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Wanted - Freedom Arms Black Powder Derringer

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    • By Grapeshot
      For anyone who has the least interest in black powder, or who appreciates exceptional craftsmanship, Dixon's Gunmakers' Fair is happening this weekend:
      An amazing display of hand-made black powder rifles and pistols, mostly flinters, and an impressive schedule of seminars for those who want to build their own or just learn more. Kid-friendly, and food trucks are available for lunch. It's not that far (exit 40 off 78 I believe), and it really is a one-of-a-kind event. It runs Friday - through Sunday, and there are vendors from all over the country showing their wares. There is also a competition for hand-built guns, horns, etc. Truly incredible what amateurs can do given enough time and direction. It's free, but you will need to pay for parking. I go every year and it is a "must do" event for me. Hope to see you there! 
    • By Smokin .50
      I'm running a Hog Hunt at Mohr's Exotic Island Hunts in Bainbridge, PA on Friday May 1st.  Have (3) OPEN SLOTS AVAILABLE!  Cost is just $375 and includes field dressing by the Guides.  This is a Guided and driven Hunt on a 150 acre island in the middle of the Susquehanna River across from Bainbridge, PA.  This will be my 3rd Hunt with these nice folks.  Hogs are good-eating, farm-raised South Carolina Pigs (no tusks).  A great way to break-into Hunting since NO license is required!  You can use virtually any gun or bow suitable for harvesting a deer.  Hunter Orange vest and hat are required (an Upland bird vest does fine).  Ranges vary, but best guess is 25-45 yards from the game, depending upon the brush conditions on the island.  Interested parties please contact me here.  Be advised we've advertised this availability in multiple locations, so this is strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.  SAFETY is my number one priority, so a telephone interview will be conducted prior to your acceptance.  Age range is well-disciplined teenagers on up to Old Farts like me.  Full payment due at booking if I don't already know you.  For photos and to verify that I'm not making a dime on this, please go to: . 
      Thanks in advance,
      Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal
    • By alfar68
      I inherited 3 old hand guns. One seem to be a Frank Wesson derringer, over and under. The other 2 are revolvers. One has an Owl on the grip and the other has a pat date of 1908. I have pictures. I have a NJ Firearm permit and got a pistol permit from the police chief but never bought anything with it. I am wondering if should take them to Newark to one of those $200.00 gift card trade in days or legally sell them to a collector/dealer?
      Any help/comments will be appreciated.
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    • What’s the lies? You dont think they’ll know what you have when they show up for a stupid reason that gives em an excuse to gun grab?

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    • Ok, thanks What if you dont have all the parts - like the floor plate is missing?
    • They can run on it, but it would not work in the national elections. Gun control would fly in the House of Reps, but it would be DOA in Senate. Look at Obama... came from Chicago.... but did not do anything on a national level. Guns are a very localized issue.  What we will see is very anti gun North East (DC to MA) + California and an apathetic to pro-gun rest of the country. 
    • That is a ridiculous comparison, a court case involving an opposition party and some judges who may be irrational, to a tradesman working at your house on inanimate-object...But we can end this pain and suffering of our conversation. I get it, you hate him, he suck's, he doesn't win. But we you have no idea what exactly he did wrong in our 10R limit case. Fare enough.
    • You'd be better off writing the shorter list:
      Pro 2A companies. You live in New Jermany, These businesses are the least of your 2A issues.