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GAPP will now be offering 2 new courses geared toward introducing people to action shooting sports... specifically IDPA and 3 gun competition.  These courses will be fast paced and cover much of what a new or novice shooter needs to safely complete their first match and/or improve their gaming skills.  We will be holding these courses June 21 and 22 at Buckeye Gun Club in Barnegat, NJ.  For a full course descriptions and registration, go to:



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    • By Mr.Stu
      I'm running my Intro to IDPA class next month.
      There's quite a few on this forum that have done it and they seemed to like it. If you want an easy way to transition from a static port to shooting on the move consider this class.
      Read the details and sign up here: http://idpa-intro.eventbrite.com/
    • By Mr.Stu
      I'm looking at running my IDPA Intro class a couple of times this year.
      I'm trying to create a bit of separation between the classes and to run on different days of the week to accommodate those that have regular commitments on a schedule.
      I have booked the range for August 29 which is a Saturday.
      I also wanted to run it on Saturday, June 7 but the range is not available that day. 
      Is there any interest in a class on a weekday in June?
      Please let me know.
    • By alec.mc
      ICORE ( International Confederation of Revolver Enthusiasts ) Is hosting their Championship match , The IRC - At Ontellunee Rod and Gun Club, New Tripoli PA on Sept. 12th - 15th 2019
      ICORE is a Revolver only competition that implements time plus scoring on NRA D1 targets. It's " Run and Gun " format is similar to USPSA / IDPA but only features 4 revolver only divisions which are comprised of:
      Open - Anything goes, red dots, ported barrels, 8 shot revolvers
      Limited - 8 shot revolvers , Iron sights , no barrel ports / comps
      Limited 6 - 6 shot moonclipped guns, Iron Sights 
      Classic - 6 shot speedloader guns, Iron sights.
      There is room for all levels of competitors in ICORE, you can learn more about ICORE @ www.icore.org or feel free to chat with me about the match or sport. There is also an ICORE Facebook group with lots of useful information @ https://www.facebook.com/ICOREshooting/
      If you'd like to register for the match you can do so at https://practiscore.com/icore-2019-international-revolver-championship-irc/register?fbclid=IwAR2H9MJoNZl7mKxthg9GuHtzyF3AGW1P-GB5m8UuOjB2191wYcmXMi2nsI8
      -Alec McMahon
      ICORE Board of Directors North East Region. 
    • By TacticalTrainingCenter
      Join us every Friday for our 40-yard sharp shooting competition.
      40-Yard Friday’s Details:
      – Hit a playing card from 40 yards to qualify for the semi-finals at the end of March.
      – Iron sights, 8 shots, 9mm and above.
      – One Final sharp-shooter will win a Premium Membership valued at $495 and have Bragging Rights!
      Semi-finals will be held at the end of March.
      Stop by the TTC range and take your shot!
    • By louu
      The next match is Sunday September 24th.
      This match and all matches at Quinton sportsmans club are open to the public. 
      5 big bad ass stages.
       Check the website for the regestration link on the 17th http://www.quinton3gun.com/index.php
      and all other information such as address and start time
      Remember, if you come out early, help with setup and stay after to help break down Santa will bring you a new gun.
      Setup starts at 7am. Registration closes at 8:30 and I will have a new shooters briefing at 8:30. Match announcements at 9 with the match starting after that.
      $20 for members and $25 for non members. 
      I think this is the Facebook link https://m.facebook.com/login.php?next=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fprofile.php%3Fid%3D480685162262667%26tsid%3D0.8144195090284061%26source%3Dtypeahead&refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fprofile.php&_rdr
      New shooters are welcome to shoot. 
      The kitchen will be open as always and will bring you what ever you order
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