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  1. I'm a little buzzed, so I apologize I'm advance if my thoughts don't sound coherent or complete. This whole mental health crisis is completely contrived and manufactured. Are there people with screws loose? Of course. But how many of them are truly fucked up versus the Adderall kids? If, as a country, we put an ounce into reestablishing strong core family values as we did for fighting for LGBT2ZQ!∆¢! rights we wouldn't have shitheads like the Nashville shooter or Sandy Hook. The lack of core family values has led kids to seek acceptance in outside forces like Facebook and their ilk that are far more influential than a single working mom and part time dad can ever be. This isn't an issue of more beds and more hospitals. It's straight out of Full Metal Jacket. What is your major malfunction? Didn't Mommy and Daddy love you enough? This can all be traced back to the free love generation of the 60's and women's lib. This is when the family structure began to break down. Don't get me wrong, their are more than their fair share of shitty fathers out there, but it always has been socially accepted that father don't know dick about parenting and that it was left to the mothers. There is far more to this, but I just can't expand beyond what I've already typed at this point. As I mentioned earlier, I'm a little buzzed. I consider this community highly intelligent so I hope you can see my train of thought.
  2. Not sure if you have a smart phone, but most camera apps have scanner functionality that can convert it to what looks like a scanned PDF.
  3. Great work on the feed today! Very much appreciate the ability to follow along without having to dig through FB comments. Love the site too.
  4. Applied on Jan 30 and approved on Feb 17. Just found out today from local PD. Stupid NJ never emailed me to say I was approved. **Update** My email from the FARS system arrived this morning, 3/1, at 4:33.
  5. I certainly would if I had an unlimited budget, but as the saying goes...cheaper to keep her :). That said, I see the value in both and that's what had me twisted. I applied for 4 P2P's, so maybe my powers of persuasion will change her mind. She does say she likes a revolver...
  6. Appreciate the feedback. The .22 was the direction I was leaning, just couldn't fully wrap my head around it. Thanks again!
  7. I apologize if this belongs in the Concealed Carry sub-forum, but I felt this was the more appropriate spot since its more about a purchase than anything. I'm waiting on some P2P's, but I'm torn about what to get and looking for some input. I'm fairly new to shooting but getting my CCW permit is my eventual goal. I currently have a Ruger Sec 9 Compact, but was thinking of getting something along the lines of the Hellcat or Shield Plus as my carry weapon. Where my confusion comes in is whether I would be better off supplementing my Sec 9 with a .22 like the TX22 to get more, and cheaper, trigger time to work on my fundamentals or get my ideal carry gun and build my skills with that? Or, since the Sec 9 is close in size to the others, buy nothing and use the money towards lessons/training and more ammo? The other benefit of the .22 is that I might be able to convince my wife to shoot that with me. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and input.
  8. On Patrol Live on Reelz. Every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm. A&E is currently suing Reelz over it.
  9. https://www.portasoftnj.com/ Not sure if they go out to Bergen county, but water is their business. Did my softener and reverse osmosis system.
  10. What's the latest on the 10rd magazine limit? I remember with Bruen, a challenge to the ban was kicked back to the lower courts for review (or something to that extent), but I have not heard anything since. I'm interested in some new toys, but would prefer to have the standard capacities and don't want to spend more money on new mags assuming the capacity limit gets thrown out.
  11. Husqvarna 350 BT Love mine. Never had an issue starting it and can move small rocks, sticks and of course leaves.
  12. Lol...that I know. Was just using them as an example of what I was talking about.
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