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  1. Don’t have Facebook, never had never will, downfall of society and to liberal. I will check out the 1919 forum, thanks for the info.
  2. Google has failed. There is one on eBay in German don’t want to take the $500 risk, hoping someone here has a family member or friend with a collection of surplus parts. Went to the military vehicle parts swap meet yesterday and found zero.
  3. As the title says in need of a gun mount for my mutt if anyone has one let me know.
  4. Ff312

    P365 Update

    P365 Factory night sights. Not sure what your g43 has.
  5. Thanks for the info, looks like I have two more places to start looking.
  6. I read mixed reviews on the quality of Radical Firearms. Anyone have any personal experience good or bad? Was looking at this upper as the price is attractive for a .458 build. https://www.opticsplanet.com/radical-firearms-16-in-458-socom-upper-assembly.html?_iv_code=2CS-URC-16458SO-CFU16-458SOC-15FHR
  7. Ff312

    CMP ammo

    Last time I order ammo from them, three wooden ammo crates were stacked at my door. And yes it had a ORM sticker.
  8. Ff312

    Looking for good Sporting Clay Ranges

    2nd for cedar creek, took a group of guys there for a bachelor party this year, had a great time.
  9. Ff312

    6.5 Jap Ammo

    Picked up a arisaka type 38 recently. Looks like ammo is scarce, I do reload but I'd like to start with some factory rounds. Anyone have a source. Local would be great so I don't have to pay shipping for the one or two boxes that are in stock. Checked cabelas in Delaware yesterday, no go. Any help is appreciated.
  10. Ff312


    No problems with buds, gunbuyer or grabagun. All make it to easy to buy, you have to shop around for the best deals on all of them though.
  11. I have carried at the liberty bell, just let them know at the check point and have your work is ready. No problems at all.
  12. Ff312

    inexpensive snubbie

    Ruger LCR usually around $350
  13. As the title says, look for a good recipe, type of brass, primer powder and bullet. What works for you? And what are you shooting it out of?

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