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  1. Thanks for the update @Tunaman. I'm close to biting the bullet and getting this done. At least I now know what someone paid for similar current work.
  2. We converted to natural gas many years ago (maybe 25?), which is why we have the decommissioned oil tank. Back then the rules were much more lax; in hindsight, we should have had the tank removed instead of decommissioned, but who knew?
  3. @maintenanceguy, while I genuinely doybt that will happen in my case, anything is possible. That's why I'm so nervous about having the tank removed. The way things have been going lately, this worst-case scenerio is a possibility; a small possibility, but still... @Barms, I've been advised by a number of people in real estate and the personal experience of a friend who is selling her house to get this done well before the house goes on the market. A lot of people won't even consider a house with a decommissioned oil tank. I've got about a year before selling so it needs to be done sooner rather than later. This is the first major work that I'm doing since my husband passed away so I'm worried about the entire process. But it's the only downside to an otherwise great house so I know that I have to do it soon. I truly appreciate everyone's advice and recommendations, it helps me feel a bit more confident.
  4. Unfortunately, that fund was closed a number of years ago.
  5. @fishnut, thanks so much for that information, it helps a lot.
  6. @Barms, you bring up an interesting point. I never thought of that. Unfortunately, the oil tank is partially under my back stairs (brick and concrete). I'm afraid that if I wait to remove the tank and there is any damage to the back stairs the home sale could be extremely delayed. If I do it before the house is on the market then any damage can be repaired. I plan to sell in about a year, so hopefully there won't be any contamination problems after I get the paperwork. @Tunaman, I would really appreciate an update after you get prices and decide who to use.
  7. The thought of that makes me laugh out loud! I would love to see that happen and watch the horror.
  8. @Scorpio64, you may be correct about the fear versus apathy. I used the wrong word, it's not apathy per se. I think many are simply overwhelmed with their day-to-day lives to pay close attention. Many of my generation are helping to raise grandchildren (physically and/or financially), managing elderly parents, and trying to figure out if they can retire (or if retired, trying to figure out how to make their money stretch). Every generation has something, I can only speak to what I know. Plus, the constant bombardment from the media about every impending "crisis" (like a snowstorm) creates an environment where many people tune it all out. People are on overload. That's what I meant by apathy, although it's not the correct term. As you said, maybe people are living in a constant state of fear about everything. Whatever the cause, it's real. That's why I believe that a change in tactics should at least be considered. Let's learn from the successes of the antis. Primarily, their financial backing. I find it hard to believe that there are no wealthy people or corporations who are pro-2A. Firearm manufacturers? Ammunition manufacturers? As I said before, I have no idea how to even begin the search so maybe my words ring hollow.
  9. Look at how apathtic most people are about losing one of the 1st Amendment's tenets, freedom of speech. We now have the "PC police" ready to pounce if anyone says "illegal alien." College campuses, which used to be a haven for free speech (at least when I was there many years ago), now have lists of words that can't be used---in some cases even "he" and "she" (replaced by "they"). If the general population is keeping quiet about this assault on the 1st Amendment---at least publicly---what can we do to encourage fighting for the 2nd Amendment? As @capt14k said, MONEY. Learn from what the antis are doing. They're backed by big money including Bloomberg and Soros. We have...? The professionals plan a "spontaneous" rally, bus in the participants, have consistent talking points (facts aren't important), have the MSM assembled, and then send everyone home only to plan for the next rally when it's needed. The pro-2A side needs big money backers who are prepared to play the same game as the antis. Honestly, I have no idea how to accomplish that, but we must have some pro-2A people who do know. An influx of lawsuits is another tactic; but again, that requires big money. I don't mean a lawsuit so one person can get his/her CCW, I mean a lawsuit against the state about the vague wording of the laws, the redundancy of the laws, the non-constitutionality of the laws. IMHO, continuing to repeat an action that isn't working is counter-productive and frustrating. Yes, we need to fight for our 2A rights (as well as our 1A rights), but we need to see what the opposition is doing right and make it work for us. That will take HUGE MONEY.
  10. Thanks @capt14k and @the_stranger. A couple of more places to call. I want to get this done in a month or so. I'm just shuddering at the anticipated cost and mess!
  11. Gunsrlegal


    Here's my "home protection" dog, Brandy. She thinks she's a big dog so she'll bark at any unknown noises, but once she sees someone who is friendly she's most likely to want a belly rub. Otherwise, she'll run between my legs for protection. That's when I call her "Killer."
  12. Thanks everyone. The company who decommissioned it 25-years-ago is long gone.
  13. We had our underground oil tank decommissioned approximately 25-years-ago when we switched to gas heat. At the time, minimal paperwork was required. In preparation for ultimately selling my house I want to have the old oil tank removed. Obviously, I want it done properly and legally, with all required permits and paperwork. Has anyone had this done relatively recently? Any recommendations for a company to contact for a quote? TIA
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