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  1. Just picked up the ammo last week text me to arrange the mags
  2. Mjs798

    ruger alaskan

    I picked one of these a few weeks back in the 8&3/4" barrel Shooting 45lc is a joke ( it feels like a 22lr) then when you get to a 454 it's a wake up call , then throw in a 300 gr 460 magnum and it's ridiculous ( I think it let out about a 2 ft blast) I thought it was going to be like when going from a 38 to a 357 but it's more like going from a #8 shot to a 3" slug
  3. Picked up 10 of these a while back . I've used them in both my g19 and jr carbine without any issues Only problem I had was when brand new had a problem hand loading to full capacity but after a few times using the loader you get with your glock the problem went away
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