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AR Beginners Course April 17, 2016

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GAPP will be offering an AR beginners course on April 17, 2016 at Fort Dix Range 14. This course is the NRA First steps rifle course (specifically for the AR rifle platform). It is designed to introduce the new AR-15 owner to their rifle properly and safely. The classroom portion covers the history of the platform, disassembly, reassembly, cleaning, and aftermarket accessories... as well as the laws regarding rifles of this type. Several models are available to look at and will be used for demonstration in the classroom... and one can be provided for use on the range if you don't own an AR yet and just want to learn how to shoot one. After lunch, we head out to the range and zero your rifle... and see if you can hit a steel plate at 200 yards. The course length is approximately 6 hours and the cost is $180. If you're a new AR owner or if you've had one sitting in your safe for a while, come out and learn more about it. For registration info, go to The class size is limited so register soon.

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    • By bhtc
      Hello from Black Hat Training Corps, BHTC ( 
      We have opened up our RECCE/DMR course for registration. This is an and/or course. You can bring rifles set up for either task and shoot them both if you wish. 
      30 second elevator description: 
      This is a high round count, long distance rifle course that focuses on practical employment of the AR platform rifle with magnified optics either 10+(DMR), or the 1-4 or 1-6 range (RECCE) out to the furthest possible distance. Both you and your platform will be pushed to their limits. We recommend 200-250 rounds for each class of rifle you bring. Bring more == shoot more. 
      If you don't know about us, feel free to ask openly here, on, or the njgunforums. 

      Full Info and registration:

      DMR/SDM Definition, Role, and capabilities 
      Evolution and Demand of the DMR and RECCE platforms, and how it differs from other roles 
      A look at different and useful ways to configure both platforms 
      Ballistics, Trajectory 
      Review on range estimation 
      Practical Alternative zeroing techniques 
      SBU prone engagements 
      Significant amount of Reticle work 
      Multiple target engagement techniques 
      Distances for course shots are 100 to 800Y, with available targets to 1040Y if you want to go after them 
      Working with non-traditional support 
      Shooting from hasty positions 
      Some work on traditional unsupported positions 
      Full darkness night fire (green laser designator illuminated targets, no NV or suppressor required) 
      Scenario based final exam with pass or fail elements
    • By My1stGlock
      Is this new or does anyone have any input about it? I know this is not the first one.........
    • By NJGF
      The NRA is having a Cyber Monday sale on memberships valid through 11/30/2016:
      1 Year Membership - $30.00 Regularly $40 3 Year Membership - $85.00 Regularly $100 5 Year Membership - $100.00 Regularly $140 Life Membership - $600.00 Regularly $1500
    • By JT Custom Guns
      We are now selling Kriss Vector CRB carbines 
      9mm, 10mm & .45acp
      There are several color choices avail from kriss
      Colors & cal. subject to avail. at time of order
      Call for Prices & Avail.

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