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  1. It's just the depletion of the ozone layer but never fear,the democrats are about to fix that in a few weeks. with the bills they are passing.
  2. 20 mins to get special order Whoppers at lunch today.
  3. Wtf is it with this site? Way too normal to have loading issues during the bulk of AM.
  4. Not sure if you're being 2A specific or generally speaking, either way it's true. NJ has become such a hostile oppressive state. Will refrain from typical rant....
  5. Like this guy? https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2021/11/07/senator-rick-scott-says-he-will-support-lisa-murkowski-reelection-and-hopes-to-work-with-democrats-in-a-republican-majority-senate/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=senator-rick-scott-says-he-will-support-lisa-murkowski-reelection-and-hopes-to-work-with-democrats-in-a-republican-majority-senate. Rinos and lobbying are issues everywhere, like I said FL not perfect but where is. However it all starts at the voting booth and at least that's tracking in the right direction. Having said that we still can't assume and must remain vigilant.
  6. I disagree and believe FL is turning redder every day. Guess what just happened this month- new R voter registration just surpassed the Ds for the first time https://www.tampabay.com/news/florida-politics/2021/11/05/republicans-make-florida-history-pass-democrats-in-voter-registrations/. Check out DeSantis' NJ remark lol. Back in 2008 Ds outnumbered Rs by 700,000 but been trending R ever since. Also FL had all D govs since forever in the past but the last 20+ yrs all R. Not to mention the state legislation favors Rs over Ds 2-1. Trump took FL in '16 & '20. I'm not saying it's a conservative bastion but it's heading in the right direction by my standards. In fact it may even becoming a sort of sanctuary state for a population seeking some sanity in their lives vs say, NJ. Its not a perfect state but it is one of the better run ones, our gov is awesome compared to most.
  7. Gotcha. Yea we've been a bit disappointed in their SJW flag waving lately.
  8. That Jen Psaki one is hysterical lol ^^^^^^^^^
  9. Recipient must not be a prohibited person and needs a FPID to receive handgun ammo. Seller doesn't need paperwork but be aware of transport laws if hollow points are involved.
  10. If you own a Beretta 92 or PX4 you can use their mags in the Beretta CX4 9 carbine but hard to find these days. Plus the 92 mags come in 20 & 30 rnds.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/114646519387 Might get you 12 minutes on a parking meter.
  12. Exactly. Like the Aiken judge(?) Who said if a bullet acts like a hp it is one in his not so humble opinion.
  13. Finally found a deli down here - which isn't really a thing here- that offers The Sandwich. They call it a "Jersey" and depending how you title it will point you to some fellow seated customers who are/ were from NJ - which is a thing down here- and will be from either North or South lol. After the first sandwich I had to make a few adjustments, eggs over easy vs scrambled and the poor substitute for the hard roll had to be toasted. Can't get those big hard rolls which sucks but but still tasty and the price is right. Long live THEC!
  14. Not a bad year. You need a .22 handgun.
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