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  1. Homemade Ghost guns now illegal. Does it also include Lightsabers? As the TSA is still ok with those on a plane.
  2. Awesome, you have your own private indoor range at the end of your driveway!
  3. Congrats on the home! Also moved to Florida, but I have a different cost experience as I am in a more Florida native county, the beaches are free and about 10 minutes away, drive right on. My property taxes dropped $11,000 per year, both were 2400sqft, but I now have my own pool and spa. Insurance costs home/auto are the same, it’s a new home built to tough standards. Food, clothing, shopping is the same, except the people are waaayyy nicer. Going to the range is still weird, I just toss everything on the car seat. Only regret is I should have left sooner.
  4. Where can one purchase a 9mm AK? Are they conversions or built from the ground up?
  5. You can get a Ruger LCR in 9mm, and the extended grip so all you fingers fit. Love mine. Uses moon clips for ejection, but it does fine without them (cylinder is cut to work with and without)
  6. What frame size is the S&W Governor? That is a snubby 45acp
  7. Don’t they have to prove criminal intent? Just because I have a car in the garage and beer in my fridge doesn’t mean I would be a drunk driver, or put ketchup on my hot dog
  8. A beautiful site is seeing that Delaware river toll booth disappear in your rear view mirror!
  9. Agreed. He does not want you in his state, but he does want your tax dollars to pay for this stuff. Unless you can convert over the large voting block of newark and trenton, you will never get the majority needed to stop this. Move now to a state that does have that slim majority, they need your help to maintain that lead, a place where your tax dollars are spent on things you believe in. You will also get side benefits of much lower taxes, lower cost of living, and better quality of life. Toss grandma in the back of the truck and take her with you. You cannot afford to stay any longer
  10. So, what happens if: 1. Buyer and seller meet at FFL. 2. Buyer pays seller. 3. Seller hands pistol over to FFL. 4. Seller leaves with no responsibility to fill out or mail in P2P forms. 5. FFL runs nics and it comes back as Denied. 6. Buyer contacts seller to come back to the shop and give a ‘partial’ refund. However, as the pistol was needed to be in the ffl’s books before doing the nics check, the Pistol is now registered to the ffl. So seller needs to get another permit to transfer back to themselves before trying to sell again??
  11. How much for the Sig 226 9mm mags? Though I prefer the new factory 18 rounders, I may be interested in the 15’s if the price is right.
  12. Nothing on the island, though we are on the other side of the state. I did have a few coconuts was ashore.
  13. Since having the light, the ambient on the sides more than provides enough light to easily use the sights. So why even bother with night sites? It seems if it’s dark enough for night sights, it’s too dark to make out the target.
  14. Why not put a roll pin in the base then epoxy the ends of the rollpins. If you need to disassemble later, drill out the epoxy and hammer out the pin. Same thing as a threaded brake.