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  1. Remember, at CJ a new member has to wait one year before they can Chair a Match.
  2. I just looked at their schedule and the answer is no In 2018 , I will ask CJ to let me run 2 PRS style matches. One for .22LR at 100 yard and the other at 200 and 300yards for centerfold rifles. More info early next year.
  3. I am looking to go pig hunting in South Carolina this winter. Can any one give me some recommendations for a guide ? Thanks in advance
  4. Guys This is a great way to get into precision shooting and it is exactly how I got hooked. Now I shoot 600 yard F - Class Matches regularly and 1,000 yard matches every once in a while. Yes , you have to travel but the Cumberland Riflemen have a 600 yard rifle range. Come down , shoot and have a 300 yard Zero.
  5. Just come and shoot with us. If you can, practice a bit. I will be practicing using these next weekend at either CJ or OB. https://www.amazon.com/STANDARD-TQ-19-QUALIFICATION-TARGETS-PACK/dp/B00EU767V0/ref=sr_1_4?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1507081578&sr=1-4&keywords=tq+19+targets
  6. I will be having a Precision / Tactical match for .22LR at OB in 2018. More info to follow
  7. I have the info from 2014. See below I have written the Match Director for this year's information. The gentlemen's name is Joe Riely - joseph.riley10@verizon.net 2014 Carlos Hathcock Rules.pdf Carlos Hathcock Match 11-23-111 (4).doc
  8. Guys: I am looking to form a 4 person team for the Carlos Hatchcock Match in Cherry Ridge on October 29 ,2017. Any interest ?
  9. The NJ Predator Hunters Club will be holding a Meeting and get together on Sat, Jan 7th at Assunpink WMA In the meeting building from 2-6pm. This is a membership drive meeting and all predator hunters or anyone interested in predator hunting is welcome. Andrew Burnett from the Division of fish game and Wildlife will be our guest speaker and will cover Predator populations and the Eastern Coyote. We will have a guest speaker covering some Predator hunting basics as well as nighttime Predator hunting. Membership applications will be available and there is no dues to join .We do ask for a donation to cover refreshments and expenses. We are in the process of establishing a Central NJ chapter , and North Jersey Chapter. A schedule of events will be posted shortly. We are trying to make Predator hunting a focus instead of an afterthought. We all know the damage coyotes can inflict on all game species and populations. Now is the time to act and help get common sense Predator hunting laws passed to better control Predator populations. Conservation Center-Assunpink WMA One Eldridge Road Robbinsville, NJ 08691 Original Post on NJ Hunter http://www.newjerseyhunter.com/forums/151-predatorch/254010-new-jersey-predator-hunters-association-meeting-assunpink.html
  10. OBRAMS will be hosting the next rimfire 2 Gun Match on Saturday , October 15, 2016. We begin building stages at 7:30 AM at the OB outdoor range. New shooters are welcomed but must arrive by 7:45 AM http://obrams.org/
  11. Beautiful looking rifle !!! What stock is that ?
  12. Who is going to the 2016 Carlos Hathcock Precision Match on October 30th ,2016 ? 22th Annual Carlos Hathcock Match Cherry Ridge Range 300 Yard Line Any rifle that is legal in the State of N.J., except bench rest. -- No .50 Cal. Bipod and non-commercial rests are allowed. Sandbags and rucksacks allowed. No duffle bags/cases filled with sand. Single round loading. No butt rests. (see additional attachment) 5 minutes will be given for sighters, during which coaching is allowed. There will be 20 minutes to fire 20 Rounds for record, during which no coaching is allowed.
  13. OBRAMS will be hosting the next rimfire 2 Gun Match on Saturday , September 17, 2016. We begin building stages at 7:30 AM at the OB outdoor range. New shooters are welcomed but must arrive by 7:45 AM http://obrams.org/