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  1. Heard the same from Rick this weekend. I will keep a log of our convo and his FFL info. Thank you guys!
  2. If I sent a rifle for work to an out of state gunsmith who is also a FFL, and I decided to just sell him the rifle instead of paying to fix it, what do I need signed from the guy? Any input would be greatly appreciated, the gunsmith is located in Texas for whatever its worth. Thank You Jon
  3. underfold can certainly be pinned, and there is plenty of metal to drop a weld somewhere inside too. On calguns they do it with half cut pipe wedged in the spring loaded mechanism of the folder with a clamp to stay secure. if you want a step further would be just welding a similar block between the rear trunnion
  4. https://www.rt.com/usa/349599-pentagon-zombie-apocalypse-nurses/ Dont tease me. Is the new season on yet?! or will we be living it soon?
  5. Rob, Looks like more of a serious threat kinda deal. But being already denied the silly language portion will need to be raised during the process. Regardless this is tremendous task, i could only imagine the personal expense, thank you for a look into your personal fight for a Conceal Carry Permit. Im going to try and make it Saturday for that Q&A as i have about no familiarity with this type of stuff.
  6. DAN WESSON VALOR STAINLESS 9MM 5-INCH 10RD NIGHT SIGHTS G10 $1,451.25 DAN WESSON POINTMAN NINE PM-9 STAINLESS 9MM 5-INCH 9RD FIBER FRONT SIGHT ADJUSTABLE REAR $1,331.15 DAN WESSON SPECIALIST MATTE STAINLESS 9MM 5-INCH 10RD $1,470.64 Remove Item Guys.. as a range gun, making holes in paper, maybe a steel challenge one day.. And just a breaking point into higher end 1911's. Dan Wesson has an overwhelming line up of gorgeous handguns but im at a loss. Pm-9 seems great for this purpose but just a few dollars more is Dan Wesson Valor seems to be the companies benchmark. While i rather a full size valor, or vbob in .45, can anyone comment between the two of these guns? And then the specialist, its nice but i dont foresee my self using that rail as i still dont use anything on the rail of my m&p9, but its still a gorgeous pistol. i want to keep it 9mm because thats what i have a lot of,.
  7. I'm leaning hard towards a guardian or vbob in 9mm. The duty coat vbob is just a lil too pricey compared to the ss at the moment.
  8. oh ya when Norfolk turns to Turner, you have gone too far. Learned that Friday. I do insurance, and most of our business is outa Newark. A lot of the new buildings and development in this general area comes from some of our insurered so I'm usually in the area taking pictures, or dropping off bonds/paperwork. Anyway the news is crying gun control today. News12 is really pushing the anti agenda but what else is to be expected.
  9. I just tossed my trap I made from last year. Didn't do anything for me. I had someone come and dust away. The dust needs to get pumped into the channels they make.. I used pvc pipe and ak trigger parts to extend my aresol can up the side of my house.. Didn't work.. I taped a sandal to the pvc pipe and that got a couple of them.. Spent like 200 on having someone come dust and fill holes and they are all gone.. None yet this year either.
  10. absolutely consult a lawyer. If i had the funds, i would start with a consultation of sort to establish a line of communication with a lawyer, and a plan of action in the event of a denial. start a go fund me! id donate towards your fees!. As i can personally relate to your obvious need to be given a conceal carry.
  11. Lol Clinton Liquors is one of my customers, that area sucks! Go talk to a local lawyer familiar with the judges in Woodbridge. go take a course, log the police activity in the area, nearby issues. Like how trulia advertises for free. IF you get denied, maybe attempt to prepare some sort of legal action. just to name a few.. 02/14/2016: Shooting/Stabbing. PD o/s with male shot in the leg ems requested 03/30/2016 Shooting Shooting/Stabbing. Police and EMS on scene w/ 1 confirmed GSW victim. EMS transporting to University Hospital. 03/30/2016 Theft of Vehicle Auto Theft 03/30/2016 Theft from Vehicle Theft F/A 03/30/2016 Theft Theft 03/30/2016 Robbery Robbery 03/30/2016 Theft of Vehicle STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERY 03/29/2016 Breaking & Entering Burglary 03/29/2016 Theft of Vehicle STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERY 03/28/2016 Theft Theft 03/27/2016 Theft from Vehicle Theft F/A
  12. Hey now. This is good stuff. Seems like b4 we make more progress towns have to be held accountable for butchering the permit process. The next step is clearly to just do away with permits lol!
  13. was the package opened by any chance that the neighbor brought over?
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