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  1. Class Action Lawsuit I want money this time!!!
  2. Well, there goes my theory but it makes sense. On to the next explanation...
  3. Good time today. I am buying an electric thrower !!
  4. Maybe !!! Running late 10 minutes away
  5. I will be coming and bringing 2 boxes of clay. Please put me on the list. Should I bring a extra shotgun ?
  6. Thank you for the good advise!!
  7. I need access to Journal Square in Jersey City and Downtown Manhattan for work and I need NJ Transit to get me there. Given those limitations , I am looking at Yardley, PA. I can easily cross the river into Trenton and take the Northeast Corridor into Newark and then jump on to PATH. I did a cost and time analyses. The cost of my commute is about $45 more a month but the length of the commute is about the same as from the North Branch Train Station . My plan is to rent a hotel room in Yardley for about 3 days and get a feel for the commute. My time line for the move is one year no more then two.
  8. Remember, at CJ a new member has to wait one year before they can Chair a Match.
  9. I just looked at their schedule and the answer is no In 2018 , I will ask CJ to let me run 2 PRS style matches. One for .22LR at 100 yard and the other at 200 and 300yards for centerfold rifles. More info early next year.
  10. I am looking to go pig hunting in South Carolina this winter. Can any one give me some recommendations for a guide ? Thanks in advance
  11. Guys This is a great way to get into precision shooting and it is exactly how I got hooked. Now I shoot 600 yard F - Class Matches regularly and 1,000 yard matches every once in a while. Yes , you have to travel but the Cumberland Riflemen have a 600 yard rifle range. Come down , shoot and have a 300 yard Zero.
  12. Just come and shoot with us. If you can, practice a bit. I will be practicing using these next weekend at either CJ or OB. https://www.amazon.com/STANDARD-TQ-19-QUALIFICATION-TARGETS-PACK/dp/B00EU767V0/ref=sr_1_4?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1507081578&sr=1-4&keywords=tq+19+targets
  13. I will be having a Precision / Tactical match for .22LR at OB in 2018. More info to follow