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  1. What are the good/bad brands to get today in 2023? (the old thread I found was 2015) Currently have a 2016 GE top loader (no agitator), about 15% of the time i am manually dumping extra water into it. It does not have that ‘deep fill’ or ‘add a gallon’ feature. Its still running fine, but looking to replace it as at 8 years its nearing end of life, and with the new restrictions coming out soon all new models will be garbage. Had a front loader before this but didn’t really like it. Getting another top loader would be fine as long as it has the add-extra-water feature. I see Whirlpool has a top loader with removable agitator, but they seem to be the only brand making this feature. That feature looks great, as I can pull out the agitator for bulky items (wash alot of blankets from my dogs), and use the agitator for clothes, and it has the deep-fill. How is Whirlpool today? (i heard they bought maytag). Or are the LG or Samsung top loaders better?
  2. Toyota Highlander has a pop-up third row
  3. i went with a Burris elite 3200 scope, 4-12x with adjustable objective mounted on a pepr, and a Magpul Pro buis canted and flipup. Having the AO is nice with settings from 10 to 300+ yards, making the rotate from iron to scope fast. My other has a holosun 503bu (circle and dot), with optional qd mounted primary arms 5x.
  4. My crystal ball is broken, should have bailed months ago. Any thoughts if bottom is in site? Or time to slowly cash out before the panic selling (which has not happened yet)? This time of year is typically bad anyway.
  5. I prefer this style of holster: https://www.vedderholsters.com/comforttuck-iwb-hybrid-holster/ works well from 1 to 5 o’clock. Adjustable height, and holds well even if you use only one of the belt clips.
  6. I like this style of holster: https://www.vedderholsters.com/comforttuck-iwb-hybrid-holster/ works well from 1 to 5 o’clock. Adjustable height, and hold well even if you use only one of the belt clips.
  7. when do yours expire? my ihealth china kits are only good for 6 months, expire this july. Extremely suspect short shelf life,
  8. Nassau county, west of Callahan, by the Georgia border. It’s farm, cattle, and horse country. You can shoot on your own land, and still be on the beach in under an hour. Stay away from the west side of Duval county.
  9. North East costal Florida is safe from the hurricane, it’s a little coastal nook. There are 150+ year old wood framed houses next to 150+ year old oaks 1/4 mile inland. The pirates of yore knew what they were doing.
  10. Did the Ridgeline add a locking center diff yet? I really liked them but at the time they were only awd, went Tacoma for the 4x4, needed it for soft deep sand driving.
  11. I have the Apple TV connected to my Samsung’s. This way that little processor in the tv just runs the image processing, while the Apple handles the streaming and video/sound conversions and processing. It’s a nice interface, and the apps are always kept updated. Depending on the channels you want, there are lots of good free tv apps, I currently use Pluto (which is owned by ViacomCBS). If you also get a cheap Roku box, they also have a free live streaming app. Lots of live streaming themed channels all free. For paid, I use Hulu ad-free.
  12. Weren’t these single action style revolvers, so he cocked the hammer and pulled the trigger, all with people standing in front of him. If they weren’t all so anti nra, the one hour nra basic safety course could be given each morning of filming action scenes, even a just 15 minute lecture to everyone and she would be alive.
  13. So were they filming a scene where the camera and crew were downrange, which blanks should have been safe, or was he throwing one of his tantrums waving around the pistol and fired the banks at close range, which would be lethal ?
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