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njJoniGuy's Feedback

  1. eyeinstine left Positive feedback   

    Easy and smooth transaction! A+++++

    njJoniGuy was The Seller

  2. Jason Sims left Positive feedback   

    Arrived very early, great communication, and smooth transaction. Would do business again!

    njJoniGuy was The Seller

  3. JohnnyB left Positive feedback   

    Brian is a great guy and it was a pleasure trading with him! Thanks Brian!

    njJoniGuy was Trading

  4. sgt63 left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction. Met me 1/2 way and items as described. A+.

    njJoniGuy was Trading

  5. FXDX left Positive feedback   

    Brian is a great guy and is a fountain of knowledge. I really enjoyed our chat

    njJoniGuy was Trading

  6. SIGMan Freud left Positive feedback   

    Smooth transaction. No worries. Thanks!

    njJoniGuy was Trading

  7. NYMetsFan86 left Positive feedback   

    a pleasure to deal with. Extremely organized and aware of the correct way to transact firearms in NJ. Good conversation too!

    njJoniGuy was Trading

  8. siderman left Positive feedback   

    fast & easy transaction, thanx

    njJoniGuy was The Seller

  9. Sota left Positive feedback   


    njJoniGuy was Trading

  10. Dozer left Positive feedback   

    Genuine nice guy,delivered very nice gun at fair price.

    njJoniGuy was The Seller

  11. Buns of Guns left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to do business with. Will see again.

    njJoniGuy was The Seller

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