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  1. The number are in line with a Trued Rem action. Below is the cost of my Custom Build. The McMillan stock was less because at the time Mcmillian was given out Veteran's a discount. Unfortunately , some entitled idiot ruined it for the rest of us Veterans. The pillar bedding and bedding was around $200. In total, the complete Pierce F TR Rifle was $3,055.00. @Maksim
  2. Tier 1 of course. My former shooting partner and I had our old F Class Rifle done by them . Tier 1's work is excellent.
  3. I am using Berger 200gr Hybrid. The load is 44.1 grains of Varget. In a 30" barrel , I am getting 2765 FPS My Competition Rifle is single shot so my COAL is 2.901. Yes, F Class at Mid Range (600 yards) but I have a LR (1,000 yard ) Match coming in June.
  4. Today I received my Mcmillian XIT Stock after a 7 month wait. Now I will begin building a spare F TR Rifle with a trued Rem action that I have and the spare barrel from my Pierce Engineering F TR Rifle. I plan to use the same Bix'n Andy trigger that I have on my current rifle. The barrel will be Bartelin 30" HV 1:10. The idea is to duplicate my Competition Rifle as closely as possible.
  5. Thank you Zeke. The next 600 Yard Match in NJ will be on May 5th at the Cumberland Rifleman in Melville, NJ. Take your Rifle Breaks off and join the fun. Reservations are highly recommended.
  6. I shot a 590- 22X Out of a possible 600 Points. Basically, 98.3 %
  7. Today at Bridgeville, Delaware with the Hex Electronic Scoring System.
  8. Maksim Yes, that is a " F Class Bipod". I will post a picture of the others I have used over the years later but I have settled on Phoenix which is showen in the picture. Note, that we all started with Harris Bipods at one point. Do not buy a F Class Bipod until you have tried all the ones I have in my basement. Learn from my mistakes. I looked at the device in the picture. It is a barrel tunner. It is used to set the barrel harmonics to an optimal level for the ammo you have loaded. They are legal to use in F Class and are very common in Bench Rest Shooting Competitions. I took the muzzle break off my Ruger Precision Rifle to make it legal for F Class shooting. Since my rifle is chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor , I shot it the F Open Division. The match fees at Cumberland for the F Class Matches are $35.
  9. Next Match : Bridgeville, Delaware on Sunday , April14, 2019. Three hour drive from Central Jersey. Currently, two of us are going. We will drive down Saturday afternoon and go out for a steak dinner on Saturday night. Match Bulletin below: 2019-Midrange.pdf
  10. @njJoniGuy Don't bring this, when you have a proper F TR Rifle. That is what happened
  11. The obligatory picture of yesterday's Match.
  12. 2019 Mid Atlantic F Class Matches(1).pdf It works now!!
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