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  1. Iggyort

    Ham radio

    Here is the radio I plan to buy once I get my General Class License.
  2. Iggyort

    Ham radio

    I plan to take my license test in January.
  3. Iggyort

    Ham radio

    I plan to take my license test in January.
  4. I just txted the F Class guys from Cumberland. We should be able to fill to squads easily. I will txt you with names.
  5. Last Saturday and Sunday , I shot the Delaware Long Range Championship. I came in Fourth Place. A cop from North Jersey won in the F TR Division (.308 and .223 )
  6. First, the closet two 1,000 Ranges are the Reade Range in Fallen Timbers Pa and the Bridgeville Rifle and Pistol Club in Delaware. Now to answer your question: You need a rifle that can fire a round and keep it supersonic at 1k Yards ( Above 1050 FPS ). I have shot a 1,000 using a Vortex Razor Gen II 3×18 I am currently using a Nightforce Competition 15×55 I shoot a .308 with a 30" Bartlein barrel. I use 200gr Berger Hybrid with 44.1 grains of Varget.
  7. I am looking to gauge the intrest in holding an " Introduction to Smallbore F Class " Clinic in 2020. The Clinic would be held in either Pa or NJ and would cover the following material: What is Smallbore F Class Rifle Optics Bipod/ Rest Ammunition Targets Basic Wind Reading Course of Fire The Clinic would be taught by experienced SB F Class Competitors
  8. @BullzeyeNJ I " shot-out " my last F Class barrel at 2,865 rounds. Let's be clear about the meaning of shot out. In F Class competition, you must hold 1/2 MOA to win a Club Match. At a National or Regional Match the rifle should be shooting 1/4 MOA. The barrel in question opened up to 1 MOA. Barrels are a consumable items in F Class Competition. They can be purchased fairly cheap.
  9. The number are in line with a Trued Rem action. Below is the cost of my Custom Build. The McMillan stock was less because at the time Mcmillian was given out Veteran's a discount. Unfortunately , some entitled idiot ruined it for the rest of us Veterans. The pillar bedding and bedding was around $200. In total, the complete Pierce F TR Rifle was $3,055.00. @Maksim
  10. Tier 1 of course. My former shooting partner and I had our old F Class Rifle done by them . Tier 1's work is excellent.
  11. I am using Berger 200gr Hybrid. The load is 44.1 grains of Varget. In a 30" barrel , I am getting 2765 FPS My Competition Rifle is single shot so my COAL is 2.901. Yes, F Class at Mid Range (600 yards) but I have a LR (1,000 yard ) Match coming in June.
  12. Today I received my Mcmillian XIT Stock after a 7 month wait. Now I will begin building a spare F TR Rifle with a trued Rem action that I have and the spare barrel from my Pierce Engineering F TR Rifle. I plan to use the same Bix'n Andy trigger that I have on my current rifle. The barrel will be Bartelin 30" HV 1:10. The idea is to duplicate my Competition Rifle as closely as possible.
  13. Thank you Zeke. The next 600 Yard Match in NJ will be on May 5th at the Cumberland Rifleman in Melville, NJ. Take your Rifle Breaks off and join the fun. Reservations are highly recommended.
  14. I shot a 590- 22X Out of a possible 600 Points. Basically, 98.3 %
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