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    Hi all, Tim here. Not new to guns, or gun ownership in New Jersey, however, I last lived here back when 15 rounds weren't a felony. Grew up in Morris County and bought my first gun at RTSP in Randolph. Moved to PA 6-1/2 years ago and recently moved back for work and family. Now, living not too far from RTSP in Union. Funny how things come full circle. Working through getting my FPID up to speed with the new process. Hoping that I don't have to wait for my NJ DL to apply since NJMVC appointments for moving from out of state are ~8 weeks in the future. Anyway, I've brought my 10-rounders back and am looking forward to getting more involved with the NJ 2A community again, but still will be active in the Eastern PA competition circuit shooting IDPA, ICORE, USPSA, Steel Challenge, and GSSF when they roll through town.
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    You can remove the factory stock and put any AK variant stock that is jersey legal or run it without a stock but not sure about the legality of no stock. You will have to add a pistol grip as the factory stock and grip are integrated but AK pistol grips are easy to find. As for steel challenge you will have to invest in the scope mount and a red dot but I think with those upgrades it would be quite serviceable.
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    Hope the paperwork goes through quickly. And we have a gubernatorial election fast approaching. Be sure and get registered to vote.
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    You're preaching to the choir. Feel good legislation not based in reality. Targeting is racist and no politician would be willing to admit it. Wanna reduce or stop crime, use this: Broken windows theory - Wikipedia
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    This article summarizes certain "truths" about crime that are seen across numerous studies - seen so consistently, in fact, that they reveal the underlying reality of criminal behavior. If you don't feel like clicking though (though I think you should - it's a good read!), here's a quick summary: Crime is "concentrated" in 3 ways: Place - 5 percent of the locations in a given city account for 50 percent of that city’s crime. People - 5 percent of the criminal offenders (not 5 percent of the "general population" mind you) in a given city commit about 50 percent of that city’s violent crime. Time - criminal activity in crime hot spots and among chronic offenders tends to occur at night, during the weekends (Thursday night through early Sunday morning), and in the summer. Why is this important?... take NJ, for instance... scan through the many gun bills that have been proposed over the past couple of years. Nine-nine percent focus on things that only affect legal gun owners - proposed changes to the firearm itself, or changes to permitting, increased fees, etc. Only rarely does a proposed bill address the actual realities of crime (and chronic criminality) as expressed by the 3 concentrations above. So, unless the bill is proposing a very targeted solution (either in a tough neighborhood or working with chronic offenders, etc., and again, those bills are rare), pretty much all the rest of these bills are politicized poppycock that are disconnected from reality and certain to have negligible impact (if any) on crime. (I know you already knew that! LOL. But it's always nice to see the science back up the gut instinct). Anyway, here's the link: https://www.city-journal.org/three-facts-about-crime
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    Thanks... I still have some freedom, but it's in storage over the border
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    Welcome back! And my sympathies on your loss of freedom.
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    Zuckerberg is still angry about yesterday.
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    Slow loading again this morning.
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    So far so good. Still shooting great. As for take down and cleaning it's just like an AK. Remove dust cover and slide the bolt and recoil spring out and you good to go. One problem that I discovered is that the standard AK sites and 59 year old eyes shooting 6 inch steel at 60 yards is not easy. It has an AK rail mounted on the side of the receiver so I just purchased an Arsenal SM 13 scope mount. It seems quite solid and can be easily removed and mounted without losing zero but I have not put a scope on it yet.
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    I started wearing glasses in elementary school, hard contacts in high school, then soft lenses in the 70's. When I had cataract surgery in 2013, it was the very best thing I did for my vision in my entire life. I recommend you get your eyes surgically corrected before the apocalypse. No need for glasses except close-up, and only magnifiers then. You certainly don't want to be like Burgess Meredith in that first season episode of the Twilight Zone entitled 'All The Time In The World'.
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    That looks comfortable should you happen to shoulder it. How about an OSD?
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    I moved across town and had to get a new FPID; had to do the full fig with the same PD that issued my original one.

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