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  1. Here are my reasons for the 7: New technology, brighter led than the 1 even with a single battery, with 90 minutes run time. Bright white light, does really well eliminating the shadows in the woods behind my yard. Size, it can fit on everything I have without sticking past the muzzle. The width is the same as the slide and doesn’t stick out. The weight is very light, not really noticeable. Controls, I do like how the buttons function, very intuitive. I never had a 1 so can’t compare, but no complaints on this design. The strobe feature can be completely disabled. Simple push for on then push for off, or push and hold for temp on. Push twice for strobe if enabled. If you shop around you can find the 7 for about 100, equal in price so I concentrated on the design and features.
  2. When I reloaded 357 lead swc for my revolver, I did not separately clean the brass. Used it as is from the resizing die. Thousands of rounds never a problem. All on a lee single stage press. Maybe they stayed clean as the brass never touched the ground? Bucket to cylinder to bucket.
  3. This topic also convinced me. Just put a Streamlight TLR-7 on my 92a1. I like the controls on this one. After practicing, it’s much better than a separate hand held flashlight (tried a bit in idpa), or limiting my movements to the wall switches. Still not sold on the strobe feature, I would be nervous enough searching the house with the dog pack barking, without needing to press the buttons in a certain sequence. Yes it’s easy but too many other things would be on my mind, will stick to on/off.
  4. Not to be mr doom, but what about the ramifications of the new feel good law that was recently passed. If his new neighbors get wind of that many firearms, they will call the police on this “gun nut”, citing major insecurity. Your entire collection will be immediately confiscated under the new law.
  5. On this model, is the frame also stainless steel, or is it colored aluminum?
  6. I thought all openers have rolling codes, so if you reset the opener it forces you to re-pare the remotes as the codes change on every keypress
  7. I went with a 3k inverter, Champion duel-fuel from Costco. It can get about 20 hours from a grill propane tank. Running a window a/c at night, fridge, and computer/tv/internet. The central a/c uses too much power, I can rough it for a few days in a single room. For me, I wanted to optimize run time with clean quiet power.
  8. After research, I like the size and specs of the 7 over the 1, for not much more $. Yes the runtime is an hour shorter but it’s not an everyday flashlight. I will be putting it on a railed Beretta 92. Any negatives you encountered, would you pick the 7 again?
  9. Anyone with experience on the Streamlight TLR 7? The model 1 sticks way out past the muzzle.
  10. Which is a good inexpensive light to get?
  11. My wife has issues racking the slides, forget trying to clear any jam that may have been caused by limp wristing under stress. I got her a Ruger LCR in 9mm for her pocketbook, with the optional larger grip. Very smooth trigger for dao with its cam system. Lots of choices for 9mm rounds, I didn’t need to stock another caliber, and I can load it with rounds from any of my other magazines if needed (it runs fine without moon clips).
  12. Do I have to swipe my credit card before choosing
  13. So if the Adirondacks are way up north in the snow, why do they name beach chairs after it?
  14. No belt clip. That “flap” portion on the bottom will hook/snag on your inside pocket and draw will work fine. It also alters the shape so it looks more like a phone/wallet.
  15. I have one also that I carry quite often, however at the range I will run about 25 rounds through it then switch to one of my full size for plates/drills/battleship/etc