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  1. The grip is still quite longer on the 43x vs the p365. Now a 10 round flush fit 43 mag would be awesome
  2. This thread has some ideas. Sticky is good for pocket, Vedder has some nice options for iwb.
  3. SW9racer

    P365 Update

    Mine also has a 1/19 born date. Just hit the 1,000 round count with no issues at all.
  4. SW9racer

    Kimber Evo SP 9mm

    How do you like the sig-365 ammo?
  5. Are the comp shooters going for the full size or CZ Compact? I don’t know much about the CZ model numbers.
  6. I worked near the border on the wrong side of the Delaware, about a third of the company lived in PA, were PA residents, only paid PA taxes. NY has no deals.
  7. Star Wars, the story of a dead beat dad that abandons his son and wife (Han), a Jedi that goes full Monty Python and runs away from failure (Luke), (even Yoda didn’t give up when he trained Dooku), and a princess that single handily runs the rebellion into the ground (Leia). At least Jar Jar is still the hero from the battle for Naboo
  8. Or the lame way they killed off Fleet Admiral Ackbar. He should have been the one to ram the snope command ship. That would be totally fitting of his character.
  9. So in the trailer, they still didn’t fix how lightsabers work. That guy should have been sliced in half without Kylo missing his stride. Not a good feeling for this last movie.
  10. Anything but TNG. I would rather watch VIII than most things TNG.
  11. Solo was a good story, but they needed a different actor for Han. Totally not believable that was a young Han. The young Lando was perfect.
  12. There is also the ccw use perspective. The regular person wants something they can use to escape. The leo or retired want something they can use to rush in to diffuse the situation. Then there is printing. If regular person prints, a nice leo will check credentials and escort you out of the establishment. A retired leo shows his id and continues shopping. Hence I go g43/lcp2 and not g19/1911.
  13. Exactly! Such as the liberal boards of governors that run all of the colleges and universities. The very people teaching you about socialism have hiked up the tuition prices to put everyone else in debt and servitude for mediocre degrees, while they are chilling on their mega yachts and mcmansions. They can easily cut prices, provide grants, and still have enough left over for their fortunes. You have been setup from the start.
  14. Its just like those crappy gas can nozzles that spray fuel everywhere except in the lawnmower tank
  15. Why are colleges so expensive now, they never used to be. They are run by liberals, so why are they are fleecing their own?
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