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  1. Possession of over a 15 rd magazine is a crime in NJ. It would be illegal to have an over 30 rd AR mag in a Remington 7615P as it's made to fit a semi auto. Same for the AK mags.
  2. These most likely are for the Office of the Inspector General where they do criminal investigations. 27 shotguns is not a lot but I'm sure they don't have that many investigators. Every department in the federal government has criminal investigators that have guns and badges, investigate crimes, and make arrests. For example, last I knew there were only about 50 in the Forest Service. EPA, Fish and Wildlife, Agriculture, and all the others have criminal investigators. 14" 870s are what most Federal Agencies are using. They are a little handier getting in and out of a car and in tight quarters. They do have significantly more muzzle blast than a 18" barrel though.
  3. IIRC, The only thing the C&R does in NJ is eliminates the requirement for you to pay NICS on every transaction. I understand the C&R also eliminates the one a month? Last I looked both are correct. Fortunately we haven't had any of the famous "attorney general opinions" in NJ since Christie was elected.
  4. Is this Romanian stuff steel case? Do you have the same issue with brass casr ammo? It may be the steel case isn't expanding enough to seal the chamber and you're getting hit by gas blow by. Try some brass case ammo and see if it happens. Are there any signs of headspace issues like primers backing out or the shoulder of the case gets blown forward a great deal?
  5. except a visit from a Federal agent when I get my permit. The feds have no jurisdiction in what states do issuing carry permits. What exactly is c&r mean Curio and Relic License from ATfE. Allows you to order guns directly from distributors to your door(usually at least 50 years old) on ATFE's C&R list directly...except in NJ. In NJ all guns have to go through a NJ Licensed FFL. added italics
  6. If the Privi cases are brass and you look inside and see one hole at the bottom then it is reloadable. The nickel plated cases Federal and Speer uses are also reloadable. Nickel cases are usually used in premium ammo as it supposedly eases extraction and prevents corrosion.
  7. Slower powders like 2400 are best for full power loads. I would stay away from the faster powders like Bullseye and W231. If you double charge the case will hold both charges. I use Unique for a 357 load that gives me 1000 fps. Unique also has the advantage that double charges of what I use will overflow the case. I'd use Unique or something in the same range. You can also use Unique to load it hotter.
  8. If you go to the link on the NJSP website: http://njsp.org/about/fire_hollow.html They talk about travelling to another state for a lawful purpose with the firearm and ammunition. I think your FL CCW supports this. However, as with every gun law in NJ there is no hard and fast answer. I'd do it if I were in your circumstances.
  9. they should look into Federal. While everyone is crying for a change to 401, that should include anyone getting a pension from Uncle Sam. There were big changes to the federal pension sysytem during the Reagan Administration with the adoption of the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). Under FERS the biggest chunk of your pension comes from the thrift Savings Plans which is basically a 401K. Federal retirees get health insurance of their choice but there is no employer contribution to it. The retiree has to pay for it in full. Granted they pay a group rate but pay for it all. The first area of reform in the NJ Pension Sytem is the way it is designed to be abused by the politically hooked. There has to be a name for it but I'm not sure what it is. Say you're an engineer employed by a big firm or you own your own business. Get appointed to the Anytown Downtown Improvement Committee which pays you a nominal salary ($5-10K year) which requires you make a monthly meeting and do maybe 10-12 hours work between meetings. Do this for 25 years or so and then get yourself a real (appointed) state job that pays 150K. Work at that for 3 years (it is high 3 in NJ isn't it) and you get a pension based on that 150K salary plus free health benefits. The opportunities for lawyers to abuse the system is even better with all the lawyer jobs available full and part time throughout the state. So why would they respond? To just let them go after tying up resources doing paperwork? State agencies cannot enforce Federal regulations. ICE has a problem picking up illegals. If the only Federal crime is being illegal the most ICE can do is hold them on a $1500 bond and issue a notice to appear. The number of agents they have tied up working serious cases like human trafficking doesn't leave much manpower to pick up an illegal who washing dishes in a restaurant or working as a roofer for $10 a hour. The public is part to blame for illegals getting work. They don't want to pay the union guy $30 a hour for the job that an illegal will do for $10. Arrest all the illegals working in restaurants in NJ and none will have clean dishes. 50 years ago there were Americans to do the jobs that many illegals do. The nanny state started during the Johnson Administration has made it too easy for enabling those Americans who don't want to work for a living to live off the government. Remember during the Clinton Administration when it was discovered Social Security was instructing drug addicts on how to apply for SSI because they couldn't work because they were drug addicts?
  10. I have heard that one of the reasons not to use hand loaded SD ammo is because of the argument that you specifically created something with the intent to kill. Extra lethal, as in pre-meditated. Soooooooo... Mr. Griz... isn't it true that you MADE these deadly bullets yourself... AH Ha.. So then.. you were just WAITING and Planning all along; LOOKING for someone you judged to be a BAD GUY, so you could USE your deadly home made bullets weren't you.. Whether or not you use handloaded ammo for SD this is one of the common arguments that come up. It also illustrates that if you should find yourself in the position of having to respond to the question posed by Freedom First, you have a good criminal defense lawyer who can put the "extra lethal ammo" question to rest. Avoid having to respond to this by using factory ammo. The fewer questions available to the prosecutor or plantiff's attorney the better it is for you.
  11. Let's start off by saying a good shoot is a good shoot no matter what you use to shoot with or the ammo. If you have armed terrorists ninjas knocking down your door, the entire incident is videotaped, and you have witnesses that back up your story there should be no problem in a criminal case. You won't see the inside of a criminal court. In a civil case (moreso in a state like NJ), the plantiff's attorney will use everything possible to make you look bad. Handloaded ammo is just one of these things. Massad Ayoob has written on this and it is one point I have to agree with him on. Use factory loads in a SD gun. If there is some question about what happened this can verify your story. If you say the BG was attacking you with a baseball bat and he was six feet away and his froends say he was 50 feet away, gun shot residue can be duplicated if you are using factory ammo by the "boys from forensics". No doubt about the outcome of the tests. If you are using handloads and testing is done with what you say you had in the gun there is still an element of doubt. Is that what he really had in the gun? To say it a little different than Shane45 did, you can prevent any of these problems for less than 5 minutes of a good lawyer's time. Why take a chance? The weapon and ammo will be taken as eveidnce in a righteous shoot and you probably will have to fight to get it back in NJ. You still may lose it. Just don't use that Singer 1911 as a SD gun.
  12. GRIZ

    Beyond Hope

    Try Jim Flynn on Rte 31 in Glen Gardener. Jim has his FFL on the premises of his truck repair business so you can buy guns and get your Peterbilt serviced at the same time. He doesn't have a large inventory but can get you what you want at good prices. Yea, I was at Ft We-Gotcha (Huachuca) for training. bbk, I spent some time at Fort Huachuca. Used to go to the gun club shoots on weekends and joined the Cochise Gun Club in Tombstone while I was there. I generally preferred to go to the Gun Club and have a couple of beers with John (the retired Warrant that ran the club) at teh end of the day. Before anyone gets excited there was no handling of firearms just beers and swapping war stories (John had a lot more than I). You can always tell a good war story because it starts out "this ain't no sh___". I also spent two years living at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument which is by Lukeville in the middle of nowhere. On your way there the sign says "Hell, 10 miles, Lukeville 20". If I had to live in AZ I'd pick Sierra Vista. Tucson and Phoenix have got too built up.
  13. I still find it funny how many people think BC had a good presidency... wsl, thanks for filling in everyone on this so I didn't have to. Everything positive that happened during the Clinton presidency and he takes credit for was the result of the Republican Congress and Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America". Like Newt or not conservatism sells when you make it clear to people what you are going to do. Rush Limbaugh made an interesting comment today. He wished BC well and mentioned Clinton should be glad Obamanocchio's health plan wasn't in effect. It may not have allowed the procedures BC has as he's too old and being retired wasn't contributing to society.
  14. GRIZ

    What if?

    All you need to do is buy one on the last day of the month, and then buy the next one on the first day of the next month. Two guns in two days. Don't have the law handy but I believe it's one every 30 days not one per calendar month. Tracking this can be done through NICS or the copies of the purchase permit that go back to the local pd or state police.
  15. From the NJ Constitution of 1947, Article I, Section 1: 1. All persons are by nature free and independent, and have certain natural and unalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and of pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness. You have the right to defend life and liberty. Many liberals will say that means you have the right to call the police. The constitutional issue is "What do we defend with". NJ law says you do not have to retreat from a deadly confrontation. This implies you can use a deadly weapon (which includes swords, crossbows, etc). Like a lot of things in NJ law there is no clear cut answer.
  16. I have seen and heard of M16s melting the gas tube at 4-500 rds. I think there may have been some type of defect in the barrel causing it to burst as it did. I can't think of a time the M4/M16 would be fired like that in combat. At least it didn't catch fire as the AK did. The guy shooting the flaming AK displays more stamina than brains.
  17. Very nice! Are those Garands from CMP all matching? If you want one all matching you order a Correct Grade which of course costs you more. I have several Service Grades and managed to build a Correct Grade by swapping parts. If you want a shooter Service Grade is the way to go. I have never been disappointed with any SG I ordered by mail. Rarely, they are built from original receivers and many have new barrels. They are all professionally built and tested before being sold. I have only one M1 that has been rebarreled. Like most rifles in the military they have been carried a lot and shot little. The one I have that has been rebarreled I picked out at the North Store. It is a genuine mixmaster with SA receiver and rebarreled by the Danes with a VAR barrel. I have parts from WW, IHC, and Beretta. It is also my best shooting M1. The dark wood would indicate it's all walnut which most would consider a plus. If you go on the CMP website there is data on stock refinishing. Although many will disagree I have used oven cleaner to clean the stock followed by multiple coats of linseed oil. Before you refinish you need to check the cartouches as some stocks are worth almost as much as what you paid for the rifle.
  18. why wont he do a FTF transfer. He does not need to do a NICS, you both fill out the NJ Cert of Elig. I know of dealers in other states (not NJ) who only do internet sales to other dealers and don't have or need sales tax certificates from the state and NICs accounts. This would be all legal but they have to send the gun to a FFL as they do not collect sales tax or do NICS. I really don't know if it is possible to do this in NJ.
  19. I know some Federal LEOs who went to Haiti after Hurricane Andrew. They took whatever gun they were qualified with and can see no reason why the Marines would be walking around there now with no ammo. If you take the gun with you, you stand to take a chance of a variety of charges for exporting it and bringing it back. Haiti has been used as a transhipment point for drugs for some time and I guarantee you and the aircraft will be subjected to a thorough Customs exam when you return. Don't take a gun there are too many ways you can get caught and get in trobule even if you don't use it.
  20. Nothing new in this speech by disgruntled war veteran. Same key words like "imperialism", "racist", "oppressive", "big business", "billionaires", stuff they were saying about Vietnam in the 60s. There will always be people like this trying to make us the bad guy.
  21. See 5 below: ii. A semi-automatic pistol that has an ability to accept a detachable magazine and has at least two of the following: (1) An ammunition magazine that attaches to the pistol outside of the pistol grip; (2) A threaded barrel capable of accepting a barrel extender, flash suppressor, forward handgrip, or silencer; (3) A shroud that is attached to, or partially or completely encircles the barrel and that permits the shooter to hold the firearm with the non-trigger hand without being burned; (4) Manufactured weight of 50 ounces or more when the pistol is unloaded; and/or (5) A semi-automatic version of an automatic firearm; and
  22. My glock has a serial number on the frame, slide and barrel. This is because in many countries the barrel is the controlled part as the frame is here. Many older guns would have the serial number or the last 3 numbers on any part big enough to put a number on. Glock having it on all three makes it easier to avoid a mix up of parts when you have a bunch of soldiers or leos cleaning guns ttogether. You can take 3 Glocks of the same model swap around parts so you have a diffrent slide, barrel, and frame and it will work. I know.
  23. I don't know of a form reporting multiple long gun purchases but it may be something the state police (of whatever state) and/or BATFE has requested under "suspicious firerams purchases". Go buy a 10/22, 870, and AR probably wouldn't raise an eyebrow. Buy 3 ARs or AKs might.
  24. A bit pricy but they have them which is more than I can say for most places. They are out of them now.
  25. CCI 500 SPP available at Natchez Shooters Supply. Come out to about $40/1000 with shipping and hazmat. They limit you to 5000.
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