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30HP Screw type Compressor & Automatic brass buffing machine

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So I have two items that I'm trying to get rid of.

One is a Sullair ES-8.  This is a 3 phase screw type air compressor.  This provides 95CFM at 140PSI.  It makes a lot of air!  Used, not sure on hours.  Can test run it before a sale.  It's a serious compressor.  Loud too.


The other is a Mutschler Edge Technologies Universal indexing dual spindle buff machine.  Never been used.  The plan was for it to polish brass but we ended up pulling out of the country right as this got delivered.  It never ran in production.   It polished brass tubes, or rifle brass, etc.

These are both pallet sized pieces of equipment, both are industrial usage or like a gas station, etc.

The Compressor goes for about 6k used.   We could probably do half that.

The other machine...I'd have to show someone, it's real hard to explain.  You put your brass on this chuck, it goes in, buffs and you load the other side.  Then that goes in, you take out the first two, rinse, repeat.  It's set up for automation.







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Just now, capt14k said:

Would this compressor work for running autoshop lifts and airtools, or is it an overkill.

You can run 3/4" impacts with it.   I'm sure if you had a holding tank, you could run pretty much anything..  You'd have to look at the requirements of a lift, I think they are more about PSI than CFM though.   It's right sized for a small to medium auto shop.

It might be a bit small for a jack hammer, but you'd use a portable gas powered for that anyway.






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