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Tasers and stun guns NJ and NYC

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I was not sure where to post this but my daughter now lives in NYC and I wanted to defend myself when I go up there. So my question is, are tasers and stun guns legal to carry in NJ and NY? There is the occasion that we would go into NJ for dinner or whatever. I am NOT a NJ/NY resident if that makes any difference as well. 


BTW, I did look at the laws online and they were typically vague at best....

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NJ - NJ2AS believes it is legal to carry tasers/stun guns.  Their reasoning is here:


Evan Nappen and other “firearm celebrity lawyers” in NJ have the opinion that tasers/stun guns are not legal to carry outside the home.

NY - I haven’t been following NY/tasers closely, but quick googling isn’t bringing up any restrictions since the prohibition was overruled earlier this year.  Suggest you do your own research or contact a NY lawyer.

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I recall hearing about a lawsuit a few months ago in NY over tasers. From what I remember NY was still not recognizing the SCOTUS ruling that said they cannot be prohibited. So, I would recommend thorough research before carrying one in NY.


Didn't the NJSP come out with guidance on carrying tasers in NJ? Anyone have it?

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