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    Make sure you have only compliant stuff if you bring em here. It would suck if PD ends up responding to an alarm and finds a bunch of stuff. Or your divorcee decides she wants to screw you over and makes a false claim of abuse and mentions firearms. Even if you did nothing wrong, it could become problematic. So.. 10 rd or fewer mags... no flash hiders....compensators pinned.... adjustable stocks pinned... etc etc.. I suspect you already know this stuff, but wanted to mention it.
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    Well most people are wearing sweatpants and pajamas around now so... no pockets?
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    Not that difficult if you put your mind to it......With 3 ar15's 5k rounds, and 4 handguns you are just starting in this hobby!
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    I have Verizon Fios and have not experienced that issue with Fox or any other channel I routinely watch.
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    I only watch Fox every now and then and its via Hulu. I have not seen anything like that. Maybe Optimum gets their Fox feed via Satellite and they have an issue with that feed? Tough issue to trouble shoot. A lot of points at which something could interrupt the stream.
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    Food for thought from someone with similar living arrangements: Change the lockset on one of your closets from an interior non-locking one to a keyed entry lock. Voila, your locking gun cabinet. Self-install a SimpliSafe wireless alarm system in your apartment. Monitored by SimpliSafe who will communicate directly with your local police dispatch in the event of a break-in. Your landlord (and G-d knows who else) already has a key to your new apartment. The SimpiSafe system has a camera that will record (to the cloud) all entry activity. They also have a 'silent alarm' entry sensor that will be triggered when your gun closet is opened unless you specifically bypass it. Very reasonably priced. The system communicates with them via wifi and has a cellular backup. It's the best $36 a month I spend for peace of mind. And there are discount codes available in their ads on most conservative radio and tv stations. I can also do a referral to you. PM me if you want.
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    i've got comcast....and never have an issue with fox news channel. on the other hand, if i watch the drags on fox(wftx) hd, it's unwatchable. fs1 is great....fs2 sucks so bad that if it only sucked it would look good.
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    ^^^^^ this... Read, dive deep...learn... If you a general user that just wants to drop a round in to go boom.... follow the chambering on the gun If you want to get to the ballistics behind it all... well done.... then you can do the deep dive... As well as semi version bolt... rear locking lugs front lugs...safety lug no safety lug..etc. Example The ENFIELD RFI 2a and 2A1 are interim rifles to get the indians using 7.62 prior to FAL adoption - that used .303 smle actions that have one lug ... it is a 7.62 barrel on a .303 action....there are those that will tell you that 308 win is fine in it... really? The headspace on the RFI's are all.over the place..generous chambers and mild ww2 steel They r lucky they can handle 7.62 let alone 308... you. The internet is awash with those that say it is fine...me not so much Remember this, all it takes is One...only one detonation in front of your face to go bad to make a very bad day for you.
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    IANAL...but I believe your "home" is where you hang your hat...owned or rented makes no difference. I think you are over thinking/worrying this. Bring your NJ legal ammo into NJ. Drive like an adult on your trip here. Unload ammo into your apartment. Dunzo.
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