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1.93 Optic Mounts

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I'm far more pistol oriented, so I'm very inexperienced with rifle optics, especially those which are magnified. My most recent AR build was my first dabble into LPVOs and I currently have a Vortex Viper 1-6 PST Gen 2 mounted in a Geissele Super Precision mount. I opted to go with the standard height, which is listed as 1.54 height, but I'm seeing more and more frequently mounts being used with a 1.93 height. Looks like Geissele now offers mounts at a 2.04 height, which I only just found out existed.

Does anybody have experience with the taller mounts? I'm curious if it's worth converting to. In terms of what my use case is, I would hesitantly say competition as I would use it most often in a 3-gun environment. I'm more interested what's "optimal", though. Meaning I like to intelligently experiment with things that make the user interface with the rifle superior.

Thoughts? Experience?

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The taller LPVO mounts are the way to go - I prefer the 1.93” for LPVO. I find it does a better job at every position, from prone to standing and everything in between - including non-traditional shooting positions. 

The new over 2” mounts are starting to grab attention with folks that spend a lot of time with NODS behind the optics. Personally, I find the over 2” a little too high as they require a chin weld vs a cheek weld, but YMMV.

I still prefer the lower 1/3 (~1.5”) mounts for RDS.

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For competition, I would get the most offset you can first. Accommodating the eye box, shooter, and gun can be a no-win situation without sufficient offset in a cantilevered mount. 

To date I have found the adm recon-x is the right thing at the closest to the right price. it has 3" of offset, and is 1.5" to centerline. 1.55 if you get 34mm rings (which is what I run). 

To get the ADM high mount that is 1.93 on 30mm rings, you have to cut back to the 1.93" offset of the plain old recon. For ther brands it is worse. The MI mount peaks at 2.8" of offset, the hi version is 1.4" of offset. 

I've got a big melon, and my biggest issue is how much I have to crank my neck back when doing prone off a low rest. A higher mount makes that worse. The only thing I would see higher being better for would be weak side/weak eye mount braced.  But I also use an a-1 length stock. 

I'm not sure there's an absolute answer as everyone is different sized and shaped, and what gear you have chosen can effect the ergonomics of how you mount and use your rifle, so...


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