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  1. Just picked up a gently used 92A1. I have the D spring and rubber stock grips coming soon. What do you do with the flexi composite captured guide rod? Beretta has a steel captured replacement that is never in stock, and I see that Wilson Combat has a fluted one that can “retro” fit into the 92a1 with a flat 14lb spring. Thoughts?
  2. You do better directly from the cyberpowerpc website. You can mod the machine with name brand parts as well.
  3. It’s a piece of broken shell. Since moving to Florida, I have bags of shark teeth and baskets of all types of shells.
  4. Awesome!! (It’s still Monday, can’t get the hints yet)
  5. You are thinking of old time movies at 24fps. The average human is around 50fps, which means over 50% of the population needs faster than that. Other studies say the average is around 75fps. Air Force fighter pilots have been tested at over 200fps. Your brain can process faster than your eyes, and your eye is not synchronized to your monitor refresh rate. When you look outside you are glimpsing at a fluid motion source. If your pc is not running above 100fps, you are not creating a fluid motion source for your eyes, increasing brain activity to try to sync the images, causing headache and eye strain.
  6. I play the aaa titles, for those a single 1080ti is not enough to maintain 100fps at 4K. I run a 1440p gsync monitor and can maintain the 100fps with all ultra options. The motion blur at 60fps is terrible, I can never go back. Agreed if you aren’t running the latest titles, a 1070 would be fine. Win10 is a solid platform for gaming, never had any issues. I do run a dedicated 256gb m.2 drive for it, a 1tb ssd for the main games, and a 2tb hd for storage and additional space. For buying new, I went cyberpowerpc. Pick one of their daily specials then customize it to get all name brand components. I built several this way and couldn’t even buy just the parts for cheaper.
  7. Update, I was going to go with the M9A3, and while still justifying the price in my head, a lgs had a barely used 92a1 come in, of which I negotiated and snagged for much less than half a new a3. Made in Italy, rail, dovetail front site, 2 original mags and the original blue plastic beretta box. Cleaned, oiled, runs perfect. So, are there any must have mods for this model, or is it awesome enough out of the box?
  8. I could not get used to 5:00 position with the kydex, it’s a mental thing as I feel the pistol is not in my field of view and hence control. Maybe with the better double clip holster I will try it again.
  9. You may get two different types of answers here. One is from leo, who are trained to run into a situation in which case they go with a higher capacity ccw. The other is the prepared citizen who will avoid the confrontation and only draw to protect oneself and family, until the professionals can arrive. In FL, I mostly go with a Ruger LCP2 (in 380). Fits in every pocket, reliable, lightweight, easy to take everywhere. I did try a G43 (9mm) in a pocket holster, but even in cargo shorts it’s a bit heavy and bangs around a lot. I then tried the inexpensive kydex at about the 2:30 and 3:30 positions with various cants, but it’s not comfortable at all. I have a crossbreed iwb coming soon, that I also will try at the 2:30 position. If that is comfy, I may go G43 more often than the LCP2. I would not go owb, as I would be self conscious about bending or reaching for stuff in a store and have it exposed.
  10. Ouch, but true!! i have both in 22lr, conversion kits for some of my larger calibers, as well as dedicated. The best is still a target model in any of the Ruger Mark series, my favorite being a Mark 2 Target with the tapered 8” barrel.
  11. Was at my local lgs a few hours ago when they just received their deliveries, there was one P365 that they ordered for general stock quite some time ago! Well, it was broken right out of the box. The slide was jammed shut, totally stuck. When they finally got it moving, it would rack fine and fire, but it didn’t sound right. At this point they were unable to disassemble it, flipped the takedown lever but slide would not move all the way forward to remove. Back it goes. I did get to compare it against my G43. The length is about 1/2 inch shorter. Height about the same with the pinky extension 10 round to the Glock 6 with the +1 extension. The grip is very narrow front to back, in that it does not have a rear palm swell like the Glock. This could be why I could not get a good 2 finger grip with my boney hand. I thought the slide is blocky just like the Glock. The g43 is slimmer in overall width. I looked at my just fired g43 brass, no primer drag at all, just a neat little dot right in the middle of every case. Apart from the capacity, I am not going for the p365, does not offer enough for me to switch over. If I didn’t have anything comparable it would be on my list once the gen 2 is out.
  12. Welcome to the sand bar!
  13. I really want one of these, mostly for the 10 round capacity. These varying reports are a bit unnerving, especially as I already have a perfect G43. Maybe I will just pocket a spare mag and check back next year. It is a smitch smaller, but still not really small enough for pocket carry like my lcp2.
  14. I had the adapter from your photo, it did not hold zero between shots on an m&p_9pro. I tried another where the open split was on the top rail, worked better. The problem is the dot is very high over the slide. I then switched to a dovetail mount, they are much much better (I think that was from speed shooter specialties, I still have it but it’s for an m&p). I found I liked shooting open so I had my slide carved to imbed the Trijicon. Also check out Carver, they make some better mounts as well. I have their comp/kkm setup. https://www.bb-enterprise.biz/
  15. Totally awful. If I remember, did he compete at the Shongum matches?