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Strike Industries Viper Modular Fixed Stock

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Hi all. :)

This is my first time posting in the forum. After having searched through both this forum and the inner-webs, in general for information pertaining to the legality of this this particular stock, I have seemingly gotten nowhere, so I figured I'd post/ask about it here.

The stock in question is the Strike Industries Viper Modular Fixed Stock and I am trying to find out if it would count as having one of the "offending features" within the state of NJ?


The stock definitely does not fold, and it does not appear to qualify as telescoping under the traditional sense. The length of pull IS adjustable by means of spacers inserted between the castle nut and the actual stock, BUT the adding/removing of these spacers requires using a hex wrench to completely disassemble the stock first.

My questions are:

Do any of you currently have/use this particular stock here in the State of NJ?

Do you think this stock would qualify as one of NJ's offending features, or at least look "different-enough" to put one under risk of enhanced scrutiny and possible arrest if one had it on their AR-15?

I had one gunsmith tell me that stocks must be permanently pinned (not true, since the only thing I recall as needing to be permanent is the muzzle brake) and I also had a representative from U.S. Law Shield tell me that he "Didn't think it would count as an offending feature, but in the State of NJ who knows?"

Looking forward to the replies. :)


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3 minutes ago, InFamous said:

It's a fixed stock. Spacers shouldn't make a difference since you can't adjust on the fly. I would use it on a build...as a matter of fact I kind of like it and probably will order one for a future build. I like Strike Industries stuff too. 

Yes, Strike Industries makes some really great stuff! I too like the look of this stock and it is actually very reasonable priced. I have bought over a dozen of their various AR-15 accessories to date and will continue to buy more.

It just irks me that I see so many people taking really nice, telescoping stocks and basically neutering them (having them pinned), instead of getting adjustable stocks like this, assuming they are legal. It's like everybody in this state has the same kind of "pinned" stock and so no-one even thinks to use a different design... and that pretty much means that whenever you show up at a range with something "different" than what everyone else is using it is immediately questioned.

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Another thing to go by is the fact that it's marketed as a fixed stock. I would think by NJ law, just like muzzle brakes, the law would be interpreted by how it's marketed. 

Edit: That and the fact it doesn't move...regardless if you can adjust the length with tools/spacers. 

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1 hour ago, InFamous said:

Another thing to go by is the fact that it's marketed as a fixed stock. I would think by NJ law, just like muzzle brakes, the law would be interpreted by how it's marketed. 

Edit: That and the fact it doesn't move...regardless if you can adjust the length with tools/spacers. 

Those are very good facts. I had been thinking that it may be a good idea to keep the manuals/install sheets for certain components (muzzle compensator, stock, etc.) in the rifle bag, so that their manufacturer-intended descriptions can be presented on-the-fly if in the face of unwanted scrutiny.

Somewhere along those lines, I had also just recently picked up (in prep for Murhpy's Law) a Cali-compliant HERA Featureless CQR Buttstock, which I intend to use on the 2nd of two of what are my very first-ever AR builds. Because the CQR (with removable plate covering the thumbhole) is not exactly something that is commonly seen at the range I fear that may come under some scrutiny for having that, as well.

There really needs to be a published list of NJ-approved "featureless" AR parts... something that the NJSP, the AG and any judge/lawyer would be able to easily reference whenever the legality of an AR feature/part was in question.

I will be attending my fourth Evan Nappen U.S Law Shield workshop tomorrow night.... and while I'm there I'll try and ask Evan why there hasn't been a class action lawsuit to that effect, demanding a clear and concise listing of which commonly available, mass-produced AR products fit into the category of "featureless".... especially those which are specifically identified by other states (like Cali) as being approved as featureless.

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I watched the install video, and IMO it's 100% legal fixed stock. I built my first AR a couple months ago. Next AR will be more of a traditional build as I have an A2 stock I was given that I wanna use. Next build after that will include this stock we are discussing now I think. 

Here's my first build. 



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13 hours ago, mrmister2000 said:

 whenever you show up at a range with something "different" than what everyone else is using it is immediately questioned.

Do people in NJ seriously do this? I'm wondering because I shoot in PA...

I get irked enough when guys come off the 25 yard line to question my shooting. Yes, you can stand up and shoot a Mosin  with iron sights and hit a 100 yard target. It's not that hard, maybe try learning the fundamentals before you slap a $500 scope on your rifle?

But legal stuff? Really? If someone came up to me at a range and seriously questioned me about some kind of legal BS I would tell them...well...can't type what I'd say on this forum. Let's just say it would be abbreviated F O

Mind your own damn business people

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Here in NJ possession of a slingshot is a felony, you need an FID to purchase a BB gun, and mistakenly leaving a single hollow-point round in your pocket after leaving your property is an automatic, mandatory 18-month prison sentence. I think people here are quick to judge what others have because there is an awful lot here which is deemed illegal... and there is not a single firearms-related charge here in NJ which is not at least a Class IV felony. I have people coming over to look at my guns all the time. They may not necessarily be looking to see if I have offending features, but I've had enough people bark at me "don't even think about having so-and-so on your gun because it's illegal" for me to know that some people spend more time thinking about what's legal and illegal than they do actually thinking about just hitting the target.

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I get what you're saying 100%.

But it's not me that has made ergonomic features and safe ammunition massive crimes. As far as I'm concerned those laws are total and utter bullcrap. I think it's a waste of money to arrest, bring to trial, and imprison an individual for such an offense. I think there is also a moral objection to destroying someone's life over an ergonomic feature or other such nonsense.

However, if the state is going to do that to people, le them do it. I would not break these laws myself, ever. But if someone else is, I am not an LEO. I am not sworn to enforce these laws. It's none of my business and whatever these hypothetical people are or are not doing is illegal or not, it's none of my business.

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