

    All we did was get some effective lawyers to get back our rights. They are Real Estate Lawyers!
  12. SW9racer

    Glock 43X

    Are you using a magguts follower? How do you like it?
  13. SW9racer

    Recommend a Smartphone (Verizon)

    There are only two types of phones. The ones that Apple makes, and the ones your parents buy.
  14. It’s a shame. I would have paid for shipping them to freedom.
  15. SW9racer

    Dicks feels the backlash!

    And also remember not to use Turbo Tax anymore!

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