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    I would highly recommend a handgun for home defense with either red dot/tritium sights and with or without attached pistol light and NOT a shotgun. The shotgun is difficult to reload under pressure, typically has lower capacity than a pistol, more recoil, more flash, and many would argue has more penetration. The shotgun would be the last weapon i choose for any defensive scenario. Remember, the only gun that matters is the one that is either on you or within reaching distance!
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    It may not be 100%, but they're going. Buh Bye MA. Smith & Wesson Ditches Massachusetts Over Pending Legislation, Moves Headquarters To Tennessee | ZeroHedge
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    I have 2 30 cal ammo cans with 4 bandoliers of greek ammo. each can has 192 rounds, 24 M1 clips and bandoliers with can for 275.00 picked up in waretown. 08758 https://imgur.com/r2oIgD6
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    A sign of our times. Almost every gunmaker from the 1800's situated in the New England or Hudson Valley region of NY has gone out of business or pulled stakes and went elsewhere.
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    You should have another email Thursday or Friday latest, saying they are done. That was the timing for me.
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    It's more to do with suicide, less of a chance with someone there with you as opposed to being alone. Had a few suicides in Bergen county and they started this years ago.

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