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  1. Take pictures and contact your homeowners that you might be making a claim if the contractor becomes unresponsive. Your insurance company can then go after his general liability policy.
  2. I'll just take the fact that I have an approval. At least I can now lean on the LPD a very tiny bit so I can complete my transaction.
  3. Divine intervention? A christmas miracle? Whatever who cares...just got an email from the NJ portal that my p2p was approved. Can you approve my fiancees fid now?
  4. 2.5mos and counting for my p2p 6mos and counting for my fiances fid Called my local pd about in the beginning of Nov and all I received back was a generic email response that they are no longer able to provide updates and that they will call when its ready. Thinking of calling again after the new year, but I don't want my app to get "lost."
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