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  1. Just about all companies have anti drug policies, and many have random drug testing. So will these policies now be illegal?
  2. The Ruger LCR in 9mm with the factory full hand grip is very nice for concealed carry simplicity with no slides or buttons to worry about. You can use it without moon clips but you may need to poke the case to get it out. If you are looking for a range shooter, the Ruger Blackhawk Conversion in 9mm/357mag is a lot of fun. No moon clips with the 9mm cylinder as it’s single action only.
  3. So your plan is instead of moving to another good state so it can keep its majority, is to stay put / pay high taxes / be miserable, because eventually when the last lib leaves you can flip nj red and overturn all these laws? That is actually a good idea! At least you have a better chance of this over scotus taking a case
  4. That 7.5 mil is coffee change compared to the other side’s resources. Don’t forget you are contributing far more to the opposition’s cause thru your tax dollars than you could ever donate. Add in they control the media and tech communications. How many tech billionaires are donating to them. What ever happened to that bank funding attack that ny did, making the nra illegal? Is that still ongoing, or is it another one lost?
  5. You are already supporting them with your income, sales, and property taxes
  6. Yes, nj can legally do this, california has this law for years and it has not been overturned. The law applies to existing and also new residents.
  7. What caliber are you thinking of? I have a Ruger Blackhawk with both the 38/357mag cylinder and a 9mm cylinder for some cheap plinking. There are several other dual caliber options as well.
  8. SW9racer

    Scored. P365

    The Sticky definitely is magic, I like it over the nemesis. I was also thinking of kydex, but went with the Vedder ComfortTuck, which I use around 2:30.(I don’t like carrying at 4:00, it seems weird to have it behind me) I can also remove one clip if needed and the leather still keeps it in place. At what position do you use the Sig Iwb at?
  9. I would also be worried about the effects on wood grips and stocks. Microbes and mold
  10. SW9racer

    Scored. P365

    Compared some measurements to my lcp2 in its supplied ruger sock. About 0.27” thicker, 5/8” longer, and grip is 1/2” deeper. Also heavier but not enough to distort the pocket.
  11. SW9racer

    Scored. P365

    My lgs had Sticky holsters in stock so I tried it with my P365. I had a Nemesis for my g43, tried it with the Sig but still too bulky for the pocket. These Sticky holsters are thinner and squishy, plus have the muzzle end sealed. I can now easily pocket carry the P365. Size sm-5 fits perfect.
  12. The only downside is what other tests are they running against your sample? Are they running the marker tests for diseases? There are a few insurance companies interested in that.
  13. If you mount the laser on a shark, you can power it from their nervous systems electrical impulses
  14. Did you rent one for a bit, or just dove in and bought it?
  15. SW9racer

    Glock Gen 6

    Having a 43, I would have picked up a 48, as I would have been able to mix and match the slides and frames to make some nice combinations. But the mags are not interchangeable due to the thickness (was hoping for a sleeve, like the g26 can fit the larger mags). So I went P365.
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