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  1. I wouldn't say the guy who NDed was allowed to stay in the class as it happened when he was putting his gear away at the end of the day. Pat also stopped those who were still running drills when it happened and gave an additional safety lecture. The guy who got cut by lead splatter off of steel is a friend of mine, and it was a small cut that bled pretty good, and was immediately addressed by a nurse and doctor (the doctor also being a friend of the cut guy) who were attending the class.
  2. A police officer, I forget what town, put a round through the loading table as he was putting his gear away. Other than that I don't have much info as I was still on the range shooting when it happened.
  3. I enjoyed the class too. I was the guy wearing the shirt expressing my opinion of NJ Saturday.
  4. Thanks for posting this, and I agree! However, I must say that if this is the first you have heard that GE/Jeff Immelt suck you need to look at where you get your news from.
  5. I think you are looking for MORE trouble. I also think that anyone who is not a complete pussy can pinch the crosspin with their fingers and pull it down to adjust the stock in the same manner one would to remove the stock. If you get busted/charged I would hope that you would not try to defend yourself saying you are to fat to manipulate the crosspin as it is much easier than a feild sobriety test. This Magpul stock knowledge was obtained in the state of MD, where you can have a colapsable stock for now (but not for long ) The too fat to do a field sobriety test comments are based upon the public record which was pointed out to me by a friend in the legal community.
  6. Thanks for helping CNBC with their anti gun propaganda
  7. First of all, I have to say that I don't believe anyone in the BATFE would say something so absurd as that the BATFE is going to have an amnesty. Secondly, I have to question your judgment for thinking that those who brought us Fast and Furious would ever promote an amnesty for law abiding American citizens. As to your question of law, enough others have made it sufficiently clear how absurd it was. Thank you for reminding me why I rarely come here anymore. Edited to add: I just noticed that this thread is a few months old. Usnmars, do you have any updates from your BATFE buddies?
  8. I can't see a whole lot of changes in my day to day life
  9. I tried to sign, but the link in the original post is not working for me.
  10. Welcome from Thorofare. However, I must say I am not a fan of Hauges.
  11. The problem with moving backwards is that your adversary can move faster forward than you can backward, and while moving backwards your weight ends up on your heels. This makes it relatively easy for your adversary to take you to the ground. Force on Force evolutions have taught me that I don't want to be getting stabbed while standing, but I REALLY dont want to be getting stabbed while grounded with my opponent on top of me!
  12. I really enjoyed the summit as well, and I think Nick gave a pretty good overview. The thing that impressed me the most is the camaraderie. Every instructor who was not teaching was either auditing, or helping with, another instructor’s class. This really helped as each instructor knew what had already been covered, and didn’t need to waste time covering it again. This allowed Kelly Venden, whose class was at the end of Saturday, to get an amazing amount covered in a two hour class. I would have never thought that we would be moving to cover, then shooting bilaterally around it in a two hour class! The close interaction between the instructors and students did not end on the range, but carried on throughout the weekend at the hotel, meals, etc. The range was also great for this type of event as they had a large clubhouse for the few classroom portions/lunch, and several pits so multiple live fire classes could be conducted safely at the same time. The goodie bag was also a very pleasant surprise, and I think I did a little better than Nick, as mine had over $100 worth of stuff, including a couple of Gen III Fastmags, and my shirt was even in my size!
  13. While I agree that the Teuller drill is EXTREMELY educational, I find it almost useless from a citizen's point of view. Do you really think that you will be mugged/assaulted from 21 feet away? Do you really feel that any competent criminal will be accosting you from beyond contact range? How can you give him your wallet/car keys/etc. if you are that far away? I can hear all of the Tactical Teds saying that they won't allow anyone to approach within 21 feet. I challenge anyone to go through one day without letting any unknown contacts approach within 21 feet of them. The real question is have you trained managing unknown contacts at 0-5 FEET, or any in fight weapon access skills for when you have lost initiative? You may have an world class drawstroke in competition, but can you do that when the bad guy is in your face, fouling your drawstroke with one hand, and shanking you with the other?
  14. Joelk

    Glocks in FDE

    There comes a point, when you have entirely too many Glocks, that something different is kind of interesting On a somewhat more practical point for those who actually carry, if one were to inadvertantly expose a FDE gun it may be slightly less noticeable than a black gun (as they don't make a pasety white version to better match my skin tone ).
  15. Joelk

    Glocks in FDE

    I think I need a FDE Gen 3 19 to go with my "OD" Gen 3 23.
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