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  1. Look into a new one they have a $50 mail in rebate right now on J frames
  2. $1499 black multicam … nice looking gun
  3. Palmetto had them on sale last week if your looking for a new one
  4. I’ll take it depending on your location. Where you located at?
  5. My EDC is a Spyderco Para Military 2.I Dress knives is a Spyderco Caly 3.5 carbon fiber.
  6. I have one and I love it. I put the PWS FSC on it and that barrel does not move. LE pricing is just around 1500 so how could I turn that down. I agree with you that it is a totally different OP system but its not hard to get used to. Just shoulder the AR then pick up a Tavor and you will know what I am talking bout. The AR will feel extremely front heavy compared to the Tavor which you can shoulder seemingly forever.
  7. check lapolicegear.com Their bags are made pretty well and you cant beat the price.
  8. Yes the bolt is the problem.. Dropped it on concrete and bent the bottom of the bolt and rail. I would love to send just the bolt back but they want the ENTIRE GUN. Makes no sense to me there is no head space issue its a blow back design.
  9. As title says I am looking for a complete bolt assembly for a Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22. I don't really want to send the entire gun back to Smith as they won't sell the parts directly. I even tried having my FFL call to get the parts no dice. Anyone have one or know of where I can get one would be a big help. Thanks
  10. You can start a shooting club at Rutgers and petition them to build a range...worth a shot
  11. sorry for the double post but I didn't catch it was already posted... Go see Steve @ Monmouth
  12. Hey I have been looking for a quick access safe for my bedroom and found this. Does anyone have one and do you like it?
  13. Just saw this new magazine from Ruger. It looks like a chopped version of the BX-25. You can now have a 15 round 10/22 magazine.
  14. The Redfield Revolution is a great scope, I have no complaints about mine. Redfield Revolution is made in the US by Leupold. The Redfield Revenge is made overseas I believe.
  15. Best advice I could give you is to go rent some different guns or go to a range with a buddy and shoot theirs. Think of them as shoes everyone has their favorite pair, they all cover your feet but do things differently and fit everyone differently go try some on!
  16. I know East Brunswick Sportsman has or at least had a Marlin 1894 in 357/38. It was an older one on consignment. Give Henry a call and maybe he will hook u up.
  17. If you are thinking of putting together a blow out kit seriously look at also adding a tourniquet. There are many out there the CAT is a quick and easy one to use. With all medical supplies make sure you get some real training on it before you use it (not youtube training).
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