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  1. Untrue. The guy that owned the building gave it to his son, who kicked them out to start his own business. This from the co owner who just finished expanding the fishing dept on the second floor. A shame as even though range time was paid for an hour, they let you stay till whenever. They had great prices as well and would deal.
  2. Do you carry the 43 straight or canted? Have you tried the mag guts spring? I have been using the pierce +1 with the bottom front rounded by my dremel.
  3. You have to start using the correct terminology, instead of the liberal feel good terms. They are not high capacity magazines! They are standard capacity. My Sigcame with 18 rounds, my beretta came with 17. I did get a 20 round extended mag for my beretta. What NJ is forcing is “reduced capacity” magazine, on top of the already reduced capacity magazine law.
  4. This is the first year that I didn’t have enough taxes in order to itemize my 1040 deductions.
  5. You don’t have the governor, you don’t have the legislature, and the schools are pumping out thousands of D voters every year.
  6. Their costco reach is huge. Costco does take any visa card now. Cancelled
  7. We need to affect the primaries, always vote “R” in the general. The dems always pull the D lever whether they like or not. Unless we start doing the same, always pull the R, then we will become extinct. This is why they cave, the R cannot always count on the R voter.
  8. So, would you be arrested and go to trial if you protected your family, or yourself, in a home invasion? In most other states, you would not be arrested and tried, even if later it turned out they were unarmed . Unarmed does not mean not a threat or not dangerous or not able to cause severe harm. In nj???
  9. Yes, you can carry at home, but nj has a very weak castle doctrine.
  10. A better story would be how many people are planning to leave nj because of this. It is alleged the officer did not rush in because he is close to retirement. They do not get 6 figure pensions in FL, but they do in nj. All speculation of course, but with no duty to protect, risking a golden retirement, and residents unable to protect themselves. Lots of angles for an interesting story
  11. To be realistic here, a reporter in nj that is not antigun is called unemployed. A nonanti article won't even be published. .
  12. For Utah, you have to take their Utah specific class, I don't remember what I paid for this, somewhere around 100 for everything . I already had FL
  13. Those of us that rushed for Utah wasted some serious coin, just to have reciprocate dropped a month or two later.
  14. Where do you go? This has never happened at all when my wife goes to the range. This reporter definitely needs to talk with someone knowledgeable, as her comment "...buying a gun in the next week..." is hilarious! Depending on where she lives, she would be lucky to purchase one this year as a first time fpid applicant. Definitely pick a certified instructor for your first range trip. Enjoy!
  15. Agreed, "we" all need to move to PA/FL/AZ to keep the proper balance and keep the winning momentum. nj is done for, need to squash their efforts before they spread. It's escaping from the goolog, not running, its redeployment to the front lines.