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  1. Tibetans carry their dead into the mountains and dump the bodies on cliffs and outcroppings to be consumed by wildlife. It's part of their Buddhist circle of life recycling program. If you think about it, it's more awesome than being eaten by worms. It's metal. Ashes to ashes, n shit.
  2. Canvassing for interest in a South Jerz clay and rifle shoot at Stafford Forge WMA. This invite is open to all members. I will be at the STAFFORD FORGE WMA shotgun range with some njgf members, along with friends and family at 0900, Sunday, September 11th. How long we are there depends on how many show up, but we are usually there until at least noon. You and your friends are welcome to join us for a morning of turning money into noise. With a little luck, we may even get to see the NJ Air Guard doing their own target practice runs with A-10 Warthogs. Most of my time will be spent at the shotgun range. If you bring rifles, you MUST have a firearm hunting license OR be on the rifle range with someone who has one. The rifle range was renovated a couple years ago, it's really nice now since they installed very stable concrete tables and benches. There are more shooting positions too, I think six tables. Another new feature at Stafford Forge is the removal of barriers allowing vehicles to drive up to the shooting areas. No more slogging from the eternally flooded parking area to the shooting pads. I will be bringing my automatic trap machine and a few cases of targets. If you have a thrower, bring it. Bring your shotgun, as much #7.5 or #8 lead target/field loads as you want to shoot, and depending on how much you want to shoot, a carton of clay pigeons would be great. Supplies are available at Shooters, which is just off the GSP exit. Don't forget eyes and ears. Also recommended is a chair, insect repellent, and something to drink. If you don't have a shotgun and just want to have a go at trap shooting, you are welcome to use my loaner shotgun.
  3. Two democrats working hard on solving global warming.
  4. Welcome to the forum Khaan, I see that this is your first post. Please, do go to the introductions thread and say hello to everyone. We have lots of good folks here happy to help, and one crazy chick that doesn't realize Taylor Ham no longer exists.
  5. There are several downloadable PDFs you can print and make your own.
  6. Squirrel will be hunted to near extinction. I imagine the more passive folks will similarly fish rivers.
  7. They've always carried individual pouches of Mountain House in the camping section. Interesting that they are stepping up their game.
  8. Theoretically, semolina pasta can be stored indefinitely. 10 years is pretty much guaranteed if it is properly packaged.
  9. Dude, I've been trying to get people to understand that for over ten years. Once the scary black rifles get banned, then they turn their attention to every other SA, like the Ruger Mini, Remington 750 and even grandpa's Garand. They will point out, in a reverse argument used by AR owners for decades, that there is no functional difference between an AR and any other SA rifle. The 2A community has said "there is no difference between an AR and gramps' blued rifle with a straight wood stock. The retardocrats took that to heart.
  10. Fake news. Nobody here is talking about CCW at all, not a peep.
  11. Okay, change in strategy. Instead of buying any more rifles from you, how much u want for that magic safe?
  12. Peel, stop trying to corrupt new members.
  13. https://www.youtu.be/N0DNQxfBg9w
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jWZgieF511
  15. Smart scopes are not all digital. There are optical scopes with built in range finding, and laser dot holdover built in. For example, Burris make a laser scope called the Eliminator III. Optical scopes only move the dot to the correct hold over, windage is still Kentucky style.
  16. They don't. Some folks have had limited success using them SAs that have adjustable gas blocks but they just aren't dependable. They are troublesome in many pump actions too, but there are aftermarket shims for the shell elevator that take care of that. I don't think manual action rifles have any kind of mag limit. The minis are an interesting idea, but not interesting enough for me to pay the crazy price they sell for. I don't see any practical use for them. However, since I reload, I'm thinking about making my own 6 pellet loads to mess with. For, uh... science, yeah, experimenting. Not that they look fun or anything.
  17. Democrats will never allow the mean police or courts to put their constituent's children in juvy. That's how they loose present and future votes. Plus, it costs a lot to do that and they need the money to support food programs, free medical and education for all the illegal aliens.
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