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    Survival Gear

    I think your first order of business would be to define exactly what you are prepping for (bug-in, bug-out or both) recommendations for gear would differ depending on this criteria, because when you bug-out Weight becomes a much bigger concern. I.E. If your bugging-out I would suggest freeze-dried foods as they are much lighter and pack smaller (I prefer Mountain House). If your bugging in I would go for for MREs instead. They are heaver, bulkier and have a shorter shelf life, however they are much higher in calories/nutrients. A single MRE will give you around 1300 calories, where a freeze-dried entree will give you approx 600 cals.
  2. Snowblower is ready, shovel is ready and I have some salt left over from last year just in case
  3. My Biometric GunVault with my XD Loaded, extra mag, inside. My cell, last nights soda and a sippy cup lol P.S. A flashlight would be intelligent...
  4. Is that from his bio or some romance novel. Who writes this stuff?
  5. Well sort of... I have been in more closed & open "betas" than I care to count and 9 times out of 10 they are just to generate hype, so the game has a good opening. 99% of the problems you find, they already know about and they are already working on a solution. If your lucky you will see a solution in the first 3 patches
  6. Drew

    A sad day

    I have those kind of days too sometimes. I don't know, maybe little girls just do that to fathers...
  7. A little late to order his now, but a friend sent me this a while back. It would be perfect for a situation like this: http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/CAMP205-1.html
  8. Feel bad for me, my whole family has a vacation scheduled for next week in Corolla, NC (Outerbanks) lol We still might go late, depending on how much havoc the storm causes. You don't need bottled water, you just need containers. You have good drinking water from your faucet right now. Fill up some containers and you good to go. I seriously worry about the people in this state sometimes. I don't think they are going to survive the first day of the apocalypse lol
  9. Well im not a lawyer, but my short answer is absolutely not. He should not take possession of the firearm. There are a number of questions here that would need to be answered to even determine who legally owns the handgun. In that situation play it safe and and say sorry cant help you or if you feel that bad about it loan them your safe not the other way around So if the the father had no will or everything was left to the mother, then it is her firearm. If the firearm was left to the daughter in the will then it is her firearm. Neither mother or daughter needs a firearm id card or ppp to inherit a handgun. I'm not that familiar with P2P transfer portion of the law, so I cant comment on that.
  10. My 22 month old daughters favorite place is Walmart or Lowes to sit on the lawn mowers lol. They are easily entertained at this age. Some other places you could go to are North Landz (worlds largest model railroad) in Flemington or Popcorn Park Zoo (petting zoo) in Forked River
  11. I might be in for this depending on the date/location and the amount of notice.
  12. I'm pretty sure I went to the same course you are planning to do and I would recommend go to see one of the forum vendors. I know they are a little more expensive and further away, but it's worth it. My class had close to 60 people in. It was pure chaos. It was overcrowded, disorganized and took 3x the amount of time it was suppose to. I wouldn't do it again.
  13. That's interesting I didn't know American cars used that style caliper. I thought that was a German car thing. On Sub-Topic: Yea I have done the brakes in both an 02 and 05 WRX and they are the same as any other car. On Main-Topic: I field strip and clean my XD every time I shoot it. Yea, its not needed, but it makes me feel better since it is also my first resort HD weapon.
  14. About 3 years ago we rebuilt my brothers bathroom with pex and its still going strong. Recently we replaced his hot water heater with a hot water on demand system and used pex for that too. It is some great stuff.
  15. We had a conversation similar to this last year I believe? Some points I would make are a home garden is a great renewable way of harvesting food. If you combine dehydration with that it can really pay off for saving you money on emergency food. Second point is to watch the calorie counts on freeze dried meals like Mountain House. These are great for short term survival but not long term. The Beef Stew #10 Can for example only gives you 210 calories per serving. So 3 servings a day of that will not even give you 1000 calories a day which is considered to be the bare minimum needed by the human body to function. The last point I would raise is, unless you live in the desert, there is no need to store water. You have tons of water around you in NJ/PA/NY etc. You just need a way to filter/sterilize it. If you want to buy plastic drums to fill once you think you might need it... ok.
  16. I sent my Florida and Virginia out on March 7th: Received Virginia on April 8th = 32 days Received Florida on April 20th = 44 Days
  17. Yea basically what mgralley said. It is my understanding that Florida only accepts Florida non-resident permits. So PA, VA, UT, AZ etc. non-resident CCWs are not honored in FL. Now that does not automatically mean the reverse is true. FL non-resident CCW is honored in PA. I believe these exceptions where put into place to prevent a FL resident from getting an out of state non-resident and using it in FL. The same thing Utah is trying to do now. Please correct me if I'm wrong...
  18. Yea, I was going to say Allegra went OTC this year, so you don't need a prescription. If you do have a prescription, check with your insurance because they may stop covering Allegra. When Claratin & Zyrtec went OTC alot of insurance companies dropped coverage for the prescriptions.
  19. Its incredible watching the water just go and go and go, that's insane. I wish them the best of luck
  20. Well the way I see it is that Americans are more willing to give money to foreign causes than US causes, because we feel that they are less fortunate than us. Take Haiti and New Orleans for example. Both hit by natural disasters yet Haiti is getting help from all over the world and New Orleans is still in ruins. Why? Because we feel Haiti has less fortunate people than New Orleans. We feel that people in New Orleans had the choice of all the same protections we have like savings accounts, 401ks, home owners insurance, car insurance, etc. So we as Americans don't see why we should help people who didn't help themselves when they could have. The same goes for homeless and unfortunately veterans (although I wouldn't put veterans in the same category). Now if I had money to give away, I would give it to any area in need, but in these uncertain financial times I'm scraping by like everyone else.
  21. I have been threw Raritan thousands of times and although its not a great area its not that bad either. With that being said however I don't have a problem with the Raritan police having rifles. It cant hurt to be prepared and the cost would not be prohibitively exorbitant.
  22. I'm taking a side either way, just stating the way I see things. I think totally securing our border is an impossible task, that can not be accomplished. You can throw billions of dollars and millions of troops at the boarder and they will still came over. Where there's a will there's a way. P.S. I think there is some constitutional issue with using the military for boarder patrol, which is why we haven't done it other than intelligence, training etc. New laws would have to be passed first.
  23. Mexico doesn't want us to secure our borders. If we secured our borders illegals couldn't get here to work and send all of our currency back to Mexico. If we secured the borders all of the illegal drugs couldn't get to the drug users here in the US and the cash couldn't get back down to Mexico and beyond. Essentially the US is keeping Mexico from a total collapse. If we secured our borders Mexico would be destroyed. P.S. I think all of this recent whining done be the Mexican President, is being done at Obama's request. Soon he will push for a new "Assualt weapons" ban and he will use Mexico as one of his reasons. just my .02
  24. A Mexican reporter, who apparently doesn't understand how the laws work here in the US, asks Obama why he doesn't just veto the 2nd Amendment. Sadly, I'm more shocked by his response than the question http://www.eyeblast.tv/public/checker.aspx?v=hdqG2G2GqG P.S. I apologize for not embeding the video, its not working.
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