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  1. My hope as well!
  2. Has anyone have experience with the harbor freight inverters? They look like the expensive hondas but for half the price. Not a lot of amps but can run all night on like a gallon or two and very quite. As it's an inverter, should be clean power?
  3. I just realized, that in all of my third-permit-syndrome purchases, I changed my mind a week later and had to re-apply for another 3 permits. It's a never ending cycle!
  4. They were able to make a great show that seemed violent but was not. PC just like Chips, but they never even pulled their guns in one episode. (Trashed many a car though with cheesy humor). A far cry from Adam-12
  5. I checked out some reviews on the EC9S, looks really good but is the same size as the lc9s with some slide rounding due to the integrated sights. Not a fan of a manual safety on a carry gun. And still not a small as the LCP2. The videos of that Sig look great, need to see it as it's looking like I will replace my g43 with it. Need to decide if I wait a year for the bugs to be worked out.
  6. Will need to compare the EC9S against the LCP2, I think it still may be a bit too big for a front pocket. I am also thinking this new P365 will be much nicer than my current G43. So many great options!
  7. I have both, huge difference when ccwing in Florida, sold the 26. I really want a 9mm in the size of a Ruger LCP2, love that one fits in front jeans pocket, looks like a phone in the pocket. Always have this one with me.
  8. Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi - needs a remake badly Already remade in 2009 with Will Farel
  9. I have dogs, so I alarmed all the windows and doors on the first floor, as well as the basement windows, with a motion in the basement and master bedroom. I found with my multiple dogs none of the motions worked.
  10. I picked up a Holosun 503bu for a great price during black friday. It has 2moa dot with a larger circle, you can turn the circle off as well. It has great reviews
  11. You know, just about every highway into Virginia has a sign "radar detectors illegal", nj should be required to have a "second amendment does not apply" sign on every bridge
  12. So how do capital gains figure in 2018+? Is it still: hold less than 1 year it's 'earned income' at your tax rate and over 1 year it's 20% withholding? And what about these new fangled EFT?
  13. I have one lower and 2 uppers. On one a 4-16x scope with the offset backup irons, the other has a holosun cowitnessed. Easy enough to completely switch the uppers.
  14. I didn't do the SP trigger, but I did their uncaptured steel guiderod upgrade. And the battlestar galactica barrel shroud