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Looking to buy scope need recommendation

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Athlon Argos is also a good value scope - https://www.amazon.com/Athlon-Optics-Riflescope-Illuminated-Reticle/dp/B0157N4640/ref=sr_1_14?crid=CQRQ3AGFCEDX&dchild=1&keywords=vortex+first+focal+plane&qid=1579820523&sprefix=vortex+fi%2Caps%2C262&sr=8-14

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I've owned a few Nikon Buckmasters and Prostaff scopes for years, and those have served me well enough.  Pretty sure I read Nikon discontinued their scope lines, so you might find some deals on those.  However, the crosshairs on most of their scopes are designed more for hunting than for precision work, it seems.

I have been transitioning away from those scopes to SWFA SS scopes - currently have two of their 16x42 mil quad scopes, and I love em and plan to add more.  Friend liked mine enough he also bought one.   I thought I might miss the ability to have a wide FoV, but I realized that I have not used the wide end of my zoom range a single time on all but one scope while shooting paper (which is all I do).  I'm not sure how the SWFA will do for 1000yd, since I've only shot to 200 with mine, but they are seriously nice scopes for the money.  I feel they will serve me well until I have reason to go to the 4 figure scopes.  If you wait for a sale, you can likely get one under $270, and normal price is about $300.  It uses a 30mm tube, so make sure you get the right rings for it, and I suggest adding the hood and caps.

My only real complaint with my 16x scopes is that the eye relief can be rather unforgiving, so proper, consistent cheek weld is critical. The 16x and 20x are supposedly much less forgiving than the other SWFA SS scopes.

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