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  1. Looks like some company came along and claims to make what I'm looking for: http://www.rimfireun...m/products.html I suspect its claims are mostly marketing BS You would have to take care and ensure the FMJ wasn't used in a tubular magazine. Yes they are npt centerfire but i wouldn't want to press my luck. I also don't think spitzer 22 rfs have enough velocity to start with to make a spitzer that much moe effective. Even the Hornaday Levevolution rounds really don't give that much of an advantage and are more a marketing ploy (to me anyway).
  2. "Agents witnessed the Defendant (Copeland) negotiate a price for a handgun with Hipolito Aviles, who then handed cash to a second Hispanic male, who then handed Aviles' cash and his own identification to the defendant," the prosecution said in court documents. I have no sympathy for the dealer. What occured in his presence is a "classic" example of a straw sale given in ATF literature that the dealer has received. With all the crap about guns being run from border states to Mexico going on now the dealer was stupid. I do have a problem with the two illegals not being deported immediately. Send them to jail for two years each for the straw sale? That's going to cost us, the taxpayers, over $100,000 and give the two illegals an associate degree in crime. Being that immigration law calls for deportation of a legal permanent resident for violating any firearms law I can't see why a immigration judge would have a problem deporting them.
  3. But, is there any reality to the fact that someone buying such a weapon, when they hae no need, no permit to carry, etc. might be flagged as an anomaly, dangerous, etc. because of their ownership of such an item? I wouldn't worry about "being flagged". The permit application used to contain a block where you stated "purpose for firearm" and you just always put "targetshooting" if you weren't a LEO. I remember turning in an application for a permit with targetshooting as the purpose in the early 70s. They used to check to see if you had any outstanding permits that weren't accounted for, not trying to limit your permits but a bookkeeping thing. My last 3 permits were used to buy a Bauer 25, Walther PP, and S&W Model 60. The officer taking the application looked it over to see if it were filled out correctly, noticed targetshooting as purpose and commented "yeah sure". Got my permit with the normal delay at the time. No guise is needed. Many people who "have a gun in the house" opt for small 22s and 25s because they want a small gun. Not the best choice but totally within their rights. If it's legal to sell in the state no one has any right to question what purpose you may want it for
  4. Okay some defense for the DEA agents: 1st they called it a "machine gun" like a dozen times. ..... imagine working as LEO for like 10 years and not knowing how MAC10 looks like? They are DEA agents. I would wholeheartedly agree with your comments if they were ATFE agents. If the issue was identifying some drug then I would fault the DEA agents. Their expertise is drugs not guns. MAC10s and Kel Tec Sub 2000s are not as commonly encountered on the street as many may think. I will agree that someone in DEA should have seen this edited out. I bet the kid is not even charged with machine gun possession as it's a semi-auto, it's not an "assault weapon" in NJ either DEA agents don't usually enforce NJ law. No he won't be charged with possession of a machine gun, that would be a 20 year add on charge to the drug offense. He will be charged with possession of a firearm during a drug felony which is a 10 year felony. This charge may carry a higher sentence than what he faces for the drugs. It could have been a single shot 22 and it would still Charging him with the drugs and firearm charges may loosen his lips a bit. I like the episode where they had (2) unmarked cars drive down a street looking for a brown malibu...the lead car drove right passed it turned the corner waited a few seconds then called to the second car that they found it and were gunna circle back. By the time they went on the five mile drive they car was gone! You apparently never did a surveillance. It's not as easy as many think. You can't stop right by the car you're looking for and expect the guy not to know he's being watched. I didn't see that episode but even if you are very familiar with the area it mught have required a "5 mile drive" to get back there.
  5. attachment of standardized barrel hardware or is there something to do with harmonics perhaps It's a bit of both.
  6. Gunsmithing school is a start. Then you would usually work for someone else to gain some experience. The fact is very few gunsmiths make really good money. You may have to move to another part of the country where guns are more prevalent therefore more business for a gunsmith. Do you want to be a general gunsmith or specialize in pistolsmithing, building rifles, etc?
  7. I use the RCBS case mouth chamfer tool for crimp removal. Quick twist and it is gone. Been doing it for years, no problems. I've used one for over 30 years with great results and no sharpening with at least 300,000 rounds loaded.
  8. I voted AR. I have used one in combat, it worked well for me, and there is no reason to change. I've used ARs, M16s, and M4s for over 40 years in jungles, desert, and just about every environment you can think of. Reliability issues are way overblown. Even in the 60s if you took reasonably good care of the rifle it would work. Most of the people condemning the AR and extolling the virtues of the AK have zero field experience with the rifle. They are just repeating crap "experts" keep telling them. Yes, the AK can be neglected more but the AR is far from what its critics make it out to be. Piston ARs seem to be more reliable but I wouldn't want to take one into combat now as they haven't been around long enough.
  9. I would think its more so general laziness and the lack of oversight by the TSA and other agencies in charge of traveler's hygiene There is no agency in charge of "traveler's hygiene". There are laws concerning exclusion for infectious diseases but there is no "hygiene exam" for entry to the US and you can't refuse admission to someone because they need a bath. In any case, there seems to be multiple bedbug reports in the news lately.
  10. Great gun but trigger pull is heavy but I was told it needs to be for a 22. Yes but it is smooth, smooth is more important than light. do you by any chance also have a 317 or 63? Is the trigger any better They would be no better and a 63 is most likely heavier due to the smaller mass of the hammer. Is the trigger too heavy for (and not to sound sexist, but) a girl? My 11 year old grandson shoots it and in his words "that's one sweet revolver Well you are a bit sexist. Unless risbee's grandson is an 11 year old body builder I would hazard any adult woman could handle the trigger. I've taught a few women in my 30+ years as an instructor and the deciding factor is usually desire to shoot not strength. That includes teaching full auto weapons. Minimal workouts with a rubber ball or hand exerciser will built up sufficient strength in the grip,
  11. Usually if the Street is a Border between the two towns, Curb-to-curb is considred fair game, that is anything that happens on the "Street" can be handled by either municipality violations-wise. At least that's the way we do it where I work. KpdPipes, that's the way its been since at least 1974 everywhere as afr as I know. I worked in a town that had a border that ran down the middle of the street. I think the statute giving authority to do this is buried somewhere in Title 39.
  12. GRIZ

    6.8 SPC or 7.62x39mm?

    I think the 6.8 will stay around but for ammo costs and availability I'd get the 7.62x39 between the two. Not starting a caliber war but my Mini 14 is a 223. I don't think the 7.62x39 or 6.8 is a magic round compared to the 223/5.56 which has worked for me for over 40 years.
  13. GRIZ

    OIL !!!!

    Whats that old saying? Something like oil for lube grease for pressure? I've used Breakfree for nearly 30 years. If you can't find it or want to pay less just get any general purpose lubricant with PTFE. If you clean your gun and put it away its still ready to go 6 months later. The PTFE is still there only the vehicle used to suspend it has evaporated. It has become popular to use grease in many applications but the only thing I use it on is M1s as they were designed to run on grease. I use Mobil 1 grease for that because: 1. It doesn't wash off if the rifle gets wet just like lithium grease. 2. Its red so I know if its powder residue or grease on a part. WD40 does have a place with guns but that's only if your gun got soaked, nothing displaces water better. A liberal spray of WD40 on a wet gun, followed by a good bath in Gunscrubber or Brake Kleen, followed by normal lubrication works.
  14. Mags only require a wipe down with lubricant inside and outside. You don't need to "keep mags lubed" for them to work You don't want any lube, wet or dry, inside your mags. Lubricant on ammo can raise pressures and bring about other unwanted events. Cheaper mags that "sometimes get hung up" are a poor investment. Buy factory or quality aftermarket mags only.
  15. He's a dumbass for sleeping in the parking lot but to ruin this guy's life over it, From what has been presented in this thread he's a dumbass for not following the guidelines set in the Firearms Owners Protection Act. But defense lawyer Richard Gilbert told jurors that there is no proof that the state has the right man. Well if the real Dustin would stand up fingerprints and mug shots could be checked easily. This doesn't sound like much of a defense. The man gave Wester a sheet from the York County Sherriff
  16. I could check it... they come out and check out the pistol then put a tag on there sayin its got a gun. Then the airlines are MUCH less likely to lose the luggage! I may start traveling with a starter pistol... TSA regs forbid any external tag on your luggage containing a firearm. There is a tag you place inside that has a metallic ink so it will show up on xrays letting security know you have a declared firearm in your bag.
  17. Mythbusters tested it - Slower moving bullets (9mm in particular) penetrate water fine. Yes but only for a few feet. If the shark isn't at or just a foot or so under the water the effectiveness of the projectile falls off rapidly.
  18. Out of state long gun: This item is a New Jersey compliant long gun being sold from outside of New Jersey. It may be shipped to a New Jersey FFL to complete the transaction, or the buyer may elect to travel to the seller to complete a face to face transaction, providing the required paperwork (NJ Driver's License, New Jersey FID card and NJ Certificate of Eligibility) is valid and complete. If transaction is done out of state it must be done at a FFL in that state. You cannot transfer a long gun to someone who is not a resident of your state in a simple ftf transaction. For example I bought a long gun from a guy in PA I go to a FFL in PA who does the transfer.
  19. A cartouche is letters, symbols, etc impressed into the stock. Theu denote manufacturer, inspector, rebuilds and a lot of other things.
  20. LAWSUIT! Easy to say and easy to win but would you really want to go through a few thousand dollars and at least several months to win...the second permit? You can call the NJSP Firearms Investigation Unit and tell them what happened. This seems like a much less expensive and time consuming method to get the same result.
  21. GRIZ

    Changing Sights

    Yea its the staked in kind. Question: can a gunsmith change the style? Or would i have to order a new slide that has the dove tail cuts? Based on my experience I'd get a dovetail cut for the front sight. A pistolsmith should be able to do this. I have a 70 series Combat Commander that I had a set of high profile sights installed with the front sight staked back in the 70s by a nationally known pistolsmith. No one was doing dovetail front sights then. It kept loosening nad he kept tightening them back up until I had the front sight silver soldered and slide refinished. That sight eventually broke off. Had a new set installed same thing. Had a dovetail cut and new front sight done and it's workling well. I don't think anyone can stake front sights on as good as the factory. I've probably had maybe 50,000 rds through this gun and guns with the same mileage and factory staked sights haven't given me any problem. That's been my experience.
  22. we should have cops like that here. There would not be as many issues IMHO The only problem is the press would report that incident as: "Emotionally disturbed man gunned down without mercy by ruthless, blood thirsty police."
  23. "I think only cops should be allowed to carry guns." Really hard to manage though. Not an easy thing to shoot well all totally unbalanced.
  24. Semi-Auto AK style Rifle with no stock I see little use for something like that but if it floats your boat.....
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