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  1. Nope. First time ever. He is a fairly new gunowner and didn't even know about the Forum.
  2. Not really stern. That was a guy I work with and he was totally ignoring his Girlfriend because he was a bit overwhelmed by the whole NJGunForum event. I do "Youngman Manners Counseling " on the side. ;)
  3. In I will bring two boxes of Clays and a extra shotgun . iggyort In I will bring two boxes of Clays and a extra shotgun . iggyort
  4. This Match is how I got involved in F- Class. It is a great way to practice for 600 Yard Matches.
  5. 1 Plenty of local Sunday Matches!!!
  6. Bully Very few of us F Class shooters here in NJ. The people that competed last Sunday at Cumberland are it. New Jersey is a pistol competition State. A few years back , I attempted to start an official NJ F Class Team. Unfortunately, we didn't have bodies. The season is almost over. Next year, we can drive to Ontario, Canada and compete on a international level. I love F Class !!!!
  7. Iggyort

    Bolt Gun #2 is Gonna Happen!

    Good for you !!! Ha, you beat me !!! I shot 573 -10X All 3 relays I shot 191. Here are the next three "local" 600 yard Matches. Bridgeville , Del - Sept 9 Distance from me- 3 Hours New Holland , Pa - Sept 16 Distance from me- 2 Hours Cumberland , NJ - Oct 7 Distance from me- 2 Hours I received your PM. Let's stay in touch . We can go practice at CJ. They have a 300 Yard Range and I am a member there too. You are more than welcomed to get behind the rifle and play with stock some more next time. Iggyort P.S - The Bridgeville Club is having a 1,000 Yard Match on Oct 27-28. Let me know if you want to go.
  8. Iggyort

    Bolt Gun #2 is Gonna Happen!

    Bully Great shooting with you yesterday down at the Cumberland Riflemen Club. How did you do ?
  9. Well, you can still get your Ct. CCW. All you need is a FID and a NH CCW You need to request your packet by phone. See below. "Out of state residents may apply for a non resident Connecticut State Pistol Permit. Non residents apply directly to the Connecticut State Police, Special Licensing and Firearms Unit. Call 860-685-8494 to have an application mailed out. " http://www.ct.gov/despp/cwp/view.asp?a=4213&q=494614
  10. Bring the following Equipment : A shooting mat Hearing protection A spotting scope 80 rounds of ammo for your rifle A empty chamber indicator Your Rifle Your bipod Make sure your rifle is zeroed at 100 yards and know your MOAs at 600 yards. Any additional questions, ask.

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