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  1. Sounds like the kids we used to sign in on the attendance sheet for a substitute teacher when I was in school: Dick Hertz and Mike Hunt
  2. Judge #1 gave him a 9.0 for that triple somersault dismount. Judge #2 deducted 2 points for the poor landing. Judge #3 is laughing his ass off!
  3. Please visit the store and give us a report. Not too far from Tanners, my go-to shop in Bucks County.
  4. That comment belongs in the TX synagogue thread, where neither Taylor Ham nor Pork Roll are allowed, even though it is a Reform Congregation. And the Orthodox Jews will dispatch your soul (and your sandwich) to Hell for bringing either into the Temple.
  5. Every law abiding firearms owner who lives in, or travels into the Glorious Peoples Republik of New Jerseystan should take the time to read and learn the contents of 2C:39 and 2C:58, which are the statutes dealing with the subject of firearms. They can be found at http://njleg.state.nj.us Granted, there are some details that are not elucidated in the statutes, such as transportation of hollow points between residences when moving. I'm not sure they are even covered in the latest edition of Evan Nappen's book on NJ Gun Laws, which is an ok second choice of places to learn what the law says what you cannot do here. But learn the gun laws for yourself. Knowledge is power.
  6. Besides the excess weight, the barrel shroud (handguard) and the mag outside the pistol grip make this a definite no-go here in the Glorious Peoples Republik of New Jerseystan.
  7. The Hodgdon site says .430 cast and .429 jacketed for .44mag But it's NOT a caliber I reload. https://hodgdonreloading.com/reloading-data-center?rdc=true&type=53
  8. It's actually going to come down to how Sweeney wants to leave office in January - with or without 2A support for a future run as Guv or as US Senator If he has a mind to, he could prevent ANY of these anti-2A proposals from seeing the light of day during lame duck. Or he could turn the sprinklers on us again.
  9. Same as applying for pistol permits and initial FID card. Except it's up to your new Chief's discretion whether you need to be printed again. $21 online fee with your e-application and maybe a $5 card fee to your PD
  10. The A2 flash hider has to go. Then you need to deal with the muzzle threads: Either get rid of them or cover them with a non-flash-hiding muzzle attachment or thread protector, either of which needs to be permanently attached so that the threads are no longer accessible by the prosecuting attorney and his monkeys. In addition, the entire bayonet lug (not just the ears) has to go. Then it will be NJ compliant (for the moment).
  11. Do you think that Homeland Security and the FAA can send us a planeload of tavern wenches from Jacksonville for the event? Asking for a friend, of course.
  12. From the article: During a 2018 appearance at the RTSP shooting range in Randolph, in Bergen County, Aitken, who was then living in Pennsylvania, said his arrest at age 27 had taken a toll on him emotionally. “It took me several years to reconcile everything that happened,” Aitken told NJ Advance Media at the time. “It became very difficult to relate to people. A lot of that innocence you have at that age was gone for me.” So where are the reparations for Brian Aitken for the judicial misjuctice done to him, like to BLM supporters who, (in their minds, at least) have also been mistreated by the "injustice" system here in racist America? Asking for a friend.
  13. https://simplisafe.com/amac19?utm_medium=partnerdigital&utm_source=AMAC&utm_campaign=Nov4Ded
  14. We might still be partying like it's 1999!
  15. Even smells like tequila when you fire it!
  16. There are a lot of bald faced lies and twisted facts in that document.
  17. If you're going to dispose of the HiPoint at one of the state-sponsored 'buybacks" I highly recommend you insist on a receipt from the police / AG's office rep there because otherwise, it will still be on the state's registration books as belonging to you. When the gun shows up at a crime scene sometime in the future, you'll at least have paperwork that you 'sold' it to the state.
  18. Food for thought from someone with similar living arrangements: Change the lockset on one of your closets from an interior non-locking one to a keyed entry lock. Voila, your locking gun cabinet. Self-install a SimpliSafe wireless alarm system in your apartment. Monitored by SimpliSafe who will communicate directly with your local police dispatch in the event of a break-in. Your landlord (and G-d knows who else) already has a key to your new apartment. The SimpiSafe system has a camera that will record (to the cloud) all entry activity. They also have a 'silent alarm' entry sensor that will be triggered when your gun closet is opened unless you specifically bypass it. Very reasonably priced. The system communicates with them via wifi and has a cellular backup. It's the best $36 a month I spend for peace of mind. And there are discount codes available in their ads on most conservative radio and tv stations. I can also do a referral to you. PM me if you want.
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